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Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources - XIII

MULTIF2019 - (other multif conferences)
3-8 June 2019
Palermo, Italy
published December 03, 2020
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This is the thirteenth edition of the series of Frascati Workshops on "Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources" which is undoubtedly a largely accepted biennial meeting in which an updated experimental and theoretical panorama will be depicted. This edition comes at the 35th anniversary of the first historical "multifrequency" workshop about "Multifrequency Behaviour of Galactic Accreting Sources", held in Vulcano in September 1984. This surely renders the Frascati Workshop Series the oldest among the many devoted to "Multifrequency Studies of Cosmic Sources". The study of the physics governing the cosmic sources will be the main goal of the workshop. A session devoted to the ongoing and next generation ground- and space-based experiments will give the actual prospects for the first decades of this millennium.
The following items will be reviewed:
    • Cosmology
    • Gravitational Waves
    • Star Formation
    • Astrophysics of High Energy Galactic and Extragalactic Cosmic Sources:  
    • Jet Sources and Gamma-Ray Bursts
    • The Astrophysics with the Ongoing and Future Experiments: Space-based Experiments, Ground-Based Experiments
The workshop will include few 30-minute general review talks to introduce the current problems, and typically 20-minute talks discussing new experimental and theoretical results. A series of 20-minute talks will discuss the ongoing and planned ground- and space-based experiments.
The cadence of the workshop is biennial.
The participation will be only by invitation.
All participants are kindly invited to attend the whole workshop.

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Opening Remarks
Gravitational Waves
Star Formation
Astrophysics of High Energy Cosmic Sources
Jet Sources & Gamma-Ray Bursts
Ongoing Experiments
Special Night Session
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
Remembering Sergio Colafrancesco (1957-2018) (Scientist and Friend)
PoS(MULTIF2019)001 pdf F. Giovannelli
Remembering Giulio Auriemma (1943-2018) (Friend and Scientist)
PoS(MULTIF2019)002 pdf F. Giovannelli
Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources in the GW Era
PoS(MULTIF2019)003 pdf F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati
Solar neutrino flare, megaton neutrino detectors and human space journey
PoS(MULTIF2019)004 file missing D. Fargion
Testing general relativity with accretion onto compact objects
PoS(MULTIF2019)005 file missing I. Caiazzo
The local Universe at gamma-ray frequencies
PoS(MULTIF2019)006 file missing M. Regis
The evolution of primeval galaxies and cosmological re-ionization
PoS(MULTIF2019)007 file missing D. Whalen
Sunyaev Zel’dovich study of filamentary structuresbetween galaxy clusters
PoS(MULTIF2019)008 pdf E. Battistelli
Shadow of a black hole at local and cosmological distances
PoS(MULTIF2019)009 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, O.Y. Tsupko and V. Perlick
Quasars from LSST as dark energy tracers: first steps
PoS(MULTIF2019)010 pdf M.L. Martinez Aldama, S. Panda, B. Czerny, M. Zajacek and  on behalf of the LSST AGN SC Collaboration
Massive hadronic candidates to dark matter
PoS(MULTIF2019)011 pdf M. Merafina
Indirect dark matter search from X-rays to TeV energies
PoS(MULTIF2019)012 file missing D. Malyshev
Massive Primordial Black Holes
PoS(MULTIF2019)013 pdf A. Dolgov
Early black-hole seeds in the first billion years
PoS(MULTIF2019)014 pdf U. Maio
Influence of host galaxy morphology on the properties of Type Ia supernovae from JLA and Pantheon compilations
PoS(MULTIF2019)015 pdf M. Pruzhinskaya, A. Novinskaya, P. Rosnet and N. Pauna
Cosmic microwave background spectral modification due to thermal Comptonization in galaxy clusters
PoS(MULTIF2019)016 file missing G.V. Lipunova
An ionised bubble before the epoch of re-ionisation
PoS(MULTIF2019)017 file missing J.M. Rodriguez Espinosa
Gravitational Waves
GW Astrophysics - The last piece of the universal puzzle
PoS(MULTIF2019)018 file missing D. Rosinska
Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger
PoS(MULTIF2019)019 pdf R. Poggiani and  on behalf of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration
Gravitational waves from accreting systems
PoS(MULTIF2019)020 pdf R. Poggiani
Astrophysics without Black Holes, and without Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Bursts. Or: What have we learned from all our recent observations, including the G-W Receptions, FRBs, and the EHT-Map? Do they fit into a consistent Scenario?
PoS(MULTIF2019)021 pdf W. Kundt
Gravitational waves and core-collapse supernovae
PoS(MULTIF2019)022 pdf S. Moiseenko and G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan"
Super-Massive Neutron Stars and Compact Binary Millisecond Pulsars
PoS(MULTIF2019)023 pdf M. Linares
Event Horizon Telescope: Highlights
PoS(MULTIF2019)024 file missing M. De Laurentis
The International Pulsar Timing Array – An useful tool for GW astronomy
PoS(MULTIF2019)025 file missing A. Possenti
Instabilities in modified theories of gravity
PoS(MULTIF2019)026 pdf E. Arbuzova
Star Formation
Star Formation in the Local Group
PoS(MULTIF2019)027 file missing G. De Marchi
Astrophysics of High Energy Cosmic Sources
Astrophysical Black Holes: A Review
PoS(MULTIF2019)028 pdf C. Bambi
On the possible electromagnetic manifestations of shock waves in binary systems including star with exoplanet and merging BHs
PoS(MULTIF2019)029 file missing D. Bisikalo
What is the difference between a spinning neutron star and a spinning ´black hole´? - or – evidence for a 1:1 resonance coupling between the rotation/spin frequency and the radial epicyclic frequency at extreme Kerr values of angular momentum.
PoS(MULTIF2019)030 pdf B. Aschenbach
Evolution of accretion disks during outbursts of black-hole transients
PoS(MULTIF2019)031 file missing A. Zdziarski
The Galactic Center Laboratory at High Resolution
PoS(MULTIF2019)032 file missing A. Borkar
Observations of the 86 GHz SiO maser sources in the Central Parsec of the Galactic Centre
PoS(MULTIF2019)033 pdf A. Borkar, A. Eckart, C. Straubmeier, N. Sabha, L.O. Sjouwerman, V. Karas, D. Kunneriath, L. Moser, S. Britzen, M. Valencia-Schneider, A. Donea and A. Zensus
A multi-messenger review of Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(MULTIF2019)034 file missing P. Padovani
Blazars - an updated review
PoS(MULTIF2019)035 pdf L. Costamante
Blazars as neutrino factories
PoS(MULTIF2019)036 pdf C. Righi and F. Tavecchio
X ray transients from INTEGRAL to THESEUS and eXTP
PoS(MULTIF2019)037 file missing E. Bozzo
Magnetars – A Review
PoS(MULTIF2019)038 file missing S. Mereghetti
Suzaku Observations of Magnetars
PoS(MULTIF2019)039 file missing Y. Nakagawa
The Physics of Accretion Onto Highly Magnetized Neutron Stars
PoS(MULTIF2019)040 file missing M.T. Wolff
The scientific results from the X-ray observatory Hitomi
PoS(MULTIF2019)041 pdf M. Ishida
The Highlights of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(MULTIF2019)042 pdf L. Caccianiga and  on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
MAGIC Highlights
PoS(MULTIF2019)043 pdf J.M. Paredes and  on behalf of the MAGIC collaboration
AGILE Highlights
PoS(MULTIF2019)044 file missing C. Pittori
Gamma-ray binaries
PoS(MULTIF2019)045 pdf M. Chernyakova and D. Malyshev
From intermediate mass black holes to neutron stars: What are the engines of ultraluminous X-ray sources?
PoS(MULTIF2019)046 file missing F. Koliopanos
Multi-frequency long-term observations of Her X-1 - The 35-d cycle
PoS(MULTIF2019)047 pdf N.I. Shakura, D. Kolesnikov, K. Postnov, I. Volkov, I. Bikmaev, T. Irsmambetova, R. Staubert, J. Wilms, E. Irtuganov, P. Shurygin, P. Golysheva, S. Shugarov, I. Nikolenko, E. Trunkovsky, G. Schonherr, A. Schwope and D. Klochkov
GLADIS: GLobal Accretion Disk Instability Simulation
PoS(MULTIF2019)048 pdf A. Janiuk
High-energy neutrinos from active galactic nuclei
PoS(MULTIF2019)049 file missing S. Inoue
High Forbidden-to-resonance Line Ratio of O VII Discovered from the Cygnus Loop
PoS(MULTIF2019)050 file missing H. Uchida
Low-energy Cosmic Rays in Supernova Remnants Interacting with Molecular Clouds
PoS(MULTIF2019)051 pdf K. Nobukawa
News from Cyg X-1
PoS(MULTIF2019)052 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Multiwavelength variability of Be/X-ray transients and the puzzling case of A0538-66
PoS(MULTIF2019)053 file missing L. Ducci
X-ray Emission from Stars ∼The Results Obtained with MAXI∼
PoS(MULTIF2019)054 pdf Y. Tsuboi and R. Sasaki
A Multifrequency Catalog of Magnetic CVs
PoS(MULTIF2019)055 pdf P.A. Mason, L.C. Monroy, N.K. Wells and J.B. Santana
Jet Sources & Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gamma-Ray Burst correlations prompt and afterglow
PoS(MULTIF2019)056 file missing M.G. Dainotti
Short GRBs - Situation and Future Perspectives
PoS(MULTIF2019)057 file missing P. D'Avanzo
Exploring the canonical behaviour of long gamma-ray bursts with an intrinsic multiwavelength afterglow correlation
PoS(MULTIF2019)058 pdf S. Oates, J.L. Racusin, M. De Pasquale, D. Kocevski, M.J. Page, A.J. Castro-Tirado, J. Gorosabel, A.A. Breeveld, N.P. Kuin and P.J. Smith
Multi-messenger signals from short gamma ray bursts
PoS(MULTIF2019)059 pdf A. Janiuk, K. Sapountzis, B. James and M. Kolos
Astrophysical Jets: an updated, historical review
PoS(MULTIF2019)060 pdf J.H. Beall
Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Simulations of Astrophysical Jets
PoS(MULTIF2019)061 pdf J.H. Beall, K. Lind, D.V. Rose, M. T._Wolff, I. van_der_Westhuizen, B. van_Soelen and P. Meintjes
The Structure of Quasar Jets at Kpc Scales
PoS(MULTIF2019)062 file missing H. Marshall
Particle Acceleration, Turbulence and Multi-Wavelength Variability in Blazars
PoS(MULTIF2019)063 file missing M. Böttcher
Radio Variability from a Quiescent Stellar-mass Black Hole Jet
PoS(MULTIF2019)064 file missing R. Plotkin
Ongoing Experiments
High Energy Astrophysical Techniques
PoS(MULTIF2019)082 pdf R. Poggiani
The FORCE mission: A broadband X-ray imaging spectroscopy with high-angular resolution
PoS(MULTIF2019)065 file missing K. Mori
The Extremely Large Telescope
PoS(MULTIF2019)066 file missing P. Padovani
The SVOM mission in the multimessenger era
PoS(MULTIF2019)067 file missing M.G. Bernardini
The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE)
PoS(MULTIF2019)068 pdf R. Ferrazzoli and  on behalf of the IXPE collaboration
The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS)
PoS(MULTIF2019)069 file missing R. Hudec
Small satellites - Useful tools for multifrequency astrophysics
PoS(MULTIF2019)070 pdf R. Hudec
ESA SMILE space mission
PoS(MULTIF2019)071 file missing R. Hudec
COLIBRI mission
PoS(MULTIF2019)072 file missing I. Caiazzo
First steps in simulations and morphology classification of JWST/MIRI deep field galaxies
PoS(MULTIF2019)073 pdf M. Topinka
A docker-AMUSE approach for generating initial conditions in N-body simulations
PoS(MULTIF2019)074 file missing B.L. Martino
Ten years later: Asteroid Deflection: How, Where and When?
PoS(MULTIF2019)075 file missing D. Fargion
Special Night Session
Benefits of Living on Earth
PoS(MULTIF2019)076 pdf P.A. Mason and P.L. Biermann
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks I.
PoS(MULTIF2019)077 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Concluding Remarks - II
PoS(MULTIF2019)078 pdf P. Padovani
Concluding Remarks - III
PoS(MULTIF2019)079 file missing J. Ziolkowski
XIII Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources Concluding Remarks IV
PoS(MULTIF2019)080 pdf R. Hudec
Concluding Address
Frascati Workshop 2019: Concluding Address
PoS(MULTIF2019)081 pdf F. Giovannelli