PoS - Proceedings of Science

7th INTEGRAL Workshop

Integral08 - (other integral conferences)
8 - 11 September 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
published July 08, 2009

The workshop is part of a biannual sequence of workshops for the presentation and discussion of high energy astrophysical results of observations with the INTEGRAL satellite as well as from other space missions and ground based observatories.

The theme of this workshop is the physics and characteristics of compact object such as white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. The phenomena covered are gamma-ray bursts, X-ray bursts, micro-quasar activity, transients of any kind, pulsars, and surveys for the source classification.

In addition there is a number of invited highlight talks that give overviews of other high energy astrophysics fields. For the topics not directly covered by the main theme there are poster sessions that include the nuclear line emission, diffuse emission, and instrument descriptions. The last session is on future gamma-ray missions.

conference main image
Highlights of high energy astrophysics (invited talks)
Gamma ray bursts
Wind sources and cataclysmic variables
Nuclear lines and diffuse emission
Low mass X-ray binaries
Extragalactic sources
High mass X-ray binaries
Supergiant fast X-ray transients
Black holes
Magnetars and anomalous X-ray pulsars
Calibration, instruments and software
Gamma ray astronomy with future missions
Highlights of high energy astrophysics (invited talks)
Gamma-Rays from Positron Annihilation
PoS(Integral08)001 pdf R. Diehl
Gamma Ray Bursts - where are we going?
PoS(Integral08)002 file missing R.A.M.J. Wijers
The Evolving TeV field
PoS(Integral08)003 file missing M. Ribó
The peak region of the extragalactic background radiation
PoS(Integral08)004 pdf M. Ajello
Galactic diffuse emission and ridge sources
PoS(Integral08)005 file missing M. Revnivtsev
Cosmic ray acceleration in space
PoS(Integral08)006 file missing A. Bykov
INTEGRAL Studies of Nucleosynthesis Lines
PoS(Integral08)007 pdf M. Leising
AGILE and GLAST: New opportunities for GeV astronomy
PoS(Integral08)008 file missing M. Tavani
Gamma ray bursts
6 years of bursts with the SPI-ACS
PoS(Integral08)009 pdf K. Hurley
Spectral properties of INTEGRAL Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(Integral08)010 pdf G. Vianello
Global characteristics of GRBs observed with INTEGRAL and the inferred large population of low-luminosity GRBs
PoS(Integral08)011 pdf L. Hanlon
Comparative Study of long and short GRBs: clues to the progenitor
PoS(Integral08)012 file missing P. Romano
The Supercritical Pile GRB Model: The Prompt to Afterglow Evolution
PoS(Integral08)013 file missing D. Kazanas
GRB observed by IBIS/PICsIT in the MeV energy range
PoS(Integral08)014 file missing V. Bianchin
Spectral properties of 3 bright gamma-ray bursts observed by INTEGRAL and limits on the level of polarisation.
PoS(Integral08)015 file missing L. Hanlon
INTEGRAL detection and follow-up observations of GRBs 080414 and 080603
PoS(Integral08)016 pdf A. Martin-Carrillo
Characteristics of GRB millisecond-timescale flares at MeV energies - and consequences for constraining the Quantum Gravity Energy Scale
PoS(Integral08)017 file missing C. Wunderer
Search for precursor activity in Swift/BAT gamma-ray bursts.
PoS(Integral08)018 pdf G. Calderone
Multiwavelength observations of two bursts detected by INTEGRAL: GRB 041218 and GRB 041219b
PoS(Integral08)019 file missing A.J. Castro-Tirado
Wind sources and cataclysmic variables
Hard X-ray emission from Eta Carinae & other colliding-wind binaries
PoS(Integral08)020 pdf J.C. Leyder
Hard X-ray emission of cataclysmic variables observed by INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)021 pdf R. Galis
Optical observations of cataclysmic variables discovered by INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)022 pdf M. Pretorius
Saturated Synchrotron Maser in the White-Dwarf Binary AE Aqr
PoS(Integral08)023 file missing A. Serber
Nuclear lines and diffuse emission
Restrictions on the injection energy of positrons annihilating near the Galactic center
PoS(Integral08)024 pdf D. Chernyshov
SPI/INTEGRAL measurement of the Galactic high energy emission
PoS(Integral08)025 file missing L. Bouchet
Positron Production and Propagation from the Galactic Center's Supermassive Black Hole
PoS(Integral08)026 file missing J. Malzac
Population synthesis models for 26Al production in Orion
PoS(Integral08)027 pdf R. Voss
Positron Propogation and the INTEGRAL/SPI 511 keV Bulge/Disk Ratio
PoS(Integral08)028 pdf R.E. Rothschild
Origin of thermal and non-thermal hard X-ray emission from the Galactic center.
PoS(Integral08)029 pdf V.A. Dogiel
Comprehensive Search for Unpredicted Gamma-ray Lines with INTEGRAL/SPI
PoS(Integral08)030 file missing K. Watanabe
Search for variable 511 keV emission with SPI
PoS(Integral08)031 file missing S. Tsygankov
Low mass X-ray binaries
On burning regimes and long duration X-ray bursts
PoS(Integral08)032 pdf L. Keek
INTEGRAL monitoring of unusually long X-ray bursts
PoS(Integral08)033 pdf J. Chenevez
Bursts detected in hard X-rays by the IBIS telescope onboard the INTEGRAL observatory in 2003-2007
PoS(Integral08)034 pdf I. Chelovekov
High energy properties of a sample of Neutron Star X-ray binaries with INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)150 pdf M.T. Fiocchi
Using INTEGRAL and RXTE to explore the Spreading Layer of GX 9+9
PoS(Integral08)035 pdf P. Savolainen
Spectral and temporal study of the Z source GX 340+0.
PoS(Integral08)036 file missing E. Virgilli
Increased stability of nuclear burning on neutron stars due to rotation.
PoS(Integral08)037 file missing L. Keek
X-Ray Burst Monitoring with JEM-X
PoS(Integral08)038 file missing S. Brandt
A New Comptonization Model for Weakly Magnetized, Accreting Neutron Stars in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries
PoS(Integral08)039 file missing R. Farinelli
INTEGRAL monitoring of the X-ray burster XTE J1739-285
PoS(Integral08)040 pdf C. Sanchez-Fernandez
The Hard X-Ray Emission from Scorpius X-1 as Seen by INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)041 pdf S. Sturner
INTEGRAL and RXTE/ASM Observations on IGR J17098-3628
PoS(Integral08)043 pdf C. Yu-Peng
A relativistically smeared line profile in the spectrum of the bright Z-source GX 340+0
PoS(Integral08)042 pdf A. D'ai
High energy behaviour of Neutron Star Low Mass X-ray binary systems
PoS(Integral08)044 pdf A. Tarana
INTEGRAL observations of the transient neutron stars SAX J1747.0-2853 and GRS 1747-312
PoS(Integral08)045 pdf A. Tarana
INTEGRAL long term monitoring of 4U 1722-30: evidence for spectral state variations
PoS(Integral08)046 pdf A. Tarana
Extragalactic sources
INTEGRAL upper limits on a bright X-ray flare from Sgr A*
PoS(Integral08)047 pdf G. Trap
Investigations into the origin of the Galactic 511 keV emission with INTEGRAL/SPI
PoS(Integral08)048 pdf G. Skinner
The contribution of INTEGRAL to blazar science
PoS(Integral08)049 pdf L. Foschini
AGN population in the deepest hard X-ray extragalactic survey
PoS(Integral08)050 pdf S. Paltani
Suzaku hard X-ray view of Seyfert galaxies
PoS(Integral08)051 pdf Y. Fukazawa
Buried AGN among new INTEGRAL hard X-ray sources
PoS(Integral08)052 file missing S. Sazonov
Broad Band Properties of the BAT Selected AGN
PoS(Integral08)053 file missing R. Mushotzky
High-z radio-loud QSOs observed with INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)054 pdf A. De Rosa
Detection of non-thermal X-ray emission from the Ophiuchus cluster with INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)055 pdf D. Eckert
High Energy Properties of PKS 1830-211
PoS(Integral08)056 pdf S. Zhang
Multi-wavelength studies of the broad line radio galaxies IGR J21247+5058 and 3C 390.3
PoS(Integral08)057 pdf C. Ricci
The efficient low-mass Seyfert MCG-05-23-016
PoS(Integral08)058 pdf V. Beckmann
The Dichotomy of Seyfert Galaxies at Hardest X-rays
PoS(Integral08)059 file missing V. Beckmann
Joint INTEGRAL and AGILE observations of FSRQs
PoS(Integral08)060 pdf I. Donnarumma
The High-Energy Properties of the Radio-Quiet Quasar H1821+643
PoS(Integral08)061 file missing C. Shrader
Non-thermal hard X-ray emission from M87
PoS(Integral08)062 pdf R. Walter
A 100 Msec INTEGRAL exposure of Bright Infrared Galaxies
PoS(Integral08)063 pdf R. Walter
Variability of low-luminosity AGNs: a simultaneous X-ray/UV look with Swift
PoS(Integral08)064 pdf P. Romano
AGN in the Swift/BAT and INTEGRAL Hard X-ray Surveys
PoS(Integral08)065 file missing J. Tueller
PKS 0537-286, the high redshift FSRQ, giving new insights into the jet physics
PoS(Integral08)066 pdf E. Bottacini
Soft and Hard X-ray variability of the Flat Spectrum Radio Quasar 3C 273
PoS(Integral08)067 file missing V. Bianchin
XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL broadband spectra of type 2 AGN
PoS(Integral08)068 file missing A. De Rosa
Search for Roma-BZCAT Blazars in the Palermo BAT Survey archive
PoS(Integral08)069 pdf B. Sbarufatti
High mass X-ray binaries
Monitoring the new INTEGRAL HMXB systems constrain stellar winds
PoS(Integral08)070 file missing R. Walter
Multi-wavelength observations revealing the most obscured high energy sources
PoS(Integral08)071 pdf S. Chaty
Optical and Infrared characterisation of High Mass X-ray Binaries discovered by INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)072 pdf I. Negueruela
Cyclotron lines in X-ray pulsars - theory meets observations
PoS(Integral08)073 file missing G. Schoenherr
The accretion regime of LS 5039: 3-D SPH simulations
PoS(Integral08)074 pdf A. Okazaki
An INTEGRAL View of the Spectral Energy Distribution of Major Flaring in Cygnus X-3
PoS(Integral08)075 pdf K. Koljonen
The Missing Population of Be+Black Hole X-Ray Binaries
PoS(Integral08)076 pdf A. Sadowski
Suzaku Observations of Four Heavily Absorbed HMXBs
PoS(Integral08)077 file missing D. Morris
BeX systems as seen by INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)078 pdf P. Blay
Peering through the stellar wind of IGR J19140+0951 using RXTE and INTEGRAL observations
PoS(Integral08)079 pdf L. Prat
Supergiant fast X-ray transients
Long-term monitoring of supergiant fast x-ray transients
PoS(Integral08)080 file missing S. Martinez
IGR J17544-2619 with Suzaku: A Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient in Depth
PoS(Integral08)081 file missing D. Smith
Hard fast X-ray transients as possible counterparts of unidentified MeV/TeV sources
PoS(Integral08)082 pdf V. Sguera
Supergiant fast X-ray transients: observational properties and physical model
PoS(Integral08)083 file missing S. Grebenev
Swift monitoring of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: the out-of-outburst behaviour and the flares from IGR J17544-2916 and XTE J1739-302
PoS(Integral08)084 pdf L. Sidoli
Observational properties of candidate supergiant fast X-ray transients
PoS(Integral08)085 pdf J.A. Zurita Heras
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: interpretation of archival INTEGRAL data
PoS(Integral08)086 pdf L. Ducci
INTEGRAL and Swift/XRT observations of the SFXT IGR J16479-4514: from quiescence to fast flaring activity
PoS(Integral08)087 pdf V. Sguera
Swift and Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: a novel monitoring approach.
PoS(Integral08)088 pdf P. Romano
Black holes
Spectral states of black hole binaries
PoS(Integral08)089 pdf J. Malzac
Probing the Nature of Cygnus X-3's Major Radio Flares with INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)090 pdf M. McCollough
Peculiar nature of hard X-ray eclipse in SS433 from INTEGRAL observations
PoS(Integral08)091 pdf A. Cherepashchuk
Luminosity dependence of a high energy cutoff in low/hard state of the blackhole candidate GX 339-4 and application to other black hole candidates
PoS(Integral08)092 file missing K. Yamaoka
Long term multi-wavelength observations campaign of IGR J17091-3624 and IGR J17098-3628, two transient black hole candidates discovered by INTEGRAL: latest results
PoS(Integral08)093 pdf F. Capitanio
Surprising Spectral Evolution in LMC X-3 and LMC X-1
PoS(Integral08)094 file missing D. Smith
Suzaku-WAM soft gamma-ray all-sky monitor by the earth occultation technique
PoS(Integral08)095 pdf C. Kira
Is the ejection of the corona a general phenomenom in microquasars?
PoS(Integral08)096 pdf J. Rodriguez
GRS 1915+105 : High-energy insights with SPI/INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)097 pdf R. Droulans
Monitoring the black hole binary GRS 1758-258 with INTEGRAL and RXTE
PoS(Integral08)098 pdf K. Pottschmidt
The high-energy emission from GX 339-4 as seen with INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton
PoS(Integral08)099 pdf M. Caballero-Garcia
Comparing properties of the two microquasar GX 339-4 and 1E 1740.7-2942
PoS(Integral08)100 pdf M. Delsanto
Magnetars and anomalous X-ray pulsars
Are there magnetars in High Mass X-ray Binaries? The Case of SuperGiant Fast X-Ray Transients
PoS(Integral08)101 pdf E. Bozzo
Modelling magnetars' high energy emission through Resonant Cyclotron Scattering
PoS(Integral08)102 pdf D. Gotz
Unravelling the pulsed high-energy emission from AXPs 4U 0142+61 and
PoS(Integral08)103 file missing P. Den Hartog
Timing of bright X-ray pulsars with the INTEGRAL observatory:
PoS(Integral08)104 file missing A. Lutovinov
Pulsar Temporal Studies with SPI
PoS(Integral08)105 pdf L. Borgonovo
Accreting millisecond pulsars:
PoS(Integral08)106 file missing M. Falanga
Highly structured wind in Vela X-1
PoS(Integral08)107 pdf I. Kreykenbohm
INTEGRAL detections of two isolated Neutron Stars and their Wind Nebulae
PoS(Integral08)108 file missing F. Mattana
Soft gamma-ray characteristics of the schizofrenic pulsar in Kes 75, PSR J1846-0258
PoS(Integral08)109 file missing L. Kuiper
A 0535+26 in outburst: magnetospheric instabilities and accretion geometry
PoS(Integral08)110 pdf I. Caballero
Giant outburst of EXO 2030+375 observed with INTEGRAL : pulse resolved spectral analysis
PoS(Integral08)111 pdf D. Klochkov
INTEGRAL and RXTE view of Her X-1: towards resolving of the system's puzzles
PoS(Integral08)112 pdf D. Klochkov
Cyclotron Scattering in X-ray Pulsars: From Resonance Features to Pulse Profiles
PoS(Integral08)113 file missing A. Serber
Pulse profile behaviour of the transient Be/X--ray binary A 0535+26
PoS(Integral08)114 file missing A. Camero-Arranz
GX 301-2 with INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)115 pdf V. Doroshenko
INTEGRAL observations of the 2007 outburst of the Be transient SAX J2103.5+4545
PoS(Integral08)116 pdf L. Ducci
Pulsar spin measurements during a Type II outburst from GRO J1750-27
PoS(Integral08)117 file missing S. Brandt
The pulse-phase-resolved spectroscopy of the Crab pulsar with SPI/INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)118 pdf S. Molkov
Statistical analysis of archival Vela X-1 data
PoS(Integral08)119 pdf F. Fuerst
Scanning the Egress of Vela X-1
PoS(Integral08)120 pdf P. Kretschmar
The evolving IBIS/ISGRI sky beyond 100 keV
PoS(Integral08)151 file missing P. Ubertini
INTEGRAL Galactic bulge monitoring program
PoS(Integral08)121 file missing E. Kuulkers
Observing Compact Galactic Sources in X- and gamma-rays with AGILE
PoS(Integral08)122 pdf E. Del Monte
The Scutum survey
PoS(Integral08)123 file missing A. Camero-Arranz
Deep intermediate polar survey on (20-40) keV INTEGRAL/IBIS mosaics
PoS(Integral08)124 file missing M. Kocka
Methods of identification of new X-ray sources with small telescopes in optical band
PoS(Integral08)125 file missing M. Kocka
Four megaseconds cut of the Galactic Plane
PoS(Integral08)126 file missing R. Krivonos
Multi-wavelength observation and identification of IGR J09026-4812
PoS(Integral08)127 file missing J.A. Zurita Heras
Multi-band properties of three unidentified INTEGRAL sources
PoS(Integral08)128 pdf R. Landi
High energy sources monitored with OMC
PoS(Integral08)129 pdf D. Risquez
Long term monitoring of Integral sources with Swift/BAT
PoS(Integral08)130 pdf G. Skinner
Hard X-ray surveys with coded mask telescopes
PoS(Integral08)131 pdf A. Segreto
Detection of ISGRI sources in 3 years of BAT all sky survey
PoS(Integral08)132 pdf V. La Parola
Hard X-ray search for unidentified EGRET sources in the BAT survey archive
PoS(Integral08)133 pdf V. Mangano
New hard X-ray emitters discovered by BAT
PoS(Integral08)134 pdf G. Cusumano
Search for unidentified TeV sources in the all-sky BAT survey archive
PoS(Integral08)135 file missing V. Mangano
The Brera Multi-scale Wavelet Chandra Survey. I. Serendipitous source catalogue
PoS(Integral08)136 pdf P. Romano
Calibration, instruments and software
The ISDC Data Centre for Astrophysics
PoS(Integral08)137 file missing V. Beckmann
The Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(Integral08)138 file missing R. Walter
ISDA and The INTEGRAL Visualization Tool and Explorer
PoS(Integral08)139 file missing P. Kretschmar
Can we improve on the Performance of Coded Mask Instruments?
PoS(Integral08)140 pdf N. Lund
JEM-X: Six Years in Space
PoS(Integral08)141 pdf C. Budtz-Jørgensen
Monitoring picsit, the high-energy layer of the ibis imager onboard integral
PoS(Integral08)142 file missing L. Foschini
5 years of survey on the Crab Nebula with SPI/INTEGRAL
PoS(Integral08)143 pdf E. Jourdain
INTEGRAL Cross-calibration Status: Crab observations between 3 keV and 1 MeV
PoS(Integral08)144 pdf E. Jourdain
Astronomy and Astrophysics for Physicists and the Socratic Learning Method
PoS(Integral08)145 file missing H. Bradt
The ECLAIRs telescopes onboard the SVOM gamma-ray missioin
PoS(Integral08)146 file missing S. Schanne
Gamma ray astronomy with future missions
The Simbol-X mission
PoS(Integral08)147 file missing A. Goldwurm
NuSTAR: the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array
PoS(Integral08)148 file missing D. Stern
Concept Study of the EXIST Mission
PoS(Integral08)149 file missing G. Fishman
Overview of the Nuclear Compton Telescope
PoS(Integral08)152 pdf D. Perez-Becker
GRIPS: GRB Investigation via Polarimetry and Spectroscopy
PoS(Integral08)153 file missing J. Greiner and R. Diehl