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The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects IV

GOLDEN 2017 - (other golden conferences)
11-16 September, 2017
Palermo, Italy
published September 13, 2018
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The purpose of this workshop is to bring together about *80 invited researchers* from all over the world in order to discuss the experimental updated panorama and theories of CVs and Related Objects. The following topics will be discussed:
a) Opening Remarks (the Importance of Multifrequency Observations)
b) Cataclysmic Variables (non-magnetic, intermediate polars, polars)
* Fundamental parameters
* Accretion physics
* Outburst physics
* Magnetic phenomena
* Interconnection among classes
* Long term secular evolution
* The fate of CVs
c) Classical and Recurrent Novae
d) Nova-like Stars
e) Symbiotic stars
f) The Astrophysics of CVs and related Objects with the Ongoing and Future Space-Based and Ground-Based Experiments.

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Opening Remarks
Cataclysmic Variables
Classical Novae, Recurrent Novae and Nova-Like Stars
Ongoing Experiments
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects (A Very Personal Review)
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)001 pdf F. Giovannelli
Magnetic Field as Flavouring for CVs
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)002 file missing D. Bisikalo
A pulsar by any other name: discovery of the white dwarf pulsar in AR Sco
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)003 file missing D. Buckley
AR Scorpii – A short review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)004 file missing N. Beskrovnaya
Multi-frequency emission from white dwarf pulsars
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)005 file missing P. Meintjes
The Features of Mass Transfer in Diskless Intermediate Polars AE Aqr and V2400 Oph
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)006 file missing P.B. Isakova
Pulsar-Like White Dwarfs
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)007 file missing N. Ikhsanov
Cataclysmic variables as gravitational wave sources
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)008 pdf R. Poggiani
The impact of SUZAKU on the knowledge of The Physics of CVs
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)009 pdf T. Hayashi
Cataclysmic Variables
Search for CVs in wide-field narrow-band photometric survey
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)010 pdf J. Abril, A. Ederoclite and L. Schmidtobreick
Photometric study of cataclysmic variable ASAS–SN–13cx in active and quite states
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)011 pdf I. Voloshina, T. Khruzina, S. Qian, Z. Liying, S. Kafka and V. Metlov
SU UMa dwarf novae in the period gap
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)012 file missing E. Pavlenko
Period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)013 file missing N. Katysheva
Long-lasting growing superhumps in SU UMa stars: QZ Vir
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)014 pdf A. Imada, T. Kato, K. Isogai and  VSNET Collaboration Team
Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters – A Review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)015 file missing D. Belloni
Progress in CV research with digitized photographic archives
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)016 file missing R. Hudec
Cataclysmic Variables as Radio Emitters
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)017 pdf D. Coppejans
Multifrequency Behaviour of Polars
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)018 file missing P.A. Mason
X-ray and optical observations of polars
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)019 pdf H. Worpel and A. Schwope
Triggered XMM-Newton/NuSTAR observations of AM Herculis in a high accretion state
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)020 file missing A. Schwope
Transient emission of selected CRTS Cataclysmic Variables
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)021 pdf H. Szegedi, A. Odendaal, P. Meintjes, B. van Soelen, J.P. Marais, A. Rajoelimanana, M.M. Nyamai, R. Britto, L. Hanlon, D. Murphy, A. Martin-Carrillo, M. Motsoaledi and J.R. Thorstensen
Cataclysmic Variables with evolved secondaries
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)022 file missing O. Toloza Castillo
Cataclysmic Variables and other Binaries in Planetary Nebulae
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)023 file missing B. Miszalski
Detached cataclysmic variables are crossing the orbital period gap
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)024 file missing M.R. Schreiber
New method of eclipse mapping and an application to HT Cas in the 2017 superoutburst
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)025 pdf Y. Wakamatsu, K. Isogai, T. Morita, T. Kato, D. Nogami, M. Uemura and S. Ikeda
Recent progress of observational studies of WZ Sge-type dwarf novae
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)026 file missing M. Kimura
On some gas-dynamical features of WZ Sge cataclysmic variables
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)027 file missing D. Kononov
High-Speed Photometry of Gaia14aae: An Eclipsing AM CVn that Challenges Formation Models
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)028 file missing M. Green
Long term observations of the AM CVn star V 803 Cen
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)029 file missing K. Isogai
Voracious vortexes and accretion disc radii in cataclysmic variables: a short review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)030 file missing V. Neustroev
On the nature of quiescent light curves demonstrated by WZ Sge stars
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)031 pdf D. Kononov, C. Lacy, V.B. Puzin, V.P. Kozhevnikov, A.Y. Sytov and A.P. Lyaptsev
The evolution of Cataclysmic Variables
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)032 file missing B. Kalomeni
Properties of accreting white dwarfs as revealed by flagship observatories
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)033 file missing A.F. Pala
Systematic search for post period-minimum cataclysmic variables: A short review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)034 pdf V. Neustroev, C. Knigge and S. Zharikov
The long-term activity of dwarf novae and soft X-ray transients
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)035 pdf V. Simon
The long term evolution of Cataclysmic Variables
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)036 pdf G. Shaviv
X-ray observations: A useful tool for the physics of accretion in CV
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)037 file missing S. Balman
Gas dynamic features of the envelopes of contact binary star
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)038 file missing A. Fateeva
Excitation of turbulence in accretion disks of binary stars
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)039 file missing E. Kurbatov
Waves and oscillations in accretion discs of CVs - numerical results
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)040 file missing P. Kaygorodov
Angular Momentum Loss and CV Evolution
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)041 file missing M.R. Schreiber
Testing the models of CV evolution
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)042 pdf A.F. Pala, A. Ederoclite, N.P. Gentile Fusillo, H. Vázquez Ramió, R. Raddi, J. Abril, B.T. Gänsicke and A. Rebassa--Mansergas
Superoutburst of Pop.II CV candidate OV Boo
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)043 file missing R. Ohnishi
Photometry of OV Bootis at the Early Stage of 2017 Outburst
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)044 pdf K. Tanabe, H. Akazawa and N. Fukuda
Classical Novae, Recurrent Novae and Nova-Like Stars
Old Novae: Old Glories with Bright Future
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)045 pdf A. Ederoclite, C. Tappert, L. Schmidtobreick and N. Vogt
The hunt for ancient novae
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)046 pdf L. Schmidtobreick, C. Tappert, M. Shara, S. Scaringi, A. Bayo, N. Vogt and A. Ederoclite
Multifrequency behavior of classical novae
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)047 pdf I. Hachisu and M. Kato
Galactic and Extragalactic Novae – An Updated Review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)048 pdf R. Poggiani
Pre-maximum and maximum of Novae: The spectroscopic observations of Nova ASASSN-17hx
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)049 pdf R. Poggiani
The evolution of nova shells
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)050 pdf C. Tappert, E. Arancibia, L. Schmidtobreick, N. Vogt, A. Ederoclite, M. Vuckovic and V.A.R.M. Ribeiro
Stunted dwarf-nova type outbursts in classical post-novae
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)051 file missing N. Vogt
Multiwavelength models SED of the classical nova V339 Del (Nova Del 2013) along its age
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)052 pdf A. Skopal
Optical and Near-infrared High-resolution Spectroscopic Observations of Nova V2659 Cyg: Structure of Nova Ejecta and Origin of Two-distinct Velocity Systems
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)053 pdf
A. Arai, H. Kawakita, A. Raj, B.C. Lee, G.C. Anupama, S. Kondo, Y. Ikeda, N. Kobayashi, S. Hamano, H. Sameshima, K. Fukue, N. Matsunaga, C. Yasui, N. Izumi, M. Mizumoto, S. Otsubo, K. Takenaka, A. Watase, T. Kawanishi, K. Nakanishi and T. Nakaoka
Photometric long-term variations and superhump occurrence in the Classical Nova RR Pictoris
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)054 pdf I. Fuentes Morales, N. Vogt, C. Tappert and L. Schmidtobreick
Circumstellar Environment around Type Ia Supernovae of Different Subtypes
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)055 pdf K. Maeda
Recurrent novae and long-term evolution of mass-accreting white dwarfs – toward the accurate mass retention efficiency
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)056 pdf M. Kato, I. Hachisu and H. Saio
Recurrent Nova M31N 2008-12a - A Short Review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)057 file missing A. Kaur
The Hot Components in the Recurrent Novae T Pyxidis, IM Norma, CI Aquilae and in the Dwarf Nova U Geminorum
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)058 pdf E. Sion and P. Godon
Symbiotic stars - Natural astrophysical laboratories for studying the evolution of binaries
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)059 file missing J. Mikolajewska
Recent outburst activity of the symbiotic binary AG Draconis
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)060 pdf J. Merc, R. Galis and L. Leedjärv
The symbiotic recurrent nova T CrB – A Short Review
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)061 file missing K. Ilkiewicz
R Aquarii and Gamma Ray Astronomy
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)062 pdf K. Tanabe and Y. Motizuki
The bridge between ER Ursae Majoris-type dwarf nova and nova-like system
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)063 pdf R. Ishioka, T. Kato and  VSNET Collaboration Team
A Review of the Evolution of Classical Nova V2676 Oph: Formation of Molecules and Dust Grains
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)064 pdf H. Kawakita and A. Arai
Recovery of Nova Scorpii AD 1437
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)065 file missing J. Mikolajewska
Hydrodynamic Simulations of Classical Novae: Accretion onto CO White Dwarfs as SN Ia Progenitors
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)066 pdf S. Starrfield, M. Bose, C. Iliadis, W.R. Hix, R.M. Wagner, C.E. Woodward, J. Jose and M. Hernanz
The white dwarf binary pathways survey – A test for binary evolution models and SNIa formation channels
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)067 file missing S. Parsons
Gamma-ray emission from SNIa
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)068 file missing J. Isern
Ongoing Experiments
Novel space experiments for CV Research: X-rays (LOBSTER, THESEUS, eXTP*)
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)069 file missing R. Hudec
Novel space experiments for CV Research: Optical and UV (Gaia, UV BRITE)
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)070 file missing R. Hudec
GEANT4 Montecarlo simulations: a multithread approach
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)071 pdf B.L. Martino, S. Lotti, U. Zannoni and G. Patria
MeerLICHT: MeerKAT’s optical eye
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)072 file missing K. Paterson
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks; What CVs Can Teach Us About Other Astrophysical Sources
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)073 pdf P.A. Mason
Concluding Remarks
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)074 file missing D. Bisikalo
Concluding Remarks
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)075 file missing J. Mikolajewska
Concluding Remarks
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)076 file missing R. Hudec
Concluding Address
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects: Concluding Address
PoS(GOLDEN 2017)077 pdf F. Giovannelli