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Volume 335 - 2nd World Summit: Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe (EDSU2018) - Dark Matter
Latest results of 1 tonne x year Dark Matter Search with XENON1T
M. Messina* on behalf of the Xenon Collaboration
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2018 November 27
Published on: 2018 December 18
The XENON experiment is dedicated to the search of dark matter particles interacting directly with ordinary matter, with particular focus on the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP). The XENON experimental program, developed so far, consisted of three detectors, with the same conceptual design but increasing mass and so the sensitivity.
All of them have been operated at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy, in different periods.
XENON1T, the most recently operated detector and still in data-taking, is presently leading the field.
The recent published results achieved the limit of the Spin Independent (SI) WIMP-nucleon cross section for WIMP masses
above 6 GeV/c^2 of $4.1x10^{-47} cm^2 a 90% C.L.
The preparation of the next phase of the XENON project is already ongoing with the construction of the XENONnT detector, which will exploit a larger
mass of Xe (~8 tonnes), and will have an improved sensitivity of one order of magnitude.
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