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XII Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics

12-16 September 2016
Modave, Belgium
published July 17, 2017
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The Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics is organized by PhD students from Belgian universities (ULB, VUB, KUL and UMons) for other young PhD students from all over the world. The lecturers are late PhD students or young Post-Docs, so that an informal and non-hierarircal environment is assured, facilitating fruitful interactions among young researchers of close fields. The courses consist of pedagogical blackboard lectures on different topics in theoretical physics, ranging from introductory to advanced subjects. The lectures of the twelfth edition have touched the following topics: higher spins and holography, information loss paradox, integrability, on-shell scattering amplitudes, and resurgence.

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XII Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics - 12-16 September 2016
The very basics of higher-spin theory
PoS(Modave2016)001 pdf P. Kessel
The 4D on-shell 3-point amplitude in spinor-helicity formalism and BCFW recursion relations
PoS(Modave2016)002 pdf A. Marzolla
Metric-like Methods in Higher Spin Holography
PoS(Modave2016)003 pdf C. Sleight
The Black Hole Information Paradox
PoS(Modave2016)004 file missing D. Turton