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International Workshop on New Photon Detectors

PD09 - (other pd conferences)
June 24-26, 2009
Shinshu University Matsumoto Japan
published February 10, 2010
The International Workshop on New Photon Detectors (PD09) will be held at Shinshu University in Matsumoto, Japan, from 2009 June 24-26. Recently, we are looking at an evolution of photon-detection technology with new devices applicable to many fields: high energy physics, nuclear physics, cosmic-ray physics, astronomy, cosmology and medical sciences. The workshop focuses on recent development of photon-sensors and the applications. The "Geiger mode multi-pixel photon device" is one of the main targets at this workshop. We also cover Hybrid-PMT, APD, MCP-PMT and other new photon-sensors. The workshop is sponsored by the Detector Technology Project, IPNS, KEK and Faculty of Science, Shinshu University. The workshop is also supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research "Research and Development of a Novel Detector System for the International Linear Collider", and MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas "New Development of Flavor Physics".
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Session June 24th
Session June 25th
Session June 26th
Poster session
Session June 24th
Development of PPD: characterization & simulation
PoS(PD09)003 pdf T. Murase
Study of the Multi Pixel Photon Counter for the ILC Scintillator-Strip Calorimeter
PoS(PD09)005 pdf Y. Sudo
Monte Carlo simulation of MPPC photosensors for the T2K experiment
PoS(PD09)007 pdf M. Haigh, A. Vacheret, F. Retiere, T. Lindner and S. Oser
Tests of Russian Multipixel Geiger Photodiodes (MRS APD and SiPM) in Liquid and Gaseous Xenon
PoS(PD09)008 pdf A. Akindinov
Application of Silicon Photomultipliers to calorimetry and to Positron Emission Tomography
PoS(PD09)009 pdf M. Göttlich, A. Tadday, E. Garutti and H.C. Schultz Coulon
A way to improve timing resolution of SSPM: Pulse Shape
PoS(PD09)010 pdf C. Kim
Session June 25th
A Novel Position-Sensitive Radiation Detector Using a Gaseous Photomultiplier and an UV Scintillator
PoS(PD09)011 pdf S. Kurosawa
Study of 144ch HAPD for Aerogel RICH for Belle II
PoS(PD09)012 pdf S. Nishida
Recent Progress of Photocathodes for PMTs
PoS(PD09)013 pdf M. Suyama and K. Nakamura
R&D status of HAPD
PoS(PD09)014 pdf T. Abe
R&D on a gating PMT of Proton Extinction Monitor
PoS(PD09)015 pdf N. Nakadozono
A system for automated measurement of parameters of large quantities of MPPC detectors
PoS(PD09)016 pdf R. Kurjata, M. Dziewiecki, J. Marzec, R. Sulej, K. Zaremba and M. Ziembicki
Products and Development Status of MPPC
PoS(PD09)017 pdf K. Yamamura
Measurement of PDE of MPPC with different wavelengths of light
PoS(PD09)019 pdf D. Orme
The First Large Application of MPPC: T2K Neutrino Beam Monitor INGRID
PoS(PD09)020 pdf M. Otani
Characterization Studies of Silicon Photomultipliers for a Calorimeter for the ILC
PoS(PD09)021 pdf A. Tadday, P. Eckert, W. Shen, H.C. Schultz-Coulon, R. Stamen, K. Prothmann, F. Simon, C. Kiesling, O. Reimann, E. Garutti, M. Göttlich and F. Sefkow
Geiger mode APD's for underground cosmic ray experiment EMMA
PoS(PD09)026 pdf Y. Kudenko
MPPC for T2K Fine-Grained Detector
PoS(PD09)023 pdf K. Ieki
Session June 26th
Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes as photodetectors in Cherenkov astronomy
PoS(PD09)024 pdf T. Kraehenbuehl
RICH photon detector module based on Geiger-mode APDs
PoS(PD09)025 pdf S. Korpar
Application of MPPC to granular electromagnetic calorimeter for ILC
PoS(PD09)022 pdf K. Kotera
Active Target System with MPPC Readout for Hyperon-Proton Scattering Experiment
PoS(PD09)027 pdf K. Miwa
Electromagnetic calorimeter composed by inorganic scintillator, MPPC and light guide
PoS(PD09)028 pdf T. Tachimoto
Poster session
Basic study of PPD for the next generation of IACTs
PoS(PD09)029 pdf Y. Mizumura
Study of parallel-connected PPD readout scheme
PoS(PD09)030 pdf D. Naito
Readout electronics of 144ch HAPD developed for the Belle-II Aerogel RICH system
PoS(PD09)032 pdf E. Kuroda
Signal strength monitoring in avalanche structures operated in Geiger mode
PoS(PD09)034 pdf J. Blazej
Study of LFS inorganic scintillator for applying to PET with 1x1mm2 MPPC
PoS(PD09)035 pdf M. Yamazaki