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Eleventh Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics

Modave2015 - (other modave conferences)
13-18 September 2015
Modave, Belgium
published March 16, 2016
The Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics is organized by Belgian PhD students. The aim is to study tools useful for research in theoretical physics of fundamental interactions, generally supposed to be known but too seldom explained in details. The school consists of a series of courses (in English) delivered in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, encouraging the participants to interact with the speakers. The courses are aimed at young graduate students and therefore begin with the basics, are synthetic and overall self-contained.
Modave Summer School
Asymptotic dynamics of three-dimensional gravity
PoS(Modave2015)001 pdf L. Donnay
Entanglement Entropy in Field Theory and Gravity
PoS(Modave2015)002 pdf N. Iqbal
Applied AdS/CFT with Numerics
PoS(Modave2015)003 pdf H. Zhang