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Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-ray experiments, 10th Workshop

04-06 June 2014
Lisbon - Portugal
published May 28, 2015
Fundamental physics with high energy cosmic gamma rays The 2014 edition of the SciNeGHE workshop focuses on the interplay between very-high energy gamma astrophysics and fundamental physics. Observations of high Energy gamma rays are performed nowadays: from space, by the Large Area Telescope onboard the Fermi satellite and by the AGILE satellite, and from Earth, by the Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes H.E.S.S., MAGIC and VERITAS, and by the Extensive Air Shower detector HAWC (under completion). These instruments have discovered different populations of gamma-ray emitters and studied in detail the non-thermal processes producing this high-energy radiation. Their scientific objectives include also questions related to fundamental physics. Using gamma-ray instruments we study the origin of cosmic rays, and the cosmic electron-positron spectrum at high energies; moreover, we can search for signatures of dark matter. By observing the gamma-ray emission from sources at cosmological distances, we measure the intensity and evolution of the extragalactic background radiation, measure the energy of the cosmic vacuum searching for axion-like particles in a domain complementary to laboratory experiments, and perform tests of Lorentz invariance. This is why the field is in rapid development, and many new experiments involving experimental particle physicists are in construction and in project.
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Chapter 1 - Almost present and future gamma detectors; their role for fundamental physics
Chapter 2: Photon propagation and cosmology; background photons in the intergalactic medium
Chapter 3: Axions and ALPs
Chapter 4 - Search for Dark Matter; exotics and antimatter
Chapter 5 - Synergies of VHE gamma detectors with different wavelengths and messengers
Chapter 1 - Almost present and future gamma detectors; their role for fundamental physics
The Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(Scineghe2014)001 file missing G. Cotter
Study of a Cherenkov camera demonstrator for CTA
PoS(Scineghe2014)003 pdf N. Giglietto
Measurements and tests on FBK silicon sensors with an otpmized electronic design for a CTA camera
PoS(Scineghe2014)004 pdf F. Giordano
PoS(Scineghe2014)005 file missing I. Taboada
PoS(Scineghe2014)006 file missing G. Ambrosi
PoS(Scineghe2014)007 pdf O. Adriani
The GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope characteristics. Angular resolution and electrons/protons separation.
PoS(Scineghe2014)008 pdf
A. Leonov, A.M. Galper, O. Adriani, R.L. Aptekar, I. Arkhangelskaja, A. Arkhangelskiy, S.G. Bobkov, M. Boezio, E.A. Bogomolov, G. Bonvicini, S. Bottai, K.A. Boyarchuk, P. Cumani, Y.V. Gusakov, V. Kadilin, V.A. Kaplin, P.S. Marrocchesi, E. Mocchiutti, A.A. Moiseev, N. Mori, I.V. Moskalenko, P. Naumov, P. Papini, M. Pearce, P. Picozza, A. Rappoldi, S.B. Ricciarini, M. Runtso, R. Sparvoli, P. Spillantini, S. Suchkov, M. Tavani, N. Topchiev, A. Vacchi, E. Vannuccini, G. Vasilyev, Y. Yurkin, N. Zampa, V. Zverev and E. Berti
Solar panels as cosmic ray detectors
PoS(Scineghe2014)009 pdf attachments C. Stella
Chapter 2: Photon propagation and cosmology; background photons in the intergalactic medium
From galactic stellar populations to the EBL
PoS(Scineghe2014)011 pdf A. Franceschini
EBL from galaxy evolution
PoS(Scineghe2014)012 file missing A. Dominguez
EBL signature on VHE gamma photons
PoS(Scineghe2014)013 pdf D. Mazin
VHE photon propagation and determination of the cosmological constants
PoS(Scineghe2014)014 pdf O. Blanch Bigas
Intergalactic magnetic fields
PoS(Scineghe2014)015 file missing A. Neronov
Gamma ghosts & lensing
PoS(Scineghe2014)016 pdf S. Buson
Search for extended gamma-ray halos around AGN with VERITAS
PoS(Scineghe2014)018 pdf E. Pueschel and G. Castellini
Chapter 3: Axions and ALPs
Introduction to ALPs and review of laboratory-based experiments for ALP detection
PoS(Scineghe2014)019 file missing A. Lindner and P. Cattaneo
Photon-ALP conversion in intergalactic space
PoS(Scineghe2014)020 pdf D. Horns
Photon-ALP conversions inside AGN
PoS(Scineghe2014)021 pdf F. Tavecchio, G. Galanti and M. Roncadelli
Hints for an axion-like particle from PKS 1222+216
PoS(Scineghe2014)022 pdf G. Galanti, M. Roncadelli, F. Tavecchio and G. Bonnoli
Chapter 4 - Search for Dark Matter; exotics and antimatter
Review of LCDM and implications for indirect detection
PoS(Scineghe2014)023 file missing J. Diemand
The dark matter distribution in WDM and mixed DM models
PoS(Scineghe2014)024 file missing J. Diemand and C. Fuglesang
Fermi-LAT review - lines in particular
PoS(Scineghe2014)025 file missing L. Latronico
Review of Dark Matter searches with Cherenkov telescopes
PoS(Scineghe2014)026 pdf J. Rico
Complementarity between collider, direct detection, and indirect detection experiments
PoS(Scineghe2014)027 pdf M. Cahill-Rowley
Constraints on WIMP annihilation for contracted Dark Matter in the inner Galaxy with gamma-rays
PoS(Scineghe2014)028 pdf A. Morselli
Gamma-ray anisotropies with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(Scineghe2014)029 pdf M. Fornasa
Measurements of cosmic ray electrons and positrons - current status and perspectives
PoS(Scineghe2014)030 pdf A. Moiseev
Antimatter search in the cosmic ray flux with ground-based experiments
PoS(Scineghe2014)031 file missing R. Iuppa
Chapter 5 - Synergies of VHE gamma detectors with different wavelengths and messengers
Propagation and Acceleration of CR: what gamma rays can say
PoS(Scineghe2014)032 pdf R. Aloisio
HESS and galactic accelerators
PoS(Scineghe2014)033 file missing R. Chaves
The Gamma-ray Milky Way above 10 GeV: Distinguishing Sources from Diffuse Emission
PoS(Scineghe2014)034 pdf E.R. Owen, C. Deil, A. Donath and R. Terrier
Anisotropy of CR: indications for gamma rays?
PoS(Scineghe2014)035 file missing I. Taboada
Present and future ground-based gamma-ray experiments and the study of the cosmic-ray energy spectra and composition; synergies with gamma rays
PoS(Scineghe2014)036 file missing A. Haungs and P. Maestro
Auger: Present results and possible futures
PoS(Scineghe2014)037 file missing M. Pimenta
Photon search at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(Scineghe2014)038 file missing L. Lu
Gamma ray astronomy with ARGO-YBJ
PoS(Scineghe2014)039 pdf T. Di Girolamo
Neutrinos and the hadronic component of CR
PoS(Scineghe2014)040 file missing E. Bernardini
High-energy pulsars from gamma rays to gravitational waves
PoS(Scineghe2014)042 pdf M. Razzano and G. Pivato
Blazar jet emission: a statistical approach
PoS(Scineghe2014)044 pdf B. Biasuzzi
GRB Studies with AGILE
PoS(Scineghe2014)045 pdf F. Longo