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Frank N. Bash Symposium 2015

BASH2015 - (other bash conferences)
18-20 October
The University of Texas at Austin, USA
published July 14, 2016
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The University of Texas at Austin Department of Astronomy and McDonald Observatory will be hosting the sixth biennial Frank N. Bash Symposium on the topic of New Horizons in Astronomy, October 18-20, 2015, on The University of Texas at Austin campus. This meeting will bring together young researchers at the cutting edge of astronomy and astrophysics, to promote the exchange of research ideas and visions for the future of astronomy. The symposium will focus on invited review talks, and will include discussions and contributed poster papers from postdocs and students.

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Session 2
Session 1
Session 3
Session 4
Session 2
Blue Straggler Stars: A Window Into Alternative Pathway Stellar Products
PoS(BASH2015)005 pdf N. Gosnell
Dynamical Processing of Stars and Planets Through Star Clusters
PoS(BASH2015)006 pdf A. Geller
Session 1
Citizen Science in Astronomy
PoS(BASH2015)001 pdf M. Schwamb
Microlensing: Exploring the Dark Corners of the Galaxy with a Thousand Tiny Flashlights
PoS(BASH2015)002 pdf J. Yee
Observations of Exoplanet Atmospheres
PoS(BASH2015)003 pdf I. Crossfield
Observational Signatures of Young Planets in Disks
PoS(BASH2015)004 pdf Z. Zhu
Session 3
Precision Stellar Astrophysics in the Kepler Era
PoS(BASH2015)007 pdf D. Huber
The State of Future Observations of the Center of our Galaxy as a Window into the Past State of our Universe
PoS(BASH2015)008 pdf E. Mills
From Clicks to Publications: How the Public is Changing the Way We Do Research
PoS(BASH2015)009 pdf L. Trouille
Session 4
The Chemical Evolution of Galaxies
PoS(BASH2015)011 pdf J. Zahid
The Dynamic Lives of Supermassive Black Holes in Merging Galaxies
PoS(BASH2015)012 pdf L. Blecha
A magnified view of galaxy formation
PoS(BASH2015)013 pdf T. Jones
The Epoch of Reionization: Observing Galaxies in Their Cradle
PoS(BASH2015)014 pdf K. Schmidt
Color me Correlated: Using Color Amplitudes as a Diagnostic of White Dwarf Pulsation Parameters
PoS(BASH2015)016 pdf R. Seifert, C. Tatum, L. Scullion and M. Montgomery
Time Series, Multi-Color, and Spectroscopic Observations of a New Possible Double White Dwarf System
PoS(BASH2015)018 pdf R. Wilson
Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of J1321: A Mysterious Polar with Deep Absorption Features
PoS(BASH2015)019 pdf T. Hoyt, C. Littlefield and P. Garnavich
Linear Combinations and Long Term Trends in the Pulsating DOV PG 1159-035
PoS(BASH2015)020 pdf S. Moorhead, M. Montgomery, D. Winget and J. Provencal
Nightmare on 'ELM' Street: The Search for Low log g Values
PoS(BASH2015)021 pdf J. Sullivan
OnLine Data Management And Interactive Display Software for time series photometry with the ProEM Camera on the McDonald Observatory 82” Otto Struve Telescope
PoS(BASH2015)023 pdf K. Bell
Complex Scalar Field Dark Matter and its Imprint on Gravitational Waves
PoS(BASH2015)028 pdf B. Li
Probing Galaxy Growth and Dusty Star-Forming Systems across Diverse Environments in the Stripe82/HETDEX Field with Herschel
PoS(BASH2015)029 pdf R. Larson, S. Jogee, N. Watson, M. Viero, T.M. Weinzirl, H.W. Yorke, S.L. Finkelstein, C. Papovich, C.M. Casey, R. Ciardullo, C.A. Gronwall, S. LaMassa and C.M. Urry
The Structure of Class 0 Protostars: BHR71 in Herschel View
PoS(BASH2015)030 pdf Y.L. Yang, N.J. Evans II and J. Green
ZFOURGE: UV to FIR luminosities and dust attenuation determined from ~4000 K-selected galaxies at 1<z<3
PoS(BASH2015)031 pdf B. Forrest and K.V.H. Tran
On the Origins of Sub-Subgiants: Mass Transfer, Dynamical Encounters, and Magnetic Fields
PoS(BASH2015)032 pdf E. Leiner, A. Geller and R. Mathieu
Field Excitations and Primordial Observables
PoS(BASH2015)033 pdf D. Lorshbough
Probing planet nurseries with rare CO isotopologues
PoS(BASH2015)034 pdf E.M. Yu, K. Willacy, S. Dodson-Robinson, N.J. Evans II and N.J. Turner