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Towards the continuum limit with improved Wilson fermions employing open boundary conditions

G.S. Bali, S. Collins, F. Hutzler, M. Gockeler, E.E. Scholz, A. Schäfer, J. Simeth, W. Soeldner, A. Sternbeck, T. Wurm, (RQCD Collaboration)

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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We present selected results obtained by RQCD from simulations of $N_f=2+1$ flavours of non-perturbatively $\mathcal{O}(a)$ improved Wilson fermions, employing open boundary conditions in time. The ensembles were created within the CLS (Coordinated Lattice Simulations) effort at five different values of the lattice spacing, ranging from 0.085fm down to below 0.04fm. Many quark mass combinations were realized, in particular along lines where the sum of the bare quark masses was kept fixed as well as trajectories of an approximately physical renormalized strange quark mass. Several key observables, including meson and baryon masses and the axial charge of the nucleon have been computed, and preliminary results are presented here. In some cases an accurate and controlled extrapolation to the continuum limit has become possible.