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International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2017

ISGC2017 - (other isgc conferences)
5 - 10 March, 2017
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
published December 06, 2017
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The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2017 will be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan from 5-10 March 2017, with co-located events and workshops. The main theme of ISGC 2017 is “Global Challenges: From Open Data to Open Science”.

The unprecedented progress in ICT has transformed the way education is conducted and research is carried out. The emerging global e-Infrastructure, championed by global science communities such as High Energy Physics, Astronomy, and Bio-medicine, must permeate into other sciences. Many areas, such as climate change, disaster mitigation, and human sustainability and well-being, represent global challenges where collaboration over e-Infrastructure will presumably help resolve the common problems of the people who are impacted. Access to global e-Infrastructure helps also the less globally organized, long-tail sciences, with their own collaboration challenges.

Open data are not only a political phenomenon serving government transparency; they also create an opportunity to eliminate access barriers to all scientific data, specifically data from global sciences and regional data that concern natural phenomena and people. In this regard, the purpose of open data is to improve sciences, accelerating specifically those that may benefit people. Nevertheless, to eliminate barriers to open data is itself a daunting task and the barriers to individuals, institutions and big collaborations are manifold.

Open science is a step beyond open data, where the tools and understanding of scientific data must be made available to whoever is interested to participate in such scientific research. The promotion of open science may change the academic tradition practiced over the past few hundred years. This change of dynamics may contribute to the resolution of common challenges of human sustainability where the current pace of scientific progress is not sufficiently fast. 

ISGC 2017 created a face-to-face venue where individual communities and national representatives can present and share their contributions to the global puzzle and contribute thus to the solution of global challenges.

Editorial Board

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Biomedicine & Life Sciences
Data Management & Big Data
Humanities, arts & social sciences applications
Infrastructure clouds and virtualisation
Massively distributed computing and citizen sciences
Networking, security, infrastructure & operations
Physics (including hep) and engineering applications
Supercomputing, High Throughput, Accelerator Technologies and Integrations
Virtual research environment
Biomedicine & Life Sciences
Investigating Community Detection Algorithms and their Capacity as Markers of Brain Diseases
PoS(ISGC2017)018 pdf E. Výtvarová, J. Fousek, M. Mikl, I. Rektorova and E. Hladka
Data Management & Big Data
Progress in Machine Learning Studies for the CMS Computing Infrastructure
PoS(ISGC2017)023 pdf D. Bonacorsi, V. Kuznetsov, N. Magini, T. Diotalevi, A. Repečka, Ž. Matonis and K. Kančis
Humanities, arts & social sciences applications
Occupation recommendation with major programs for adolescents
PoS(ISGC2017)003 pdf A. Ochirbat and T. K.Shih
Data Science as a Foundation towards Open Data and Open Science: The Case of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Open Research Data (TIPD)
PoS(ISGC2017)004 pdf J.P. Lin
Infrastructure clouds and virtualisation
Synergy, a new approach for optimizing the resource usage in OpenStack
PoS(ISGC2017)012 pdf L. Zangrando, M. Verlato, M. Sgaravatto, E. Konomi and V. Llorens
CDAC Cloud IP Store: A Repository for your Intellectual Properties
PoS(ISGC2017)013 pdf V. Arackal, B. Kalasagar, B. Arunachalam, R. Sukeshini, N. Mangala and S. Chandra Babu
A single rack cloud centre with unprecedented power and thermal efficiency
PoS(ISGC2017)016 pdf C.h. Lin, G. Chu, P.r. Tsai, C.h. Iong, F. Lee, E. Yen and S.c. Lee
The "Cloud Area Padovana": Lessons Learned after Two Years of a Production OpenStack-based IaaS for the Local INFN User Community
PoS(ISGC2017)021 pdf P. Andreetto, F. Chiarello, F. Costa, A. Crescente, A. Dorigo, S. Fantinel, F. Fanzago, E. Konomi, M. Segatta, M. Sgaravatto, S. Traldi, N. Tritto, M. Verlato and L. Zangrando
GUOCCI – The Entryway to Federated Cloud for Small-scale Users
PoS(ISGC2017)026 pdf R. Janča, D. Baran, B. Parak and Z. Sustr
Massively distributed computing and citizen sciences
Explore multi core virtualization on the ATLAS@home project
PoS(ISGC2017)014 pdf W. Wu, D. Cameron and A. Filipcic
Networking, security, infrastructure & operations
Coordinating Operational Security in evolving distributed IT-Infrastructures
PoS(ISGC2017)007 pdf S. Gabriel, V. Brillault., L. Cornwall., N. Dias., T. Dussa., S. Ferry., D. Groep., D. Kelsey., D. Kouril., B. Krasovec., I. Neilson. and F. Yarochkin
A solution for secure use of Kibana and Elasticsearch in multi-user environment
PoS(ISGC2017)008 pdf W. Takase, T. Nakamura, Y. Watase and T. Sasaki
A Method for Remote Initial Vetting of Identity with PKI Credential
PoS(ISGC2017)009 pdf E. Sakane, T. Nishimura and K. Aida
The LHC Tier-1 at PIC: ten years of operations
PoS(ISGC2017)011 pdf F.M. Josep, E. Acción, V. Acín, C. Acosta-Silva, G. Bernabeu, J. Casals, M. Caubet, R. Cruz, M. Delfino, X. Espinal, J.M. Hernandez, F. López, G. Merino, A. Pacheco Pages, E. Planas, A. Perez-Calero Yzquierdo, M.C. Porto, B. Rodríguez and A. Vedaee
Can R&E federations trust Research Infrastructures? - The “Snctfi” Trust Framework
PoS(ISGC2017)024 pdf D. Kelsey, D. Groep, L. Florio, C. Kanellopoulos, M. Linden, I. Neilson, S. Paetow, W. Pempe, V. Ribaillier, M. Sallé, H. Short, U. Stevanovic and G. Venekamp
WLCG Security Operations Centres Working Group
PoS(ISGC2017)025 pdf D. Crooks and L. Vâlsan
Physics (including hep) and engineering applications
Examination of dynamic partitioning for multi-core jobs in the Tokyo Tier-2 center
PoS(ISGC2017)001 pdf T. Kishimoto, T. Mashimo, N. Matsui, T. Nakamura and H. Sakamoto
An Automated Scalable Framework for Distributing Radio Astronomy Processing Across Clusters and Clouds
PoS(ISGC2017)002 pdf A. Mechev, J.B.R. Oonk, A. Danezi, T.W. Shimwell, C. Schrijvers, H. Intema, A. Plaat and H.J.A. Rottgering
Supercomputing, High Throughput, Accelerator Technologies and Integrations
EGI federated platforms supporting accelerated computing
PoS(ISGC2017)020 pdf P. Andreetto, J. Astalos, M. Dobrucky, A. Giachetti, D. Rebatto, A. Rosato, V. Tran, M. Verlato and L. Zangrando
Virtual research environment
Data Provenance Tracking as the Basis for a Biomedical Virtual Research Environment
PoS(ISGC2017)015 pdf R. McClatchey
A Switching Mechanism of Visualization Middleware and Application Using Docker
PoS(ISGC2017)017 pdf K. Ishida, Y. Kido, S. Date and S. Shimojo