PoS - Proceedings of Science

SALT Science Conference 2015

1-5 June 2015
Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study, South Africa
published August 05, 2016
The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) has seen great changes in the last years following the beginning of full time science operations in 2011. The three first generation instruments, namely the SALTICAM imager, the Robert Stobie Spectrograph (RSS) and its multiple modes and finally in 2014, the new High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS), have commissioned it. The SALT community now eagerly anticipate the installation and commissioning of the near-infrared arm of RSS, likely to commence in 2016.

The the third "Science with SALT" conference was held at the Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study from 1-5 June 2015. The goals of this conference were to:

-Present and discuss recent results from SALT observations;
-Anticipate scientific programs that will be carried out with new SALT instrumentation such as RSS-NIR;
-Provide a scientific environment in which to foster inter-institutional and inter-facility collaborations between scientists at the different SALT partners;
-Provide an opportunity for students and postdocs to become more engaged in SALT science and operations;
-Encourage the scientific strategic planning that will be necessary to insure an important role for SALT in an era of large astronomical facilities in the southern hemisphere such as MeerKAT, the SKA, LSST, and ALMA;
-Consider options for future instrumentation and technical development of SALT; and,
-Present, discuss, and engage in the SALT Collateral Benefits program led by SAAO.

Conference proceedings editors: David Buckley and Anja Schroeder

conference main image
Janusz Kaluzny, Session 1 (Chair: Michael Shara)
Janusz Kaluzny, Session 2 (Chair: Marek Sarna)
ALMA and Related Science (Chair: Ilani Loubser)
Star Formation in Galaxies (Chair: Ando Ratsimbazafy)
Galaxies (Chair: Patricia Whitelock)
The Variable Universe #1 (Chair: Ted Williams)
The Variable Universe #2 (Chair: Jack Hughes)
The Variable Universe - AGN (Chair: Rosalind Skelton)
SALT and The Radio Universe #1 (Chair: Renee Kraan-Korteweg)
SALT and The Radio Universe #2 (Chair: Michelle Cluver)
Galaxy Groups and Clusters (Chair: Richard Britto)
Milky Way and Planets (Chair: Simon Jeffrey)
Stellar Astrophysics #1 (Chair: Vanessa McBride)
Stellar Astrophysics #2 (Chair: Kevin Hainline)
SALT's Future (Chair: Eric Wilcots)
Poster Presentations
Janusz Kaluzny, Session 1 (Chair: Michael Shara)
Janusz Kaluzny (1955-2015): career and activities
PoS(SSC2015)001 pdf M. Sarna
Spectroscopic Study of the Low-Mass Eclipsing Binary UV Psc
PoS(SSC2015)002 file missing B. Chaboyer
Observing Galactic Be/X-ray binaries with the SALT high-resolution spectrograph
PoS(SSC2015)003 pdf L. Townsend, V. McBride, S. Crawford and C. Schwab
Janusz Kaluzny, Session 2 (Chair: Marek Sarna)
SALT observations of the Be/X-ray binary A0538-66
PoS(SSC2015)004 pdf A. Rajoelimanana, P. Meintjes, P. Charles and L. Townsend
A Carbon-rich Mira variable in a globular cluster: A stellar merger
PoS(SSC2015)005 pdf J. Menzies
Target of opportunity observations of an X-ray binary in outburst
PoS(SSC2015)006 file missing V. McBride
How to best use SALT: maximizing your chances
PoS(SSC2015)007 pdf P. Vaisanen, S. Crawford, É. Depagne, C. Hettlage, A. Kniazev, P. Kotze, B. Miszalski and E. Romero-Colmenero
ALMA and Related Science (Chair: Ilani Loubser)
Transformational Science with ALMA and Synergies with SALT and SKA
PoS(SSC2015)008 file missing K. Sheth
The RINGS Survey: High-Resolution H-alpha Velocity Fields of Nearby Spiral Galaxies with the SALT Fabry-Perot
PoS(SSC2015)009 pdf C. Mitchell
Halpha emission from galaxies at anomalous velocities
PoS(SSC2015)010 file missing J. Sellwood
SALT and SUNBIRD: Young massive star clusters and superwinds in strongly star-forming galaxies
PoS(SSC2015)011 pdf P. Vaisanen, R. Ramphul, Z. Randriamanakoto and A. Tekola
Star Formation in Galaxies (Chair: Ando Ratsimbazafy)
Star Formation Histories of S0 Galaxies
PoS(SSC2015)012 pdf attachments K. Vaghmare, S. Barway, P. Vaisanen and A. Kembhavi
The importance of mergers to the stellar mass build-up of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
PoS(SSC2015)013 file missing D. Groenewald
Constraining the merger history of Luminous Red Galaxies with SDSS and SALT
PoS(SSC2015)014 pdf R. Skelton, D.G. Gilbank and D. Groenewald
Fuelling (and quenching) star formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies
PoS(SSC2015)015 pdf I. Loubser
Galaxies (Chair: Patricia Whitelock)
Synergies between SALT and Herschel, Euclid and the SKA: strong gravitational lensing and galaxy evolution
PoS(SSC2015)016 pdf S. Serjeant
HELP-ing Extragalactic Surveys : The Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project and the Coming of Age of Multi-Wavelength Astrophysics
PoS(SSC2015)017 pdf M. Vaccari
Characterising (U)LIRGs using SALT/RSS
PoS(SSC2015)018 pdf R. Ramphul and P. Vaisanen
Age dating Luminous Red Galaxies observed with the Southern African Large Telescope
PoS(SSC2015)019 pdf A. Ratsimbazafy, C. Cress, S. Crawford and M. Smith
The Variable Universe #1 (Chair: Ted Williams)
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
PoS(SSC2015)020 file missing L. Walkowicz
SALT Investigations of Transients
PoS(SSC2015)021 pdf D. Buckley
SALT Spectroscopy of Dark Energy Survey Supernovae and Their Classification
PoS(SSC2015)022 pdf E.K. Kasai, B.A. Bassett, S. Crawford and M. Smith
Multi-wavelength Studies of High Latitude Black Hole X-ray Transients
PoS(SSC2015)023 pdf P. Charles
The Variable Universe #2 (Chair: Jack Hughes)
Observing optical and very high energy emission from gamma-ray bursts
PoS(SSC2015)024 pdf T. Garrigoux
Hypermassive Black Hole Shines in the Childhood Universe
PoS(SSC2015)025 pdf Y.Q. Lou
Accretion Dynamics in Pre-Main Sequence Binaries
PoS(SSC2015)026 file missing B. Tofflemire
Searching for Erupting Dwarf Novae in the LMC
PoS(SSC2015)027 pdf M. Shara
The Variable Universe - AGN (Chair: Rosalind Skelton)
Obscured Quasars: Finding and Understanding the Most Luminous Active Supermassive Black Holes with SALT
PoS(SSC2015)028 pdf K. Hainline
Southern African Large Telescope spectroscopy of unclassified Fermi-2LAC Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(SSC2015)029 pdf L. Klindt, P. Meintjes, P. Vaisanen, A. Kniazev and B. van Soelen
Multifrequency observations of the extreme X-ray weak quasar PG0043+039
PoS(SSC2015)030 pdf W. Kollatschny, M. Zetzl and N. Schartel
Probing the time variability of high velocity outflows in QSOs
PoS(SSC2015)031 file missing R. Srianand
Study of flaring quasars using optical/gamma-ray correlations
PoS(SSC2015)032 pdf R. Britto
SALT and The Radio Universe #1 (Chair: Renee Kraan-Korteweg)
MeerKAT - an update
PoS(SSC2015)033 file missing J. Jonas
SALT observations of the largest radio galaxies
PoS(SSC2015)034 pdf M. Bankowicz
Cold HI 21-cm Absorption Line Survey
PoS(SSC2015)035 file missing R. Dutta
SALT and The Radio Universe #2 (Chair: Michelle Cluver)
Looking At the Distant Universe with MeerKAT and SALT
PoS(SSC2015)036 pdf S. Blyth
The MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey: building the dust unbiased quasar sample
PoS(SSC2015)037 file missing N. Gupta
Analysis of SALT Fabry-Perot Medium Resolution Data
PoS(SSC2015)038 pdf attachments W.B. Tapsoba, T. Williams and C. Carignan
Multiwavelength variability of the radio quasar J2042+7508
PoS(SSC2015)039 pdf S. Zola
Galaxy Groups and Clusters (Chair: Richard Britto)
The Unveiling of the newly discovered Vela Supercluster
PoS(SSC2015)040 pdf R.C. Kraan-Korteweg
Investigating the intergalactic medium in galaxy groups
PoS(SSC2015)041 pdf D. Nielsen and E. Wilcots
SALT spectroscopic observations of galaxy clusters detected by ACT and a Type II quasar hosted by a brightest cluster galaxy
PoS(SSC2015)042 pdf M. Hilton
On the Trail of the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters in the Universe
PoS(SSC2015)043 file missing J. Hughes
Milky Way and Planets (Chair: Simon Jeffrey)
Cepheids in the flared outer disk of our Galaxy
PoS(SSC2015)044 pdf M. Feast
Diffuse Interstellar Bands in Emission
PoS(SSC2015)045 pdf T. Williams, P. Sarre, C. Marshall, K. Spekkens and R. Kuzio de Naray
The Search for Planets around Evolved Binary Stars
PoS(SSC2015)046 file missing T.O. Husser
Current and future observations of Near Earth objects with SALT and RSS
PoS(SSC2015)047 pdf D. Trilling and A.A. Sickafoose
Stellar Astrophysics #1 (Chair: Vanessa McBride)
The disappearing string of pearls: Super Star Clusters in a nuclear star-forming ring of NGC 2328
PoS(SSC2015)048 pdf S. Barway, P. Vaisanen and Z. Randriamanakoto
Revealing evolved massive stars with Spitzer, WISE and SALT
PoS(SSC2015)049 pdf A. Kniazev
Hot Bottom Burning Star in IC1613
PoS(SSC2015)050 file missing P.A. Whitelock
Multi-tomography of polars from SALT spectroscopy
PoS(SSC2015)051 pdf attachments S. Potter, E. Kotze and V. McBride
Stellar Astrophysics #2 (Chair: Kevin Hainline)
On the relationship between circumstellar discs and X-ray outbursts in Be X-ray binaries
PoS(SSC2015)052 file missing I. Monageng
SALT Observations of Hot Subdwarfs and Other Evolved Stars
PoS(SSC2015)053 pdf S. Jeffery
High Resolution Spectroscopic Abundance Analysis of Metal-Poor Stars
PoS(SSC2015)054 pdf E. O'Malley, A. McWilliam and B. Chaboyer
Observational Constraints on the Nature of the X-ray bright supergiant B[e] stars LHA 115-S18 & LHA 120- S134
PoS(SSC2015)055 pdf L. Bartlett and J.S. Clark
Spectroscopic Follow-up of the Unusual Nova OGLE-2015-Nova-01
PoS(SSC2015)056 pdf E. Aydi
SALT's Future (Chair: Eric Wilcots)
Machine Learning Classification of Transients
PoS(SSC2015)057 file missing B.A. Bassett
Searching for Millisecond Pulsar Binaries Among Fermi Sources
PoS(SSC2015)058 pdf Z. Wang
SALT's Venture into Near Infrared Astronomy with RSS-NIR
PoS(SSC2015)059 pdf M. Wolf
The RSS-NIR Detector System Progress
PoS(SSC2015)060 file missing G. Mosby
Conference Summary
PoS(SSC2015)061 pdf M. Shara
Poster Presentations
Probing accretion in magnetic CVs through rapid photometry with SALTICAM
PoS(SSC2015)062 file missing H. Breytenbach
Seeing characterization at Sutherland and Adaptive Optics prospects for SALT
PoS(SSC2015)063 file missing L. Catala
Observational verification of the limb darkening laws in contact binaries
PoS(SSC2015)064 file missing B. Debski
Starspots on an extremely close binaries: spectroscopy vs continuous photometry
PoS(SSC2015)065 file missing B. Debski
Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) as probes of Cosmological Parameters
PoS(SSC2015)066 pdf F.F. Dirirsa and S. Razzaque
Observations of PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 around the 2014 periastron passage with SALT
PoS(SSC2015)067 pdf B. van Soelen, P. Vaisanen, A. Odendaal, L. Klindt, P. Meintjes and I. Sushch
Constraining the dark matter density in galaxy clusters
PoS(SSC2015)068 pdf I. Loubser
Probing the Structure and Kinematics of Outflows in Episodic Accretion of YSOs
PoS(SSC2015)069 pdf J. Ninan, D.K. Ojha and V. Mohan
Accretion processes in cataclysmic variables: Insights from optical transient surveys
PoS(SSC2015)070 file missing M. Motsoaledi
SALT observations of outflows in three supersoft X-ray binaries
PoS(SSC2015)071 pdf A. Odendaal, P. Meintjes, P. Charles and A. Rajoelimanana
SALT - A Cost Effective Science Machine: Statistical Evaluation of Publications
PoS(SSC2015)072 pdf A. Schroeder, P. Vaisanen and S. Crawford
Gamma-Ray Bursts and its afterglow modeling
PoS(SSC2015)073 pdf J. Thomas, R. Moharana and S. Razzaque
Stellar Populations in the Dwarf Galaxy NGC59
PoS(SSC2015)074 pdf A.E. Sansom, J.J. Thirlwall, P. Vaisanen and A. Kniazev
The Aid of Optical Studies in Understanding Millisecond Pulsar Binaries
PoS(SSC2015)075 pdf Z. Wadiasingh