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5th Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2019

ACSC2019 - (other acsc conferences)
26-28, June, 2019
Obergurgl, Austria
published March 27, 2020

In the summer of 2019, the 5th Austrian Citizen Science Conference was held in Tyrol. The University of Innsbruck and the Citizen Science Network Austria invited to Obergurgl, where the Citizen Science Community gathered from 26th to 28th June under the motto "Borders and Transitions" at over 2000m. Hardly any other place was as suitable as Obergurgl for the question of the limits of Citizen Science. Due to its geographical location at political and natural borders, Obergurgl inspired people to explore borders and transitions of and in Citizen Science and they could get to know in detail how to deal with these interfaces. Such border areas are not only boundaries, but also areas of transition and exchange. In this environment questions on how to best design the boundaries and transitions in Citizen Science to other methods and disciplines and how to make positive use of the border tensions where discussed: What is and what may Citizen Science do? Who determines what Citizen Science is allowed to do? What are the examples of boundaries in Citizen Science (projects)? Which inter- and transdisciplinary interfaces arise in Citizen Science projects? These and many other questions were debated in an open and appreciative atmosphere.

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Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2019
The five-year history of the Austrian Citizen Science Conference
PoS(ACSC2019)001 pdf F. Heigl and D. Dörler
Citizen science, animal behaviour and digital devices: challenges and solutions
PoS(ACSC2019)002 pdf attachments D. Frigerio, V. Püringer-Sturmayr, C. Steinbacher, J. Rittenschober and S. Kleindorfer
Comparison of co-created and collaborative approaches to citizen science adopted by the citizen linguistics project ‘On everyone’s mind and lips – German in Austria’
PoS(ACSC2019)003 pdf B. Heinisch
Hunting for signs in the public space – the method of linguistic treasure hunts as a form of citizen science
PoS(ACSC2019)004 pdf B. Heinisch
Technological solutions for contributory citizen science: experiences from citizenMorph
PoS(ACSC2019)005 pdf S. Hennig, L. Abad and D. Hölbling
On everyone’s lips: insects for food and feed
PoS(ACSC2019)006 pdf T. Klammsteiner, A. Walter, H. Pan, M. Gassner, C.D. Heussler, M. Schermer and H. Insam
Prevalence of bee viruses in Austria in the year 2018
PoS(ACSC2019)007 pdf L. Morawetz, A. Steinrigl, H. Köglberger, I. Derakhshifar, A. Griesbacher, R. Moosbeckhofer and K. Crailsheim
Factors for a successful citizen science on the example of bumblebee observations on naturbeobachtung.at
PoS(ACSC2019)008 pdf attachments G. Neuwirth, J. Neumayer and W. Wallner
StaphMap Tyrol – pre-study on the prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococci (MRSA) in Tyrol
PoS(ACSC2019)009 pdf H. Oberhauser and C. Lutz-Nicoladoni
Linking research and science communication by cooperating with school classes
PoS(ACSC2019)010 pdf A. Pitt, J. Schmidt, U. Koll and M.W. Hahn
Citizen Science with School Students for Nature Conservation of a Scorpion Species
PoS(ACSC2019)011 pdf M. Scheuch