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XVth International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets, and Polarimetry

PSTP2013 - (other pstp conferences)
9 - 13 September, 2013
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
published June 18, 2014
The Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets and Polarimetry is sponsored by the International Spin Physics Committee and has been a tradition for more than 20 years, moving between the USA, Europe and Japan. The XVth International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets and Polarimetry (PTSP 2013) will take place at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA, and will be co-hosted by the University of Virginia and Jefferson Lab, whose scientists have long been active in spin physics and in fundamental symmetry measurements. The workshop addresses the physics and technological challenges related to polarized gas/solid targets, polarized electron/positron/ion/neutron sources, polarimetry and their applications.
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Welcome and Introduction
Solid Polarized Solid Targets I
Solid Polarized Solid Targets II
Applications of Spin
Solid Polarized Solid Targets III
Polarized Internal Targets
Polarized He-3 Targets
New Facilities
Polarized Electron Sources I
Electron Polarimetry I
Electron Polarimetry II
Polarized Electron Sources II
Polarized Proton and Ion Sources I
Polarized Proton and Ion Sources II
Hadron Polarimetry I
Hadron Polarimetry II
Electron Sources III
Polarized Electron Sources IV
Polarized Proton and Ion Sources III
Polarized Porotn and ion Sources IV
Welcome and Introduction
Preface to PSTP 2013 Proceedings
PoS(PSTP2013)072 pdf D. Crabb and M. Poelker
Introduction and welcome
PoS(PSTP2013)001 file missing T. Skalak
The 12 GeV physics program at Jlab
PoS(PSTP2013)002 file missing R. McKeown
A Short History of Spin
PoS(PSTP2013)003 pdf R. Milner
Solid Polarized Solid Targets I
Physics of polarized targets (in memory of Michel Borghini and Franz Lehar)
PoS(PSTP2013)004 pdf T. Niinikoski
Recent research activities and results of the Bochum/Bonn Polarized Target Group
PoS(PSTP2013)005 pdf attachments G. Reicherz
Double polarized measurements with frozen spin target at MAMI
PoS(PSTP2013)006 pdf A. Thomas
Solid Polarized Solid Targets II
Neutron spin filter based on dynamically polarized protons using photo-excited triplet states
PoS(PSTP2013)007 pdf T. Eichhorn
Novel Physics with tensor polarized deuteron targets
PoS(PSTP2013)008 pdf K. Slifer and E. Long
COMPASS polarized target for Drell-Yan
PoS(PSTP2013)009 pdf M. Pesek and J. Matousek
Investigation into polarization uncertainty minimization of solid polarized targets
PoS(PSTP2013)010 pdf D. Keller
Applications of Spin
PoS(PSTP2013)011 file missing S. Wolf
Polarized fusion: can polarization help to increase the energy output of fusion reactors?
PoS(PSTP2013)012 pdf attachments R. Engels
Search for Electric Dipole Moments with Polarized Beams in Storage Rings.
PoS(PSTP2013)013 pdf P. Lenisa
Using Polarimetry To Determine The CEBAF Beam Energy
PoS(PSTP2013)014 pdf D. Higinbotham
Solid Polarized Solid Targets III
Electrons on the HDice target: results and analysis of test runs at JLab in 2012
PoS(PSTP2013)015 pdf M.M. Lowry
Boosting Deuteron Polarization in HD Targets: Experience of moving spins between H and D with RF methods during the E06-101 experiment at Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2013)016 pdf X. Wei
HD gas purification for polarized HDice targets production at Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2013)017 pdf C.S. Whisnant, A. D’Angelo, L. Colaneri, J.H. Devilbiss, T. Kageya, D.A. Loving, M.M. Lowry, A. Rizzo, A. Sandorfi, C. Schaerf, E. Speiser, J. Storey, C. Wallace, X. Wei and I. Zonta
The HIGS frozen spin target
PoS(PSTP2013)018 pdf P.N. Seo
Polarized Internal Targets
Polarized Hydrogen/Deuterium molecules - A new option for polarized targets?
PoS(PSTP2013)019 pdf attachments R. Engels, R. Gorski, K. Grigoryev, L. Kochenda, P. Kravtsov, M. Mikirtychiants, F. Rathmann, H. Paetz gen. Schieck, H. Stroeher, V. Trofimov, A. Vasiliev and M. Vznuzdaev
Polarimetry for the polarized deuterium target at ANKE/COSY
PoS(PSTP2013)020 pdf B. Gou
Upgrade of the PAX H and D polarized internal target for precision measurements at COSY
PoS(PSTP2013)021 pdf G. Ciullo, M. Statera, L. Barion, P. Lenisa, G. Tagliente and A. Nass
Polarized He-3 Targets
Polarized 3He spin filters for neutron science
PoS(PSTP2013)022 pdf T.R. Gentile
Spine-exchange polarized He-3 for electron scattering
PoS(PSTP2013)023 file missing G. Cates
Jlab polarized He-3 target
PoS(PSTP2013)024 pdf J. Liu
New Facilities
Polarized electron beams in the MEIC collider ring at JLab
PoS(PSTP2013)025 pdf F. Lin, S. Derbenev, V. Morozov, Y. Zhang and D.P. Barber
Ion polarization control in MEIC rings using small magnetic fields integrals
PoS(PSTP2013)026 pdf V. Morozov, S. Derbenev, F. Lin, Y. Zhang, A. Kondratenko, M. Kondratenko and Y. Filatov
Electron and ion spin dynamics at eRHIC
PoS(PSTP2013)027 file missing V. Ptitsyn
Polarimetry requirements at eRHIC
PoS(PSTP2013)028 file missing E.C. Aschenauer
Overview of High Intensity Gamma-ray Source at TUNL - Capabilities and Future Upgrades
PoS(PSTP2013)029 file missing Y.K. Wu
Polarized Electron Sources I
PEPPo: using a polarized electron beam to produce polarized positrons
PoS(PSTP2013)030 pdf J. Grames
Optically‐pumped spin‐exchange polarized electron source
PoS(PSTP2013)031 file missing M. Pirbhai
Demands on polarized electron sources by future experiments in parity violating electron scattering
PoS(PSTP2013)032 pdf M.M. Dalton
Electron Polarimetry I
Overview of electron polarimetry
PoS(PSTP2013)033 pdf C.K. Sinclair
Precision polarimetry results at Jlab, 6 GeV
PoS(PSTP2013)034 pdf G.B. Franklin
Precision Compton polarimetry for Hall C at Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2013)035 pdf D. Jones
Electron Polarimetry II
Møller Polarimetry with Polarized Atomic Hydrogen at MESA
PoS(PSTP2013)036 file missing P.A. Bartolome
High precision Compton polarimetry at 11 GeV Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2013)037 file missing K. Paschke
A spin-light polarimeter for multi-GeV longitudinally polarized electron beams
PoS(PSTP2013)038 pdf P. Mohanmurthy and D. Dutta
Sub-percent precision Møller polarimetry in experimental Hall C
PoS(PSTP2013)039 pdf J. Magee
Polarized Electron Sources II
Mott Polarimeter Upgrade at Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2013)040 pdf M.J. McHugh
Funneling multiple bunches of high-charge polarized electrons
PoS(PSTP2013)041 pdf E. Wang, I. Ben-zvi, D.M. Gassner, W. Meng, J. Skaritka and T. Rao
High performance spin-polarized photocathode using GaAs/GaAsP strain-compensated superlattice
PoS(PSTP2013)042 file missing X.G. Jin
Status of high intensity polarized electron gun project
PoS(PSTP2013)043 pdf E. Tsentalovich
Polarized Proton and Ion Sources I
Dudnikov retrospective I
PoS(PSTP2013)044 file missing S. Derbenev
Dudnikov retrospective II
PoS(PSTP2013)045 file missing D.K. Toporkov
Dudnikov retrospective III
PoS(PSTP2013)046 file missing A.S. Belov
Polarized Proton and Ion Sources II
Polarized 3He source development for RHIC
PoS(PSTP2013)047 pdf J.D. Maxwell
The RHIC polarized source upgrade
PoS(PSTP2013)048 pdf A. Zelenski
Polarization optimization studies for OPPIS
PoS(PSTP2013)049 pdf G. Atoian
Perspective for development of a universal source of highly polarized ions
PoS(PSTP2013)050 pdf V. Dudnikov
Perspective for development of a source of highly polarized 3He- ions
PoS(PSTP2013)071 pdf V. Dudnikov and A. Dudnikov
Hadron Polarimetry I
The recoil polarization experiments at Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2013)051 pdf C. Perdrisat
Precision, absolute proton polarization measurements at 200 MeV
PoS(PSTP2013)052 pdf G. Atoian and A. Zelenski
Polarimetry at the AGS
PoS(PSTP2013)053 pdf A. Poblaguev
Measurement of the proton beam polarization with ultra thin carbon targets at RHIC
PoS(PSTP2013)054 file missing D. Smirnov
Hadron Polarimetry II
The polarized hydrogen jet target measurements at RHIC
PoS(PSTP2013)055 pdf A. Poblaguev
Polarization measurements and absolute polarization values evolution during proton beam acceleration in the RHIC accelerator complex
PoS(PSTP2013)056 pdf A. Zelenski
A Helium-3 polarimeter using electromagnetic interference
PoS(PSTP2013)057 pdf N.H. Buttimore
Electron Sources III
The cathode preparation chamber for the DC high current high polarization gun (the Gatling gun)
PoS(PSTP2013)058 file missing O. Rahman
Investigation of pulsed spin polarized electron beams at the S-DALINAC
PoS(PSTP2013)059 pdf M. Espig, J. Enders, Y. Fritzsche and M. Wagner
Two Novel Approaches for Electron Beam Polarization from Unstrained GaAs
PoS(PSTP2013)060 pdf J.L. McCarter, M. Poelker, T.J. Gay, N.B. Clayburn, J.M. Dreiling, D.M. Ryan, A. Afanasev, A. Kechiantz and J. Hansknecht
Polarized Electron Sources IV
Photocathode materials able to sustain high currents
PoS(PSTP2013)061 pdf Z. Li, K. Yang, J. Riso and R.A. Lukaszew
High average brightness electron beam production at Cornell University
PoS(PSTP2013)062 pdf J. Maxson
Polarized Xe129 for medical imaging
PoS(PSTP2013)063 pdf B. Hersman
Polarized Proton and Ion Sources III
Polarized atomic beam sources: from the very start up to present days
PoS(PSTP2013)064 pdf D.K. Toporkov
Polarized protons in the Fermilab main injector
PoS(PSTP2013)065 pdf W. Lorenzon and C.A. Aidala
Status of the new source of polarized ions for the JINR accelerator complex
PoS(PSTP2013)066 file missing V. Fimushkin
Polarized Porotn and ion Sources IV
Polarized ion sources with nearly resonant charge- exchange plasma ionizer: parameters and possibilities for improvements
PoS(PSTP2013)067 pdf A.S. Belov
Long term performance of the COSY/Jülich polarized ion source
PoS(PSTP2013)068 pdf O. Felden, R. Gebel, R. Maier and S. Mey
DSMC simulations of polarized atomic beam sources including magnetic fields
PoS(PSTP2013)069 pdf M. Gaisser, A. Nass and H. Stroeher
Concluding remarks
PoS(PSTP2013)070 pdf E. Steffens