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53rd International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics

Bormio2015 - (other bormio conferences)
26-30 January 2015
Bormio, Italy
published September 17, 2015
Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics.
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Morning Afternoon: Poster Session
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Morning Afternoon: Poster Session
Cross section measurements of the elastic electron - deuteron scattering
PoS(Bormio2015)005 pdf Y. Kohl
Study of direct photon production at PANDA experiment
PoS(Bormio2015)006 file missing A. Skachkova
Simulation of Hadronic Triangular Flow in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(Bormio2015)007 pdf J. Crkovska
Neutron skin studies in heavy nuclei with coherent p0 photo-production
PoS(Bormio2015)008 pdf M.I. Ferretti Bondy
Exploring Lambda production in low-energy p-p reactions at HADES
PoS(Bormio2015)009 file missing R. Lalik
Non-Photonic Electrons in STAR Experiment
PoS(Bormio2015)010 pdf K. Gajdosova
Shear viscosity $\eta$ to electric conductivity $\sigma_{el}$ ratio for the Quark Guon Plasma
PoS(Bormio2015)011 pdf A. Puglisi, S. Plumari and V. Greco
Isospin breaking effects in the leading hadronic contribution to the muon
PoS(Bormio2015)012 file missing J. Haas
LUNA400 and LUNA-MV: present and future of Nuclear Astrophysics at
PoS(Bormio2015)013 pdf C. Gustavino
Measurement of the Analysing Power in Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering
PoS(Bormio2015)014 pdf Z. Bagdasarian
Two-photon exchange corrections in elastic electron-proton scattering
PoS(Bormio2015)015 pdf O. Tomalak
Session Monday Morning
The Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relationship and the Dense Matter
PoS(Bormio2015)001 file missing R. Rutledge
Newest Results and Future Perspectives of the Parity Violation
PoS(Bormio2015)002 file missing F. Maas
The latest results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
PoS(Bormio2015)003 pdf M. Graziani
Status and Physics of Belle II
PoS(Bormio2015)004 file missing S. Lange
Tuesday Morning
From neutron-rich nuclei to matter in astrophysics
PoS(Bormio2015)016 file missing A. Schwenk
Relativistic nuclear collisions from RHIC to the LHC, the quark-gluon
PoS(Bormio2015)017 file missing P. Braun-munzinger
Status of the ELISE Project
PoS(Bormio2015)018 file missing H. Simon
New Developments in Silicon Detectors
PoS(Bormio2015)019 file missing J. Ninkovic
PoS(Bormio2015)020 file missing P. Egelhof
Tuesday Afternoon
First observation of E1 transitions from the octupole band to the excited 02
PoS(Bormio2015)021 pdf G.I. Zimba, S. Bvumbi, P. Masiteng, P. Jones, J.F. Sharpey-Schafer, E. Lawrie, S. Majola, T. Dinoko, J. Lawrie, D. Roux, P. Papka, J. Easton, D. Negi, O. Shirinda and N. Khumalo
Precision Hadron Spectroscopy at COMPASS
PoS(Bormio2015)022 pdf A. Austregesilo
Fast Frontend Electronics for high luminosity particle detectors
PoS(Bormio2015)023 file missing M. Cardinali
The Resistive-WELL detector: a compact spark-protected single
PoS(Bormio2015)024 pdf G. Bencivenni
From deep inside to outer space: exploring neutron skins
PoS(Bormio2015)025 pdf M. Thiel, S. Baunack, D. Becker, J. Diefenbach, A. Esser, M.I. Ferretti Bondy, K. Kumar, F. Maas, H. Merkel, U. Müller, K. Paschke, S. Schlimme, C. Sfienti, P. Souder and A. Tyukin
Anisotropic flows and shear viscosity of the Quark-Gluon plasma within a
PoS(Bormio2015)026 pdf S. Plumari, G.L. Guardo, A. Puglisi, F. Scardina and V. Greco
Wednesday Morning
Overview of the CMS Results
PoS(Bormio2015)027 pdf D. d’Enterria
BESIII: the lastest data harvest
PoS(Bormio2015)028 file missing W. Gradl
beyond the LHC accelerator
PoS(Bormio2015)029 file missing L. Evans
Charm physics at hadron colliders and beyond
PoS(Bormio2015)030 file missing A. Grelli
Latest results from COMPASS
PoS(Bormio2015)031 file missing B. Ketzer
Wednesday Afternoon
PoS(Bormio2015)032 Measurements of Carbon ion fragmentation on a thin gold target by the FIRST collaboration at GSI
PoS(Bormio2015)032 pdf F. Balestra
Reconstruction of neutral mesons with the HADES detector
PoS(Bormio2015)033 pdf C. Behnke
Experiments with a double solenoid system: Measurements of the 6He+p
PoS(Bormio2015)034 file missing R.P. Condori
ATLAS studies of spectroscopy and B-decays
PoS(Bormio2015)035 pdf Z. Dolezal
Structure of light hypernuclei in the framework of Fermionic Molecular
PoS(Bormio2015)036 pdf M. Schaefer, H. Feldmeier, J. Mares and T. Neff
STAR's latest results on quarkonia production
PoS(Bormio2015)059 pdf B. Trzeciak
Thursday Morning
Dark Matter Search with CREST
PoS(Bormio2015)037 file missing J.C. Lanfranchi
Super Heavy Elements
PoS(Bormio2015)038 pdf M. Block
Muons: civil applications
PoS(Bormio2015)039 pdf G. Bonomi
Hadron physics from Dyson-Schwinger equations
PoS(Bormio2015)040 file missing C. Fischer
Looking the Universe from Deep Underground
PoS(Bormio2015)041 pdf D. Trezzi
Thursday Afternoon
Measurements of W boson production in p-Pb collisions at the LHC with
PoS(Bormio2015)042 pdf K. Senosi
Quasi-Free Scattering from Relativistic Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes
PoS(Bormio2015)043 pdf M. Holl, L. Atar and V. Panin
Hadrons with c-s quark content: past, present and future
PoS(Bormio2015)044 pdf E. Prencipe
EndoTOFPET-US: an endoscopic Positron Emission Tomography
PoS(Bormio2015)045 pdf D. Cortinovis
Hadronic decays of the omega meson measured with WASA-at-COSY
PoS(Bormio2015)046 pdf L. Heijkenskjöld
Recent Results on Hard Probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma with the
PoS(Bormio2015)047 file missing T. Kosek
Friday Morning
Overview of the ATLAS Results
PoS(Bormio2015)048 file missing J. Krosberg
Overview of LHCb
PoS(Bormio2015)049 pdf M.W. Kenzie
A New Hadron Spectroscopy
PoS(Bormio2015)050 pdf S.L. Olsen
QCD-matter studies with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Bormio2015)051 file missing D. Miskowiec
Low-mass dileptons: A thermometer for the hottest stuff in the universe
PoS(Bormio2015)052 file missing T. Dahms
Friday Afternoon
A novel dual-mode tracking device for online dose monitoring in hadron therapy
PoS(Bormio2015)053 pdf C. Voena
Singly Cabibbo Suppressed Charm Decay : CP Violation, Branching Ratio
PoS(Bormio2015)054 pdf D. Greenwald, A. Hönle, D. Levit, S. Paul, J. Rauch and A. Tsipenyuk
Centrality dependence of charged jets in p-Pb collisions measured with
PoS(Bormio2015)055 pdf R. Haake
Concept of the $K_{S}^{0}$ rescue system for the Belle II PXD
PoS(Bormio2015)056 file missing L. Koch
CP violation in B and D systems at LHCb
PoS(Bormio2015)057 file missing M. Calvi
The Little Hagedorn That Could
PoS(Bormio2015)058 pdf L. Moretto