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2nd World Summit: Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe

25 - 29 June, 2018
University of Antilles, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, France
published December 18, 2018
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The main goal of the summit is to discuss progress and future research directions in the exploration of the matter and energy content of the Universe. Exploring the dark side of the Universe requires the convergence of several different research approaches, from astrophysical and laboratory-based observations, to the development of new theoretical ideas. Topics discussed at this meeting include dark matter, dark energy, neutrino cosmology, black holes and gravity. The summit brings together theoretical physicists, astrophysicists, and particle physicists, in a meeting format aimed at stimulating the development of new and bold ideas. This is the second meeting in this conference series. The first "World Summit: Physics Beyond the Standard Model, organized by the University of San Francisco de Quito, was held in 2006 in the Galpagos islands.

Chair: Brigitte Vachon and Pierre Petroff

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The Cosmos as a Particle Detector
Dark Matter
Neutrino Cosmology
Young Physicists
Dark Energy
Black Holes and Gravity
The Cosmos as a Particle Detector
CMB:The Planck Experiment Status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)001 file missing F. Bouchet
Supernovae: Status and Perspective
PoS(EDSU2018)002 pdf M. Rigault
Weak Lensing: status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)003 pdf D. Leonard
Galaxy Clustering and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
PoS(EDSU2018)004 pdf B. Hoeneisen
Gravitational Waves: Status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)005 file missing L. Cadonati
Gamma Rays Signature of Dark Matter in the CTA Era: status and prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)006 pdf A. Morselli
The interplay between cosmology, particle physics and astrophysics
PoS(EDSU2018)007 pdf A. Vincent
Multi-Messengers Astronomy: Status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)008 file missing B. Humensky
Dark Matter
Dark Matter: a Critical Review (Theory)
PoS(EDSU2018)009 file missing M. Carena
Higgs Cosmology and Dark Matter
PoS(EDSU2018)010 pdf I. Moss and R. Gregory
Direct detection and collider interplay in decoding the nature of Dark Matter
PoS(EDSU2018)011 pdf A. Belyaev
Indirect Dark Matter Searches: Status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)012 pdf E. Charles
Dark Matter Searches at ATLAS: Status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)013 file missing M. Martinez Perez
Dark Matter Searches with the CMS Experiment
PoS(EDSU2018)014 pdf G. Gomez-Ceballos and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Search for Dark Matter with Heavy Quarks and Jets Using the CMS Detector
PoS(EDSU2018)015 pdf T. Dorigo
Unravelling the Mystery of Dark Matter Annual Modulation
PoS(EDSU2018)016 file missing D. D'Angelo
Latest results of 1 tonne x year Dark Matter Search with XENON1T
PoS(EDSU2018)017 pdf M. Messina and  on behalf of the Xenon Collaboration
The Dark Matter Puzzle: Are WIMPS still alive ?
PoS(EDSU2018)018 file missing G. Gerbier
Probing New Parameter Space in Dark Matter Detection
PoS(EDSU2018)019 file missing C. Kouvaris
Saearch for Ultra-low Mass Dark Matter
PoS(EDSU2018)020 pdf L. Chevalier and P. Brun
Searching for Dark Matter and Extra Dimensions at the LHC with intact protons
PoS(EDSU2018)021 pdf C. Royon
A Very Forward Hadron Spectrometer for the LHC and Cosmic Ray Physics
PoS(EDSU2018)048 pdf M. Albrow
Neutrino Cosmology
B-Physics Anomalies: Footprints in Cosmology?
PoS(EDSU2018)022 pdf D. Guadagnoli
Leptonic CP Violation and the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe
PoS(EDSU2018)023 pdf S. Petcov
Constraints on Neutrino Masses from Cosmological Observations
PoS(EDSU2018)024 pdf B. Hoeneisen
Neutrino Detectors: Status and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)025 file missing M. Messier
Multi-messenger Astrophysics: The ultra-high Energy Picture with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(EDSU2018)026 file missing S. Coutu
The ANDES Deep Underground Laboratory
PoS(EDSU2018)027 pdf X. Bertou
Highlights from the IceCube collaboration: From astrophysics to dark matter
PoS(EDSU2018)028 pdf J.A. Sánchez and  on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Young Physicists
The Key Science Projects of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(EDSU2018)029 file missing G. Gomez-Vargas
ATLAS Search for Dark Matter Produced in Association with a Hadronically Decaying Vector Boson
PoS(EDSU2018)030 pdf W. Wang and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
ATLAS Search for an Invisibly Decaying Higgs Boson Produced via Vector Boson Fusion
PoS(EDSU2018)031 file missing V. Kitali
CT-PPS Physics Results and Prospects
PoS(EDSU2018)032 pdf J.A. Williams and  on behalf of the CMS and TOTEM collaborations
Dark Energy
Evidence for Accelerated Expansion of the Universe: Current Observations
PoS(EDSU2018)033 file missing T. Eifler
Large Scale Structure of the Universe and Future Experiments for Dark Energy (Euclid, LSST, SKA,..)
PoS(EDSU2018)034 file missing A. Ealet
Tachyons as Dark Energy Quanta
PoS(EDSU2018)035 pdf M. Albrow
Concordance Model and Tension in the Hubble Constant
PoS(EDSU2018)036 file missing A. Riess
On the Tension between Large Scale Structures and Cosmic Microwave Background
PoS(EDSU2018)037 pdf M. Douspis, L. Salvati and N. Aghanim
Is Dark Energy Simulated by Structure Formation in the Universe ?
PoS(EDSU2018)038 pdf T. Buchert
A Possible Solution for the Cosmological Constant Problem
PoS(EDSU2018)039 pdf N. Gorkavyi, A. Vasilkov and J. Mather
Reverse Engineering the Universe
PoS(EDSU2018)040 pdf A. Linde
Black Holes and Gravity
Exploring Fundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves
PoS(EDSU2018)041 pdf A. Kobakhidze
Primordial Black Holes
PoS(EDSU2018)042 pdf J. Garcia-Bellido
Supergravity and Cosmology
PoS(EDSU2018)043 pdf R. Kallosh
Eternally Inflating Multiverse and Many Worlds in Quantum Mechanics: Same Concept ?
PoS(EDSU2018)044 pdf Y. Nomura
Testing the Quantum Coherent Behavior of Gravity
PoS(EDSU2018)045 pdf S. Bose
Quantum Insights on Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
PoS(EDSU2018)046 pdf F. Vidotto
The Dark Side of Gravity and the Acceleration of the Universe
PoS(EDSU2018)047 pdf F.H. Couannier