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International Conference on Black Holes as Cosmic Batteries: UHECRs and Multimessenger Astronomy

12-15 September 2018
Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil
published May 21, 2019
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Black Holes Cosmic Batteries (BHCB) 2018 will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of recent observational, phenomenological, and theoretical developments in the field of high-energy phenomena associated with the dynamics of ultra-high energy cosmic rays and black holes. Some specific subjects are UHECRs luminosity production in relativistic outflows, multi-messengers astronomy and informations from cosmic rays, cosmic rays from gravitational waves, formation and propagation of relativistic jets and particle acceleration.

Conference editors: Rita Cassia Anjos and Carlos Henrique Coimbra Araujo.

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Main session
Use of a small photomultiplier tube to extend the dynamic range of the surface detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(BHCB2018)002 pdf A. Payeras, A.C. Fauth and  on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Degenerate metrics on a dual geometry of spherically symmetric space-time
PoS(BHCB2018)003 pdf A.C. Lucizani, L.A. Cabral, P.T. Seidel and A.J. Capistrano
MAGIC and the very high energy gamma-ray sky
PoS(BHCB2018)004 pdf B. Fraga and  on behalf of the MAGIC collaboration
Rotating black holes with magnetic fields as accelerators of charged particles
PoS(BHCB2018)005 pdf C.H. Coimbra Araujo and R.C. Anjos
Implications of gamma-ray and neutrino observations on source models of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays
PoS(BHCB2018)006 pdf D.A. Supanitsky
Magnetic reconnection, Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Gamma-Ray emission around Black Holes and Relativistic Jets
PoS(BHCB2018)008 pdf E. De Gouveia Dal Pino, R.A. Batista, L.H.S. Kadowaki, G. Kowal, T.E. Medina-Torrejon and J.C. Ramirez-Rodriguez
The optical depth including Lorentz invariance violation energy threshold shifts
PoS(BHCB2018)010 pdf H. Martínez-Huerta, R. G. Lang and V. de Souza
A Cosmic Battery in accretion flows around astrophysical black holes
PoS(BHCB2018)012 pdf I. Contopoulos
First detection of the FSRQ TON 0599 in the VHE regime
PoS(BHCB2018)013 pdf J. Hirako, T. Terzic, A. Stamerra, F. Tavecchio, C. Righi, C. Raiteri and L. Pacciani
Numerical models of neutrino and gamma-ray emission from magnetic reconnection in the core of radio-galaxies
PoS(BHCB2018)014 pdf J.C. Rodriguez-Ramirez, E.M. de Gouveia Dal Pino and R. Alves Batista
Modification in Gravitational Waves Production Triggered by Spontaneous Lorentz Violation
PoS(BHCB2018)015 pdf K.M. Amarilo, M. Barroso F. Filho and R. V. Maluf
A statistical study of fast magnetic reconnection in turbulent accretion disks and jets
PoS(BHCB2018)016 pdf L.H.S. Kadowaki, E. De Gouveia Dal Pino and T.E. Medina-Torrejon
Radio source evolution and the interplay with the host galaxy
PoS(BHCB2018)017 pdf M. Perucho
Effects of Lorentz Symmetry Violation in the Gravitational Waves Polarization
PoS(BHCB2018)018 pdf M. Barroso, K. Mota Amarilo and R. Vinhaes Maluf Cavalcante
A model of high-energy emission from jets of microquasars of Population III
PoS(BHCB2018)021 pdf P.S. Checa and G.E. Romero
Revealing the Nature and Location of High Energy Emission in the Candidate Binary SMBH System OJ 287
PoS(BHCB2018)022 pdf P. Kushwaha, E.M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, A.C. Gupta and P.J. Wiita
Supermassive and Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Growth at Galaxy Centers and resulting Feedback using Cosmological Simulations
PoS(BHCB2018)023 pdf P. Barai and E. De Gouveia Dal Pino
Type Ia supernovas and fusion of black holes: Do they complement each other in measuring the expansion of the universe?
PoS(BHCB2018)024 pdf R. Girola Schneider
Black Holes as Cosmic Dynamos
PoS(BHCB2018)025 pdf R.D. Blandford
Black Hole Simulations in Condensed Matter Systems
PoS(BHCB2018)029 pdf L.G. Egito da Silva, A. de Pádua Santos and E. Rodrigues Pereira