PoS - Proceedings of Science

Bursts, Pulses and Flickering: wide-field monitoring of the dynamic radio sky

12-15 June 2007
Kerastari, Tripolis, Greece
published August 07, 2008
Exotic and transient astrophysical phenomena reveal the violent and capricious nature of the universe. Wide-field and all-sky monitoring in the X-ray, gamma-ray, and more recently optical, bands has already led to a wealth of discoveries such as pulsars and gamma-ray bursts which probe extreme realms of physics and yet were not anticipated prior to their discovery. Radio astronomy, traditionally a high-angular-resolution, arrow-field enterprise, is entering a period of renaissance on the road to the square kilometre array (SKA), in which several different routes to wide-field or even all-sky monitoring in this band will be achieved for the first time. Coupled with this, the past few years have seen the discovery of new classes of radio transient, such as the RRATs and the Galactic Centre Radio Transient. This workshop will, for the first time, combine the astrophysics of rapid radio variability with the techniques of wide-field transient searches, in anticipation of an exciting decade ahead of us.
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Introductions and General
Stellar Phenomena
Neutron Stars & Friends
Explosive Phenomena and Jets
Scintillation & Propagation
Transients Surveys, New Facilities, & New Techniques
Introductions and General
Welcome by the Mayor of Valtetsi
PoS(Dynamic2007)045 pdf N. Papanikolau
Opening address
PoS(Dynamic2007)046 pdf J.G. Siambis
Poem about Kerastari (in English & Greek)
PoS(Dynamic2007)047 pdf attachments P.S. Krili
Workshop Photograph
PoS(Dynamic2007)048 pdf J.H. Seiradakis
Stellar Phenomena
Transient Emissions from Radio-Active Stars
PoS(Dynamic2007)005 pdf R. Osten
Ultracool Dwarfs: A New Class of Pulsar
PoS(Dynamic2007)006 file missing G. Hallinan
Predictions for Radio Emission from Extrasolar Planets
PoS(Dynamic2007)007 pdf H. Spreeuw, J.M. Griessmeier and P. Zarka
Neutron Stars & Friends
RRATs and Intermittent Pulsars
PoS(Dynamic2007)001 pdf A. Lyne
A New Model for the Beams of Radio Pulsars
PoS(Dynamic2007)002 pdf A. Karastergiou and S. Johnston
Pulsar Glitch Substructure & The Pulsar EOS
PoS(Dynamic2007)003 pdf R. Dodson
Pulsar Magnetospheres and Emission
PoS(Dynamic2007)004 file missing A. Spitkovsky
A Bursting Radio Transient in the Direction of the Galactic Center
PoS(Dynamic2007)008 pdf P. Ray, S.D. Hyman, J. Lazio, N.E. Kassim, S. Roy, D. Chakrabarty and D.L. Kaplan
New Results on Emission from the GCRT
PoS(Dynamic2007)009 pdf S. Roy, S.D. Hyman, S. Pal, J. Lazio, P. Ray, N.E. Kassim and S. Bhatnagar
Explosive Phenomena and Jets
Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Flows
PoS(Dynamic2007)010 file missing J. Kirk
Low-frequency Radio Observations of Galactic Microquasars
PoS(Dynamic2007)011 pdf J.C.A. Miller-Jones, A.D. Kapinska, K.M. Blundell, B. Stappers and R. Braun
Predicting Radio Activity in X-ray Binaries with Optical/Infrared Monitoring
PoS(Dynamic2007)012 pdf D.M. Russell and R. Fender
Low Frequency Constraints on Weakly Accreting Black Hole Jets
PoS(Dynamic2007)013 pdf S. Markoff
Long-term Radio Behaviour of the X-ray Binary Circinus X-1
PoS(Dynamic2007)014 pdf V.M. Tudose
An X-ray Study of the Disc in GX339-4
PoS(Dynamic2007)015 pdf R. Dunn, R. Fender and E. Körding
Adaptive e-VLBI observations of radio emitting X-ray binaries
PoS(Dynamic2007)043 pdf A. Rushton and R.E. Spencer
High resolution imaging of possible microquasar
PoS(Dynamic2007)041 pdf M.P. Pommier
Scintillation & Propagation
Scintillation Surveys, Serendipitous, Systematic and MASIV
PoS(Dynamic2007)016 pdf D.L. Jauncey
Milliarcsecond Structure of Microarcsecond Sources
PoS(Dynamic2007)017 pdf R. Ojha
Interstellar scintillation of the water masers of NGC 3079
PoS(Dynamic2007)018 pdf H.E. Bignall and W.H.T. Vlemmings
Observations of IDV Sources with the Effelsberg and Urumqi Telescopes
PoS(Dynamic2007)019 pdf N. Marchili and K. Gabányi
Monitoring the scintillating blazar PMN J1326-5256
PoS(Dynamic2007)020 pdf G. Cimò
A Newly Discovered Highly Variable IDV Source
PoS(Dynamic2007)021 pdf K. Gabányi, N. Marchili, T.P. Krichbaum, L. Fuhrmann, S. Britzen, A. Witzel, A. Zensus, X. Liu, S. Huagang and J. Han
Limits on the Detection of Transients Imposed by Scattering
PoS(Dynamic2007)022 pdf J.P. Macquart
Transients Surveys, New Facilities, & New Techniques
Wide Field Surveys for Transients at Centimeter Wavelengths
PoS(Dynamic2007)023 file missing G.C. Bower
The 1 Jy Class Radio Rransients in Nasu 1.4 GHz Wide-Field Survey
PoS(Dynamic2007)024 pdf M. Nobuo and K. Niinuma
Searching for Variable Sources in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
PoS(Dynamic2007)025 pdf D. Del Rizzo, S. Dougherty, A. Russ Taylor and A.D. Gray
Targeting Transient Phenomena with e-VLBI
PoS(Dynamic2007)026 pdf Z. Paragi, H.J. van Langevelde and A. Szomoru
Australian e-VLBI
PoS(Dynamic2007)027 file missing T. Tzioumis
Data Mining INTEGRAL
PoS(Dynamic2007)028 file missing S. Scaringi
Transient Science with the MWA
PoS(Dynamic2007)029 pdf R. Cappallo
LOFAR Transients and the Radio Sky Monitor
PoS(Dynamic2007)030 pdf R. Fender
The Radio Transient Sky and the LWA
PoS(Dynamic2007)031 pdf J. Lazio
Light-Curve Monitoring with the MWA
PoS(Dynamic2007)032 file missing J. Kasper
Early Results from a Transient Survey with LOFAR-CS1
PoS(Dynamic2007)033 pdf C. Law
A transient detection and monitoring pipeline for LOFAR
PoS(Dynamic2007)044 pdf J.D. Swinbank
Innovative SETI by the KLT
PoS(Dynamic2007)034 pdf C. Maccone
Flux density spectrum of the magnetar AXP J1810-197
PoS(Dynamic2007)042 pdf K. Lazaridis
GLAST Launch Status, Microquasars, Multiwavelength Opportunities and Public Access to Data
PoS(Dynamic2007)035 pdf R. Dubois
Radio Emission as a Tracer of the Accretion Rate
PoS(Dynamic2007)036 pdf E. Körding
Simultaneous X-ray/Radio Observations of Cir X-1
PoS(Dynamic2007)037 pdf P. Soleri, V.M. Tudose, R. Fender and M. van der Klis
Identification of Black Hole Power Spectral Components Across All Canonical States
PoS(Dynamic2007)038 file missing M. Klein-Wolt
Is There a Connection Between Radio Transients and Very-Faint X-ray Transients?
PoS(Dynamic2007)039 file missing R. Wijnands
Optical/near-IR Detection and Monitoring of LOFAR Transients using SMARTS
PoS(Dynamic2007)040 pdf D. Maitra and C. Bailyn