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Charm production at HERA, proton structure, the charm mass, and Higgs Yukawa couplings

A. Geiser

in VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics

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Charm production at HERA (H1 and ZEUS) and its embedding into the
Standard Model in the context of results from other experiments are discussed.
The latest results on charm production at HERA (D* and inclusive cross
sections, fragmentation fractions, psi-prime vs. J/psi)
and their impact on measurements of the proton
structure are summarised. Related measurements of the charm quark mass and a
determination of its QCD running are presented. Finally, measurements of the
charm, beauty and top quark masses from HERA, LEP and LHC are reinterpreted
in terms of the corresponding Higgs Yukawa couplings.
A graphical representation of the running of the Yukawa couplings derived
from measurements is obtained for the first time.