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A Multi-thread UI Framework Without Graphics Driver Of Mouse On VxWorks System

C. Hu, W. Rao, M. Fang

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to solve the problem of low efficiency to draw UI interface without hardware graphics driver of mouse, this paper proposes a multi-thread user interface framework by utilizing WindML. The framework is divided into three parts, specifically, main thread, peripherals response thread and display thread. Main thread implements some significant functions including receiving data, processing data and sending data. Peripherals response
thread monitors the input messages of peripheral equipment, and transmits them to main thread and display thread. Display thread receives the displaying messages from main thread and that of coordinates of cursor from peripherals response thread, then integrate and paint the interface. The results of the experiment show that the multi-thread user interface framework proposed in this paper significantly decreases the time of drawing per frame and increases the refresh rate of the interface resulting in a smoother user interface and more comfortable operation.