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Temperature dependence of shear viscosity in $SU(3)$-gluodynamics

V. Braguta, N. Astrakhantsev, A.Y. Kotov

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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This report is devoted to the study of temperature dependence of shear viscosity in $SU(3)$-gluodynamics. To calculate shear viscosity we measured the correlation function of the energy-momentum tensor $T_{12}T_{12}$ for a set of temperatures in the region $T/T_c \in (0.9, 1.5)$. The measurements were carried out using multilevel algorithm which considerably improves the accuracy of the data. For determination of the shear viscosity two methods were used: physically motivated ansatz and non-parametrical Backus-Gilbert method. Both methods give consistent results. The calculation allows to determine temperature dependence of the ratio of shear viscosity to the entropy density $\eta/s$.