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27th Johns Hopkins Workshop on Current Problems in Particle Theory: Symmetries and Mysteries of M Theory

jhw2003 - (other jhw conferences)
24-26 August 2003
Göteborg, Sweden
published March 15, 2004
The meeting covered modern developments in string theory, M-theory and gauge theories with special emphasis on their symmetries.

Editorial Board
Brink Lars, Domokos Gabor, Kovesi-Domokos Susan (chairman), Marnelius Robert

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PoS(jhw2003)020 pdf L. Brink
Gauged Supergravities in Three Dimensions: A Panoramic Overview
PoS(jhw2003)016 pdf B. De Wit, H. Nicolai and H. Samtleben
Fields in the Language of String: Divergences and Renormalization
PoS(jhw2003)006 pdf C. Thorn
Cosmological Billiards and Kac-Moody Symmetries of Supergravity
PoS(jhw2003)015 pdf S. de-Buyl, M. Henneaux, B. Julia and L. Paulot
Gauged Supergravities in Three Dimensions: A Panoramic Overview
PoS(jhw2003)018 pdf B. De Wit, H. Nicolai and H. Samtleben
A Relation Between Approaches to Integrability in Superconformal Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(jhw2003)007 pdf L.A. Dolan
Cosmological Evolution with Brane-bulk Energy Exchange
PoS(jhw2003)013 pdf T. Tomaras
Brane Waves
PoS(jhw2003)001 file missing C. Bachas
M-theory Dualities and Algebraic Surfaces
PoS(jhw2003)012 file missing B. Julia
Noncommutative Instantons and Solitons
PoS(jhw2003)017 pdf O. Lechtenfeld
Higher Spin Gauge Theories in Various Dimensions
PoS(jhw2003)003 pdf M. Vasiliev
Long Time Scales and Black Holes
PoS(jhw2003)004 pdf E. Rabinovici and J.L.F. Barbon
Symmetries in M-theory
PoS(jhw2003)002 file missing P. West
On the Geometry of Higher Spin Gauge Fields
PoS(jhw2003)005 pdf D. Francia and A. Sagnotti
Stress and Strain: Tmu nu in Higher Spin Gauge Fields
PoS(jhw2003)011 pdf S. Deser
Fluxes and Charges for Branes
PoS(jhw2003)019 pdf D. Olive
A New Hat for the c=1 Matrix Model
PoS(jhw2003)010 file missing I.R. Klebanov
From brane dynamics to a Kac-Moody invariant formulation of M-theories
PoS(jhw2003)009 pdf F. Englert and L. Houart
Konishi Anomaly and Chiral Gauge Theories
PoS(jhw2003)014 pdf R. Argurio
D3-branes, Instantons and Higher-derivative Interactions
PoS(jhw2003)008 file missing M. Green