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3rd Annual Conference on High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa

HEASA2015 - (other heasa conferences)
18-20 June 2015
University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park, South Africa
published February 24, 2016
The 3rd annual conference on High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa (HEASA 2015) aims to bring together multiwavelength observers and theorists with research expertise and interest in high-energy astrophysics from all around Southern Africa, supplemented by selected international keynote speakers. This will foster multi wavelength astronomy collaborations within the region of southern Africa and build connections to world-leading experts from the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
Cherenkov Telescope Array
Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
X-Ray Observations
X-Ray Binaries
Supernova Remnants
Cherenkov Telescope Array
Current Status of the Namibian bid to host the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(HEASA2015)001 pdf M. Backes
Celestial Optical Transients from 532 BCE to 2015 AD.
PoS(HEASA2015)002 pdf B. Warner
Detecting and Observing Transients at the SAAO
PoS(HEASA2015)003 pdf D. Buckley
Transient Sources in Astrophysics: From Radio to Gamma-Rays
PoS(HEASA2015)004 pdf P. Meintjes
Exploring the nature of AE Aquarii at higher energies using Sazuku and Fermi-LAT
PoS(HEASA2015)005 pdf H. van Heerden and P. Meintjes
Modeling multiwavelength data from blazars
PoS(HEASA2015)006 pdf J. Finke
Optical observations of Very High Energy Sources from the Boyden Observatory
PoS(HEASA2015)007 pdf B. van Soelen and P. Meintjes
Optical and radio variability of unclassified Active Galactic Nuclei in the Fermei-2LAC catalogue
PoS(HEASA2015)008 pdf L. Klindt, B. van Soelen, P. Meintjes and A. de Witt
The optical spectra of nearby BL Lac objects - what can they tell us about their high energy emission's behaviour?
PoS(HEASA2015)009 file missing H. Winkler
Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Concordance cosmology and its current status
PoS(HEASA2015)010 file missing K. Moodley
Fluctuation in the Extragalactic Background Light
PoS(HEASA2015)020 pdf A.M. Kudoda and A. Faltenbacher
A study of correlation between IceCube neutrino events and Ultra high enery cosmic rays
PoS(HEASA2015)012 pdf R. Moharana and S. Razzaque
X-Ray Observations
ATROSTAT- India's first multi-wavelength satellite
PoS(HEASA2015)013 file missing K. Singh
The extra galactic population of X-ray emitting sgB[e] stars
PoS(HEASA2015)014 file missing L. Bartlett
The search for extragalactic black hole binaries in globular clusters
PoS(HEASA2015)015 file missing T. Joseph
Diagnostics of leptonic and hadronic emission from relativistic jets in AGN
PoS(HEASA2015)016 pdf attachments M. Böttcher
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Relativistc Astrophysical Jets
PoS(HEASA2015)017 pdf I. van der Westhuizen, B. van Soelen and P. Meintjes
Time-Dependence of VHE gamma-ray induced Pair Cascades in AGN Environments
PoS(HEASA2015)018 pdf attachments P. Roustazadeh
AGN monitoring: single dish to VLBI
PoS(HEASA2015)019 file missing A. de Witt
Fermi-LAT Observation of 3C 454.3 during its May-July 2014 outburst
PoS(HEASA2015)021 pdf R. Britto, S. Buson, B. Lott, S. Razzaque and E. Bottacini
The recent flaring of blazar S5 0716+714 and the observed PA swing
PoS(HEASA2015)022 file missing S. Chandra
X-Ray Binaries
A multiwavelength perspective on massive X-ray binaries
PoS(HEASA2015)023 file missing V. McBride
Using X-ray timing and optical RV measurements of HMXBs as probes of supernovae and neutron star masses
PoS(HEASA2015)024 file missing L. Townsend
A modified LIMA model for the 67s X-ray oscillation in CAL 83
PoS(HEASA2015)025 pdf A. Odendaal and P. Meintjes
Bethe-Heitler mechanism for gamma-ray emission in Gamma-ray binary systems
PoS(HEASA2015)026 file missing I. Monageng
Pulsar emission in the very high energy regime
PoS(HEASA2015)027 pdf attachments M. Barnard, C. Venter and A.K. Harding
Toward a more rigorous goodness-of-fit test for evaluation simultaneous radio and gamma-ray pulsar light curve fits
PoS(HEASA2015)028 file missing A. Seyffert, C. Venter, A.K. Harding, J. Allison and W. Schutte
Orbitally Modulated Emission at Intrabinary Shocks in Millisecond Pulsar Binaries
PoS(HEASA2015)029 pdf Z. Wadiasingh
Timing Noise analysis of HartRAO pulsars: Possible mode switching in the magnetosphere of PSR J1326-5859
PoS(HEASA2015)030 pdf J. Maritz, P. Meintjes, B. Sarah and N. Lewandowska
Time-Dependent multi-zone modelling of pulsar wind nebulae
PoS(HEASA2015)031 file missing C. van Rensuburg
Gltches with glitches: selected characteristics of potential GW detectors
PoS(HEASA2015)032 file missing C. Engelbrecht
Supernova Remnants
Modelling emission from supernova remnants
PoS(HEASA2015)033 file missing I. Sushch
H.E.S.S. Observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud
PoS(HEASA2015)034 file missing N. Komin
Observation of Gamma-Ray Bursts and short duration transients with Fermi Large Area Telescope
PoS(HEASA2015)035 pdf G. Vianello, N. Omodei, F. Piron and S. Razzaque
Observing GRBs with HESS
PoS(HEASA2015)036 file missing T. Garrigoux
Theories of multi-wavelength emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts: Prompt to afterglow
PoS(HEASA2015)037 pdf S. Razzaque
The spectacular stellar Explosion- GRB 130427 and its Synchroton Modelling in ISM and WIND environment
PoS(HEASA2015)038 pdf attachments J. Thomas, R. Moharana and S. Razzaque