PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

CENet2017 - (other cenet conferences)
22-23 July, 2017
Shanghai, China
published September 06, 2017
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This conference proceeding is a collection of the papers accepted by the CENet 2017 − the 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks held on Shanghai from 22−23 July, 2017.

This proceeding contains the five parts: Part I focuses on Machine learning (21 papers); Part II Wireless communication (21 papers); Part III Information theory (21 papers), Part IV Cloud science (14 papers) and Part V Data analysis (21 papers).

Each part can be used as an excellent reference by industry practitioners, university faculty, and undergraduate as well as graduate students who need to build a knowledge base of the most current advances and state-of-practice in the topics covered by this conference proceedings. This will enable them to produce, maintain, and manage systems with high levels of trustworthiness and complexity

Thanks go to the authors for their hard work and dedication as well as the reviewers for ensuring the selection of only the highest quality papers; their efforts made this proceedings possible.

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Session I - Machine Learning
Session II - Wireless communication
Session III -Information Theory
Session IV - Cloud Science
Session V - Date Analysis
Session I - Machine Learning
Classification of EEG Signal by STFT-CNN Framework: Identification of Right-/left-hand Motor Imagination in BCI Systems
PoS(CENet2017)001 pdf Y. Lu, H. Jiang and W. Liu
Analyze EEG Signals with Convolutional Neural Network Based on Power Spectrum Feature Selection
PoS(CENet2017)002 pdf H. Jiang, W. Liu and Y. Lu
The Moving Objects Tracking Algorithm in Soccer Robot System Based on Extended Kalman Filter
PoS(CENet2017)003 pdf T. Ni and J. Lin
A Study on Improved Cockroach Swarm Optimization Algorithm
PoS(CENet2017)004 pdf L. Cheng, Y.h. Song, M.a. Shib, Y.j. Zhai and Y.t. Bian
The Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Band-Grouping and Convolutional Neural Network
PoS(CENet2017)005 pdf G. Fu and H. Gu
A Fuzzy Density Peak Optimization Initial Centers Selection for K-medoids Clustering Algorithm
PoS(CENet2017)006 pdf C. Liu, X. He and Q. Xu
Research on Clearance of Aerial Remote Sensing Images Based on Image Fusion
PoS(CENet2017)007 pdf Y. Gai, Z. Gai, Y. Liu and E. Liu
RELOCATE: A Container Based Moving Target Defense Approach
PoS(CENet2017)008 pdf R. Huang, H. Zhang, Y. Liu and S. Zhou
A New Fuzzy Neural Network Model and Its Application on Network Operating Situation Awareness
PoS(CENet2017)009 pdf S. Liu, X. Li and X. Fan
Vectoring Gauss Mixture Model Mean Parameters in Speaker Verification
PoS(CENet2017)010 pdf B. Xu, A. Chen and Z. Shen
Improved Locally Linear Embedding by Using Adaptive Neighborhood Selection Techniques
PoS(CENet2017)011 pdf Z. Zhang, J. Zhou, H. Shao and A. Bao
Improved Ant Colony Optimization in Express Distribution Routing
PoS(CENet2017)012 pdf T. Liu, S. Qin and L. Zhang
Vision-Based Object Fuzzy Recognition in Plain Industrial Environment by Contour Matching
PoS(CENet2017)013 pdf M. Sang, W. Wei and Y. Peng
Prediction Model of Network Security Situation based on Elman Neural Network
PoS(CENet2017)014 pdf H. Fei and J. He
Region-based Pre-selection of Overlapping Area for the SIFT Algorithm
PoS(CENet2017)015 pdf Y. Zhou, H. Wang and M. Jiang
Research on Mobile Robot SLAM Based on Laser Range Finder
PoS(CENet2017)016 pdf R. Gao and L. Zhang
Fast Face Recognition Based on 2D Fractional Fourier Transform
PoS(CENet2017)017 pdf H. Luo, Y. Wei and M. Zhou
Privacy Preserving SVM with Different Kernel Functions for Multi-Classification Datasets
PoS(CENet2017)018 pdf Z. Li and S. Li
The Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm of Three- state Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problem
PoS(CENet2017)019 pdf D. Li
Object Tracking Using On-line Distance Metric Learning
PoS(CENet2017)020 pdf D. Cheng, J. Hu and W. Lyu
Video Age Estimation with Multiple Stacked CNN Models
PoS(CENet2017)021 pdf Z. Zhang
Session II - Wireless communication
A Method to Improve the Performance for Storing Massive Small Files in Hadoop
PoS(CENet2017)022 pdf T. Zheng, G. Fan and W. Guo
A Downlink Interference Suppression Scheme for Ultra Dense Networks
PoS(CENet2017)023 pdf G. Tan, G. Wu, Y. Li, Y. Wang and F. Feng
Research on Socket Communication System Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network
PoS(CENet2017)024 pdf Y. Wang and J. Wang
Lightweight Security Trust Model for Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink
PoS(CENet2017)025 pdf H. Wang, Y. He, G. Zheng and L. Liu
Research into Radar Net Anti-interference Strategy Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
PoS(CENet2017)026 pdf X. Wang, X. Yang and H. Chen
A Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Clustering Algorithm based on Position-Competition
PoS(CENet2017)027 pdf Q. He and T. Yang
Research on Influence Factors of Quantitative Perception of Internet Word of Mouth Based on Online Reviews
PoS(CENet2017)028 pdf J. Li, Y. Ma, H. Zhu and Y. He
Finding Full Coverage Agent Group (FCAG) of Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks
PoS(CENet2017)029 pdf S. An and Z. Zhao
A Routing Algorithm via Constructing the Weighted Minimum Connected Dominating Set in Mobile Adhoc Network
PoS(CENet2017)030 pdf Z. Yang, G. Li, G. Fu and W. Lu
Research on Network Coding Algorithm in Two-way Relay Hybrid System of Wireless/Power Line
PoS(CENet2017)031 pdf Z. Chen, T. Chen and D. Han
Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Protocol for Emergency Wireless Mesh Network
PoS(CENet2017)032 pdf F. Jin, X. Lv and X. Liu
Application of Improved RFID Anti - Collision Algorithm in Library Management
PoS(CENet2017)033 pdf H. Guo, L. Cao and J. Xu
Guard Time Settings in TDMA Family MAC Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks
PoS(CENet2017)034 pdf Y. Jong, W. Zhang and W. Xu
A Load Balancing Strategy Based on Multiple Metrics in Spatial Image File Access Process in Hadoop
PoS(CENet2017)035 pdf L. Yuan, Y. Feng, B. Li and F. Li
A Proportional Fair Resource Allocation Algorithm for Hybrid Hierarchical Backhaul Networks
PoS(CENet2017)036 pdf G. Tan, X. Lian, Y. Zhu, G. Wu and Y. Li
Design and Development of Vehicle Collision-Avoidance System Based on UWB Wireless Sensor Networks
PoS(CENet2017)037 pdf X. Liu, F. Jin, X. Lv, Y.S. Zhan and D. Zhang
Clustering Opportunistic Ant-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
PoS(CENet2017)038 pdf X. Li, B. Keegan and F. Mtenzi
Research on Node Deployment in Structural Health Monitoring Based on Reliability
PoS(CENet2017)039 pdf Z. Zhu, F. Shao and Z. Zhan
Missing Data Reconstruction Using Adaptively Updated Dictionary in Wireless Sensor Networks
PoS(CENet2017)040 pdf L. Zhao and F. Zheng
Research on safety mobile terminal and judging credibility method based on call tracking
PoS(CENet2017)041 pdf J. Xu
A Survey of Side-Channel Attack and Security Assessment for Cryptographic Equipment
PoS(CENet2017)042 pdf K.y. Chen, D.x. Guo, Y. Zhang, X.h. Wang, X.y. Zhang and Z.y. Xu
Session III -Information Theory
Damage Prediction Model of High Pressure Water Jet Impinging Coal Rock Based on PSO-BPNN
PoS(CENet2017)043 pdf J. Liu, J. Gao, M. Wang and D. Sun
Research on Power Attack Comprehensive Experiment Platform Based on SAKURA - GHardware Circuit
PoS(CENet2017)044 pdf G. Jiao, L. Li and Y. Zou
Leakage Point Locating Algorithm Based on Generalized Mutual Correlation in Underground Water Pipeline
PoS(CENet2017)045 pdf Z. Chen, X. Zhang, X. Wang, R. Liu and A. Xue
FPGA Implementation of AES Algorithm Resistant Power Analysis attacks
PoS(CENet2017)046 pdf L. Li, Y. Zou and G. Jiao
A Linux-based Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration System Applied on Xilinx Zynq
PoS(CENet2017)047 pdf D. Luo, G. Pan and G. Wang
Performance of 3D Printing in Construction by Using Computer Control Technology
PoS(CENet2017)048 pdf Z. Zuo, J. Gong and Y. Huang
Study Logistics Architecture for Grain Container Multimodal Transport Based on Multi-Agent
PoS(CENet2017)049 pdf T. Liu and G. Zheng
An Intelligent Method for Solving Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
PoS(CENet2017)050 pdf Q. Meng, L. Zhang, Y. Fan, H. Luo and H. Zhao
Green Suppliers Evaluation by Fuzzy Clustering and TOPSIS Suppliers
PoS(CENet2017)051 pdf M. Zhang
A Real-time Reputation Evaluation Model for Stimulating in MANETs
PoS(CENet2017)052 pdf Y. Cao, Y. Huo, Y. Shang and X. Jin
A Three-layer Hybrid Bounding Volume Hierarchy for Collision Detection
PoS(CENet2017)053 pdf Y. Liu, H. Wang and Y. Pei
A Multi-thread UI Framework Without Graphics Driver Of Mouse On VxWorks System
PoS(CENet2017)054 pdf C. Hu, W. Rao and M. Fang
Research on An Electronic Map Retrieval Algorithm Based on Big Data
PoS(CENet2017)055 pdf J. Li, R. Yao and S. Zhu
A New Method for Constructing TV User Profiles Based on Micro-blog
PoS(CENet2017)056 pdf J. Chen, B. Lu, Z. Wang, Z. Le and S. Zhou
A Hybrid Neural Network for Sentence Classification
PoS(CENet2017)057 pdf R. Zhou and X. Du
A Real-time Performance Monitoring Framework Based on ACC Model in Collaboration Business Process Environment
PoS(CENet2017)058 pdf J. Zhang, G. Liu and L. Huang
The Research of C4ISR System Design And Modeling Method Based on Model
PoS(CENet2017)059 pdf F. Zhou, R. Ding and K. Yi
Mobile Robot Moving Target Detection and Tracking System
PoS(CENet2017)060 pdf S. Zhang, L. Zhang, R. Gao and C. Liu
Frequent sequence mining from massive access log for user’s behaviour investigation
PoS(CENet2017)061 pdf W. Chen, Y. Tong, J. Zhang and T. Qin
Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm Based on ε Adaptive Weighted Constraint Violation
PoS(CENet2017)062 pdf J. Wang, B. Li and Y. Cao
The SNM Algorithm Based on a Variety of Edit Distance and Variable Window
PoS(CENet2017)063 pdf Q. Yang, Z. Guo and K. Wang
Session IV - Cloud Science
3D Visualization of Point Clouds Using HTML5 and WebGL
PoS(CENet2017)064 pdf J. Huang and J. Wang
Construction and Model of Index System under Information Condition
PoS(CENet2017)065 pdf L. Li, Y. Lu and Z. Zhang
Research Based on Cloudy Data Store Circumscriptive Real-time Demographic System
PoS(CENet2017)066 pdf Y. Wang, L. Wu, G. Zhang and P. Li
Cloud Computing Strategy Analysis in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
PoS(CENet2017)067 pdf L. Li
Trust Model Based on Role and Attribute in Cloud Environment
PoS(CENet2017)068 pdf C. Wang, R. Li, Y. Shi and J. Zhang
Research of Knowledge Mapping Construction Method Based on Scientific Research Results
PoS(CENet2017)069 pdf Y. Zhang, G. Lin and J. Li
A Novel Trust Management Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
PoS(CENet2017)070 pdf C. Zhu, Q. Ding, X. Chen and Z. Shi
The Impact of Dynamic Retrieval Emissivity on the Microwave Surface-sensitive Channels over Land
PoS(CENet2017)071 pdf D. Xing, Q. Huang, W. Zhang, B. Liu, X. Xing and T. Luo
Design and Implementation of Camp us Keeping Fit Application Based on IOS and Bmob Cloud
PoS(CENet2017)072 pdf Y. Liu
Parallel Routing Method in Churn Tolerated Resource Discovery
PoS(CENet2017)073 pdf Z. Miao, X. Zhang, P. Yu, J. Wang and Q. Zhang
Design and Key Calculation of a Big Data Platform for Transmission Channels Monitoring
PoS(CENet2017)074 pdf Y. Chen, R. Liu, T. Guo, P. Shen, L. Zhang, Y. Hu and F. Luo
Analysis of College Students' Spirit Index Based on Structural Equation Model
PoS(CENet2017)075 pdf W. Cao, X. Li, X. Kong, J. Chen, H. Xia and Y. Li
Formal Design and Verification for A Typical Security Gateway
PoS(CENet2017)076 pdf R. Wang, G. Zhao, C. Chang and X. Wang
Resource Authentication Management Model Based on CA and DHT in Internet of Things
PoS(CENet2017)077 pdf F. Li, L. Yuan, L. Peng, W. Cheng and Y. Feng
Session V - Date Analysis
Adaptive short-time fractional Fourier transform used in time-frequency analysis
PoS(CENet2017)078 pdf L. Tian
Designing A Unified Architecture Graphics Processing Unit
PoS(CENet2017)079 pdf L. Wu, L. Huang and T. Xiong
Parallelism of MRT Lattice Boltzmann Method based on Multi-GPUs
PoS(CENet2017)080 pdf L. Yao, A. Wang and X. Ji
Visual Detection of Stream Cipher Sequences on ZUC Algorithm
PoS(CENet2017)081 pdf R. Wu, J.Z. Zheng and X. Liang
Integrated Flight and Propulsion Distributed Control System Simulation Platform Design
PoS(CENet2017)082 pdf J. Peng and Y. Zhang
Analysis on Total Factor Productivity of Chinese Information Service Industry and Influencing Factors
PoS(CENet2017)083 pdf F. Xia, B. Zhao and Z. Hao
A Kind of Seabed Seismic Data Acquisition Cell for Acoustic Measurement
PoS(CENet2017)084 pdf G. Dong, B. Yang, C. Xing and W. Shi
An Unified Payment Method of Charging Piles Based on Blockchain
PoS(CENet2017)085 pdf J. Wang, Q. He, Y. Xu, Q. Han and Z. Zhou
A New Method for Consistency Correction of Judgment Matrix in AHP
PoS(CENet2017)086 pdf H. Zhang, Y. Wei and G. Yu
Coal Mine Lead-acid Battery Intelligent Charger
PoS(CENet2017)087 pdf Q. Zhang, H.f. Qian and Y. Deng
A Research on Interior Location of Improved Monte Carlo Algorithm Based on RSSI
PoS(CENet2017)088 pdf L. Liang and Z. Tan
A Base Sleep Mechanism for Minimizing Energy Cost
PoS(CENet2017)089 pdf D. Han, B. Zheng and Z. Chen
File Version Based Continuous Data Protection On Distributed Object
PoS(CENet2017)090 pdf X. Yang, N. Jing, J. Wu and J. Li
A Recommendation System Based on the Education Big Data for E-learning
PoS(CENet2017)091 pdf L. Ni, L. Yanshen and L. Yi
Query Optimization Ways of DB2 to Improve Database Performance
PoS(CENet2017)092 pdf J. Tang, Z. Hua and J. Feng
Discrete curvature and torsion-based parameterization scheme for data points
PoS(CENet2017)093 pdf X. Fang, S. Wu and J. Liu
Interval T-S fuzzy modeling based on minimizing 1-norm on approximation error
PoS(CENet2017)094 pdf X. Liu, S. Zhou and Z. Xiong
A Prediction Algorithm for Airfare Based on Time Series
PoS(CENet2017)095 pdf X. Zheng, K. Niu, J. Ma, Z. Zhang, X. Li and Q. Li
Detecting Anomalous User Behavior in Database
PoS(CENet2017)096 pdf J. Chen, J. Ai, L. Wei, J. Wang, H. He, C. Liang and L. Chen
A Novel Strategy to Improve the Performance of Speed And the Currentloopsfor Servo Control
PoS(CENet2017)097 pdf Q. Li, Y. Zou, S. Li and Y. Liu
Framework of Frequently Trajectory Extraction from AIS Data
PoS(CENet2017)098 pdf X. Jin, Y. Yang and X. Qiu