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A Real-time Performance Monitoring Framework Based on ACC Model in Collaboration Business Process Environment

J. Zhang, G. Liu, L. Huang

in The 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

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In order to improve the efficiency of building a real-time performance monitoring system in collaboration business process environment, a framework integrated with the collaboration
business process system based on artifact-centric collaboration (ACC) model is prompted. With the view information of ACC model, a rule-based method is proposed to collect real-time data and the monitoring system is abstracted as a monitoring model. After the monitoring designer defines a monitoring model according to monitoring requirements, the monitoring model is automatically transformed to the technical specification of the monitoring system. With this framework, the monitor designer can focus on designing the monitoring model other than details of the technical specification. There is no need to negotiate with collaborative partner from design to deployment without risk of privacy leakage. This approach both increases the agility of the monitoring system and reduces the difficulty in building a monitoring system.