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The 9th European VLBI Network Symposium on The role of VLBI in the Golden Age for Radio Astronomy and EVN Users Meeting

IX EVN Symposium - (other evn conferences)
September 23-26, 2008
Bologna, Italy
published July 13, 2009
The Istituto di Radioastronomia (INAF) on behalf of the European VLBI Consortium, will host the 9th European VLBI Network Symposium on "The role of VLBI in the Golden Age for Radio Astronomy" and the EVN Users Meeting from September 23 to 26, 2008. The Symposium will be held in Bologna at the Conference Centre of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica. The purpose of this conference is to report on the very latest VLBI and e-VLBI results, including both recent scientific and technical developments in an era during which many new powerful radio facilities, e.g. e-MERLIN, e-VLA, LOFAR, ALMA, SKA, etc. are coming along. The meeting will have an informal character and includes reviews, contributed talks, and posters. The list of topics includes AGNs and jet physics, Starburst Galaxies, VLBI surveys, gravitational lenses, masers, supernovae and their remnants, active stars, transients, new developments in hardware and software techniques. During the conference, also the EVN Users Meeting will be held.
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Cores and jets in AGN
Populations and Surveys
Central regions in galaxies
Methanol spectral lines
Geodesy and Astrometry
Stages in stellar evolution
Cores and jets in AGN
Towards mm-VLBI
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)001 pdf T.P. Krichbaum, U. Bach, D.A. Graham, W. Alef, A. Roy, A. Witzel, A. Zensus, M. Bremer and S. Sanchez
Phase Solution Analysis for the Simultaneous Dual Frequency VLBI Observations
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)002 pdf T.H. Jung, B.W. Sohn, H. Kobayashi, T. Sasao, T. Hirota, O. Kameya, Y.K. Choi and H.S. Chung
The 15--43-GHz Parsec-scale Circular Polarization of AGN
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)003 pdf D. Gabuzda and V.M. Vitrishchak
Compact radio jets on sub-parsec scales
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)004 file missing S.S. Lee
Small and young radio sources
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)005 pdf M. Orienti
Hints of High Core Faraday Rotations from a Joint Analysis of VLBA and Optical Polarization Data
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)006 pdf J.C. Algaba, D. Gabuzda and P.S. Smith
Opacity in parsec-scale jets of active galactic nuclei
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)007 pdf Y.Y. Kovalev, A. Pushkarev, A. Lobanov and K. Sokolovsky
Activity cycles of blazars and quasars from the VLBI observations
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)008 pdf N. Kudryavtseva
Studying the continuum spectrum of the parsec scale jets by multi-frequency VLBI measurements
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)009 pdf T. Savolainen, K. Wiik, E. Valtaoja and M. Tornikoski
First 15 GHz VLBI detection of the HST-1 feature in the M87 jet
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)010 pdf C.S. Chang, E. Ros, Y.Y. Kovalev and M.L. Lister
Using Faraday Rotation Gradients to probe Magnetic Tower Models
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)011 pdf M. Mahmud and D. Gabuzda
High-resoluton studies of the twin jet in NGC1052
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)012 pdf E. Ros, M. Kadler, Y.Y. Kovalev, H.D. Aller, M.F. Aller and S. Kaufmann
Two-Dimensional Time Delay Measurement of a fast Scintillator using VLBI arrays.
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)013 pdf G. Cimò
Multi-frequency VLBI observations of blazar 1156+295
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)015 pdf W. Zhao
Jet Physics and Magnetic Field Geometry in Parsec-Scale AGN Jets
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)016 pdf S. O'Sullivan
Parsec Scale Properties of Brightest Cluster Galaxies.
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)017 pdf E. Liuzzo, G. Giovannini and M. Giroletti
Inner radio structure of compact BAL quasar 1045+352
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)018 pdf M. Kunert-Bajraszewska and M. Gawronski
VLBA imaging of radio-loud BAL QSOs
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)019 pdf F.M. Montenegro-Montes, K.H. Mack, C.R. Benn, R. Carballo, D. Dallacasa, J.I. González-Serrano, J. Holt and F. Jiménez-Luján
Adiabatic expansion and magnetic fields in AGN jets
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)103 pdf A. Pushkarev, Y.Y. Kovalev and A. Lobanov
Populations and Surveys
Planned future high-resolution radio observations of the GOODS-N field
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)022 pdf T.W.B. Muxlow
VLBA observations of 96 sources in the Chandra Deep Field South
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)023 pdf E. Middelberg, H. Rottmann, W. Alef, S. Tingay, A. Deller, R.P. Norris and E. Lenc
LOFAR, E-LOFAR and a 327 MHz VLBA survey
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)024 pdf M.A. Garrett
Unveiling the dominant gas heating mechanism in local LIRGs and ULIRGs
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)027 pdf M. Perez-Torres
EVN observations of Seyfert galaxies
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)028 pdf M. Giroletti and F. Panessa
The Deca-parsec Scale Radio Structures of BL Lac Objects
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)029 pdf R. Hallahan
New results on the parsec scale properties of the Bologna Complete Sample
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)030 pdf G. Giovannini
Central regions in galaxies
The starburst-AGN connection: VLBI case study of the quasar SMMJ04135+10277
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)031 file missing K.K. Knudsen
Properties of the Molecular Gas in Starburst Galaxies and AGN
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)032 pdf S. Muehle, E.R. Seaquist and C. Henkel
The molecular torus in NGC 1052
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)033 pdf V. Impellizzeri, A. Roy and C. Henkel
Maser studies in evolved stars
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)034 pdf F. Colomer
Maser Misto
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)035 pdf A. Richards, I. Bains, A. Bartkiewicz, P. Diamond, S. Etoka, M.D. Gray, E.E. Lekht, M.R.W. Masheder, E. Mendoza-Torres, K. Murakawa, D. Rosa-Gonzalez, M. Szymczak, H.J. van Langevelde, T. Verhoelst, W.H.T. Vlemmings and J.A. Yates
Methanol spectral lines
Mapping the Milky Way structure with methanol and water masers
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)036 pdf L. Moscadelli, M.J. Reid, K.M. Menten, A. Brunthaler, X.W. Zheng and Y. Xu
Methanol masers survey using EVN
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)037 pdf A. Bartkiewicz, M. Szymczak and H.J. van Langevelde
Methanol maser polarization probing magnetic fields during high-mass star formation
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)038 pdf W.H.T. Vlemmings
EVN observations of the methanol masers in Cep A
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)039 pdf K.J.E. Torstensson, H.J. van Langevelde, W.H.T. Vlemmings and F. van der Tak
EXPReS and the e-EVN
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)040 pdf A. Szomoru
eVLBI Tecnical Development in Japan
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)041 file missing N. Kawaguchi
Developments at the EVN MarkIV Data Processor at JIVE: capabilities & support
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)042 pdf R.M. Campbell
Mark 5C VLBI Data System
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)043 pdf A. Whitney
e-MERLIN Algorithm Development
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)044 pdf D. Fenech, I. Stewart and S.T. Garrington
Sardinia Radio Telescope VLBI facilities
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)045 file missing I. Porceddu
VLBI progress "down-under".
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)047 file missing T. Tzioumis
Recent activities of VERA and East Asia VLBI network
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)048 file missing H. Kobayashi
The VSOP-2 (ASTRO-G) project
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)049 pdf attachments Y. Murata
Status of the RadioAstron project
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)106 file missing S. Likhachev
The future of EVN
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)050 pdf H.J. van Langevelde
Geodesy and Astrometry
Current state and future developments of the IVS and Geodetic VLBI
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)051 file missing R. Heinkelmann
Broadband Delay System Demonstration for VLBI2010
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)052 pdf A. Niell
The Russian VLBI Network Quasar: form 2006 to 2011
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)053 pdf A. Finkelstein
VLBI telescopes' gravitational deformations investigated with terrestrial surveying methods
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)054 pdf P. Sarti, C. Abbondanza, M. Negusini and L. Vittuari
The Golden Age of Radio Astrometry
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)055 file missing P. Charlot
A VLBI survey of weak extragalactic radio sources to align the ICRF
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)056 pdf G. Bourda and R. Porcas
Distance to VY Canis Majoris with VERA
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)057 pdf Y.K. Choi
Distances to Galactic methanol masers
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)058 pdf K. Rygl
Evidence for giant interacting coronal streamers in a pre-main-sequence binary system
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)059 pdf M. Massi
Stages in stellar evolution
OH maser envelopes of the "water fountain" sources
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)060 pdf H. Imai
Exploring the powering source of the TeV X-ray binary LS 5039
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)061 pdf J. Moldón, M. Ribó, J.M. Paredes, J. Martí and M. Massi
Polarisation changes in the microquasar GRS1915+105
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)062 file missing A. Rushton
The structure of the Proto-Planetary Nebula OH 231.8+4.2 as revealed by VLTI and MERLIN interferometric observations
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)063 pdf S. Etoka
Supernova VLBI
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)064 pdf attachments M. Bietenholz
Long term VLBI observations of compact sources in M82
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)065 pdf R.J. Beswick, D.M. Fenech, T.W.B. Muxlow and A. Pedlar
Constraint on the early expansion of XRF080109, related to supernova SN2008D
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)066 pdf Z. Paragi, A. van der Horst, C. Kouveliotou, M.A. Garrett, R.A.M.J. Wijers, J. Granot, E. Ramirez-Ruiz and R. Strom
The magnetic field of the evolved star W43A
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)067 pdf N. Amiri, W.H.T. Vlemmings and H.J. van Langevelde
EVN observation of M 87
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)068 pdf K. Asada, A. Doi, H. Nagai, M. Nakamura and M. Inoue
A highly collimated jet from the low mass proto-star NGC1333 IRAS 4B
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)071 pdf J.F. Desmurs
Polarisation VLBI observations with Yebes (EVN) and Hobart (LBA)
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)072 pdf R. Dodson
JVN observations of NLS1 galaxies and BAL quasars
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)073 pdf A. Doi, K. Asada, H. Nagai, K. Fujisawa and N. Kawaguchi
A close look at compact triple radio sources
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)074 pdf D. Cseh, A. Fuhl and S. Frey
Recent Results of the Japanese VLBI Network
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)075 file missing K. Fujisawa
EVN observations of the binary AGN in the merging galaxy NGC 6240
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)076 pdf attachments Y. Hagiwara
Galaxy-scale astrometry and Galactic rotation measurement with VERA
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)077 pdf M. Honma
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)078 pdf F. Hungwe
Progress of DBBC Development in SHAO
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)080 file missing B. Li
MERLIN observations of OH/IR stars
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)081 pdf M. Lindqvist, F.L. Schoier, H. Olofsson and A. Richards
Kinematics of Relativistic AGN Jets
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)082 pdf M.L. Lister
Radio source compactness at the milli-Jansky level
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)084 file missing W. Majid
Variable Asymmetry of the Circumstellar Envelope in IK Tauri Traced by SiO Maser Emission
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)085 pdf N. Matsumoto
Expansion velocities and Kinematic Ages of Compact Symmetric Objects
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)105 pdf A. Polatidis
Probing parsec scale jets in AGN with geodetic VLBI
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)086 pdf A. Pushkarev and Y.Y. Kovalev
VERA astrometric observations of 43-GHz SiO masers in R-LMi
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)088 pdf M. Rioja
EVN observations of the Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies IRAS 23365+3604 and IRAS07251-0248
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)089 pdf C. Romero-Canizales, M. Perez-Torres and A. Alberdi
The VLBI morphology of M81* at 43 GHz
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)090 pdf E. Ros and M. Perez-Torres
Multi-Maser VLBI structure of the high-mass SFR G16.59-0.05
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)091 pdf A. Sanna, L. Moscadelli, R. Cesaroni, A. Tarchi and R.S. Furuya
Imaging of 6.7-GHz Methanol Maser Sources with the Japanese VLBI Network
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)092 pdf S. Sawada-Satoh
SN 2001em: Evidence for a dense circumstellar environment
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)094 pdf F. Schinzel, G.B. Taylor, C.J. Stockdale, J. Granot and E. Ramirez-Ruiz
Parsec-scale properties of Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum sources from 2.3 and 8.6 GHz VLBI survey data
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)096 pdf K. Sokolovsky and Y.Y. Kovalev
Towards the Next Generation of e-VLBI
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)097 pdf R.E. Spencer
Associating Sites of Methanol Maser Emissions at 6.7 GHz
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)099 pdf K. Sugiyama, K. Fujisawa, A. Doi, M. Honma, Y. Isono, N. Mochizuki, Y. Murata, S. Sawada-Satoh and K. Wajima
High Resolution Study of the gravitational lens system MG J0414+0534
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)100 file missing F. Volino
Asymmetric Structure on Parsec-Scale Radio Jet in PKS 2134+004
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)101 file missing K. Wajima
The gravitational lens J1131-1231 --- How to miss an opportunity and how to avoid it
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)102 pdf attachments O. Wucknitz
Simulation of the Polarized Sky at 1.4 GHz
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)107 pdf S. O'Sullivan, J. Stil, A. Russ Taylor, R. Ricci and J.K. Grant
Resolving the jet in Cygnus A
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)108 pdf U. Bach, T.P. Krichbaum, E. Middelberg, W. Alef and A. Zensus
Water masers in Southern FIR-bright galaxies: detection and interferometric follow-ups
PoS(IX EVN Symposium)109 pdf G. Surcis, A. Tarchi, C. Henkel, J. Ott, J. Lovell and P. Castangia