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Eighth Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics

Modave VIII - (other modave conferences)
26th august - 1st september 2012
Modave, Belgium
published July 29, 2013
The Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics is organized by enthusiastic PhD students from Belgian universities (ULB, VUB, KUL) for other young PhD students or post-docs from all around Europe. The main goal is to present introductory and pedagogical lectures on theoretical physic topics, ranging from basics to research subjects.

The topics presented in these proceedings of the Eighth edition are: Introduction to Conformal Field Theories, Thermodynamics of String Gas, Higher Spin Theory, Introduction to Universality and Renormalisation Group Techniques and Duality Symmetric Approaches to String and M-theo

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Main session
Introduction to Conformal Field Theory
PoS(Modave VIII)001 pdf A. Rovai
Thermodynamics of string gas
PoS(Modave VIII)002 pdf L. Lihui
Higher Spin Theory - part two
PoS(Modave VIII)003 pdf G. Lucena Gómez
Higher Spin Theory - part one
PoS(Modave VIII)004 pdf R. Rahman
Introduction to universality and renormalization group techniques
PoS(Modave VIII)005 pdf A. Sfondrini