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VI Microquasar Workshop: Microquasars and Beyond

MQW6 - (other mqw conferences)
September 18-22, 2006
Como, Italy
published August 28, 2007

The workshop focuses on the physics of relativistic jet sources in the Universe, from Galactic Microquasars to Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma-Ray Bursts. This is an epoch when a large number of high-energy astronomical missions are operative (RossiXTE, Chandra, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, Swift, Suzaku). The large wealth of X-ray and gamma-ray data, coupled with ground-based observations in the optical-IR-radio bands, provides increasing information on microquasars, allowing the investigation of the physical processes for the formation and the evolution of relativistic jets, as well as their relation to the accretion process. The information obtained from galactic systems can be compared with that from other objects, from Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in external galaxies, to powerful Active Galactic Nuclei, to Gamma-Ray Bursts. This workshop, the sixth in a series devoted primarily to Galactic Systems, is intended for the presentation and in particular the discussion of recent results and physical models of microquasars seen in a broader context, also involving extragalactic sources.

Editorial Board
Belloni Tomaso (chairman)

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Black-Hole Binaries
Very-High Energy Emission
Multi-wavelength observations of GRS 1915+105
Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma-Ray Bursts
Theoretical models
X-ray observations of GRS 1915+105
Jet production
Special objects
Similarities between AGN and Microquasars
Jet environments
Other systems
Future prospects
Black-Hole Binaries
The Galactic Black Holes Cyg X-1, GX 339-4, and 4U1957+11: In Transition and at High Resolution
PoS(MQW6)001 pdf M.A. Nowak
Broad-band spectral changes of the microquasars Cygnus X-1 and SWIFT J1753.5-0127
PoS(MQW6)003 pdf M. Cadolle Bel, M. Ribó, J. Rodriguez, S. Chaty, S. Corbel, A. Goldwurm and J. Malzac
X-ray spectroscopy of GRO J1655-40
PoS(MQW6)004 pdf G. Sala, J. Greiner, J. Vink and F. Haberl
Very-High Energy Emission
TeV microquasars and very energetic processes in the Galaxy
PoS(MQW6)005 pdf V. Bosh-Ramon
Discovery of the 3.9 days orbital periodicity in Very High Energy gamma rays from the X-ray binary LS 5039
PoS(MQW6)007 pdf M. de Naurois
Discovery of the microquasar LSI +61 303 at VHE gamma-rays with MAGIC
PoS(MQW6)008 pdf N. Sidro Martin
Radio emission and jets from Galactic microquasars
PoS(MQW6)009 pdf E. Gallo
X-ray Radio Correlation in Black Hole Sources
PoS(MQW6)010 pdf A.R. Rao
Eight powers of ten: similarities in black hole accretion on all mass scales
PoS(MQW6)011 pdf R. Fender, E. Körding, T. Belloni, P. Uttley, I. McHardy and T. Tzioumis
State transitions and jet formation in black hole binaries
PoS(MQW6)012 pdf E. Kalemci, J. Tomsick, R.E. Rothschild, K. Pottschmidt, S. Migliari, S. Corbel and P. Kaaret
Determining the nature of the faint X-ray source population near the Galactic Centre
PoS(MQW6)013 pdf R.M. Bandyopadhyay, A.J. Gosling, K.M. Blundell, P. Podsiadlowski, S.A. Eikenberry, V.J. Mikles, J.C.A. Miller-Jones and F.E. Bauer
Multi-wavelength observations of the microquasar XTE J1720-318: a transition from high-soft to low-hard state
PoS(MQW6)014 pdf S. Chaty
What do we understand from multi-frequency monitoring of microquasars?
PoS(MQW6)015 pdf S.A. Trushkin, N.N. Bursov, N.A. Nizhelskij, E.K. Majorova and P.A. Voitsik
The rise and fall of the compact jet in GRO J1655-40
PoS(MQW6)017 pdf S. Migliari, J. Tomsick, S. Markoff and E. Kalemci
A Highly Polarised Jet in XTE J1748-288
PoS(MQW6)018 pdf C. Brocksopp, R. Fender, J.C.A. Miller-Jones and B. Stappers
Radio monitoring with the Ryle Telescope
PoS(MQW6)019 pdf G.G. Pooley
Low Frequency GMRT Observations of Microquasar V4641
PoS(MQW6)020 pdf C.H. Ishwara-Chandra, S. Pal and A. Pramesh Rao
Multi-wavelength observations of GRS 1915+105
The Radius Dilemma: A brief look at the QPO Frequency-Inner Disk Radius Connection in GRS 1915+105
PoS(MQW6)021 pdf V.J. Mikles, S.A. Eikenberry, D.M. Rothstein and R.M. Bandyopadhyay
The 2005 October Multiwavelength Campaign of GRS 1915+105
PoS(MQW6)023 pdf
Y. Ueda, R. Ishioka, K. Sekiguchi, M. Ribó, J. Rodriguez, S. Chaty, J. Greiner, G. Sala, Y. Fuchs, P. Goldoni, S. Covino, G.G. Pooley, P.G. Edwards, T. Tzioumis, H.J. Lehto, E. Gerard, P. Colom, J. Martin, S.A. Trushkin, A.J. Castro-Tirado, D. Hannikainen, H. Sudo, M. Honma, F. Iwamuro, K. Kubota, K. Yamaoka, C. Done, S. Naik, Y. Fukazawa, L. Angelini, H. Awaki, K. Ebisawa, K. Iwasawa, N. Kawai, K. Kinugasa, M. Kokubun, T. Kotani, A. Kubota, T. Murakami, M. Namiki, H. Takahashi, T. Yaqoob, D. Yonetoku and A. Yoshida
An INTEGRAL monitoring of GRS 1915+105 using simultaneous space and ground based instruments
PoS(MQW6)024 pdf J. Rodriguez, G.G. Pooley, D. Hannikainen, H.J. Lehto, T. Belloni, M. Cadolle Bel and S. Corbel
Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma-Ray Bursts
Relativistic Jets in AGN and their Relationship to the Central Engine
PoS(MQW6)025 pdf A. Marscher
A link between radio loudness and X-ray/optical properties of AGN
PoS(MQW6)026 pdf S. Jester, E. Körding and R. Fender
Blazars and Gamma Ray Bursts
PoS(MQW6)027 pdf G. Ghisellini
AGN jet models
PoS(MQW6)028 pdf C.R. Kaiser
The link between ejection of a jet component and characteristics of variable continuum emission in the active galaxy 3C 390.3
PoS(MQW6)029 pdf T. Arshakian and T. Belloni
Theoretical models
Models for Microquasars
PoS(MQW6)030 pdf J. Malzac
Global MHD instabilities: from Low Frequency to High Frequency QPOs, and to Sgr A**
PoS(MQW6)031 pdf M. Tagger
Fluctuating-Accretion Model for AGN and BHXRB Variability
PoS(MQW6)032 pdf P. Arevalo
Origin of Superluminal radio jets in GRS 1915+105 and the role of Plateau state
PoS(MQW6)033 pdf J.S. Yadav
Mass loss from a viscous accretion disc in presence of cooling
PoS(MQW6)034 pdf I. Chattopadhyay and S. Das
The accretion/ejection connection in weakly accreting microquasars and AGN
PoS(MQW6)035 pdf S. Markoff
A unified paradigm for the spectral and temporal evolution of Black Hole X-ray Binaries
PoS(MQW6)036 pdf P.O. Petrucci, J. Ferreira, C. Cabanac, G. Henri and G. Pelletier
Simulations of the Disk-Jet Interaction in GRS 1915+105 and Other Systems
PoS(MQW6)037 pdf D.M. Rothstein
Theoretical Studies of Timing and Spectral Properties of Quasars to Nano-quasars till a few MeV
PoS(MQW6)038 pdf S.K. Chakrabarti and S. Mandal
A jet model for black-hole X-ray sources
PoS(MQW6)039 pdf N.D. Kylafis, I.E. Papadakis and P. Reig
X-ray observations of GRS 1915+105
Fast aperiodic variability in the black hole binary GRS 1915+105: the timing signature of relativistic ejection events
PoS(MQW6)043 pdf P. Soleri, T. Belloni and P. Casella
Jet production
Relativistic jet production from accreting compact objects
PoS(MQW6)044 pdf H. Spruit
GRMHD Simulations of Jet Formation with a Newly-Developed GRMHD Code
PoS(MQW6)045 pdf Y. Mizuno, K.I. Nishikawa, S. Koide, P.E. Hardee and G.J. Fishman
General Relativistic MHD Simulations of Jets from Accreting Black Holes
PoS(MQW6)046 pdf J.H. Krolik and J. Hawley
3-D RPIC simulations of relativistic jets: Particle acceleration, magnetic field generation, and emission
PoS(MQW6)047 pdf attachments K.I. Nishikawa, P.E. Hardee, C.B. Hededal, Y. Mizuno and G.J. Fishman
Special objects
Chandra observations of the microquasar LS I +61 303
PoS(MQW6)048 pdf J.M. Paredes, M. Ribó, V. Bosh-Ramon, J.R. West, Y.M. Butt, D.F. Torres and J. Martí
INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton observations of the puzzling binary system LSI +61 303
PoS(MQW6)049 pdf M. Chernyakova, A. Neronov and R. Walter
The Observation Campaign of SS 433 in April 2006
PoS(MQW6)050 pdf
T. Kotani, K. Kubota, M. Namiki, N. Kawai, Y. Ueda, S.A. Trushkin, S.N. Fabrika, V. Afanasiev, P. Abolmasov, K. Kinugasa, T. Nagata, T. Irsmambetova, T. Tsukagoshi, K. Nakanishi, M. Tsuboi, S. Ozaki, K. Yanagisawa, S. Nishiyama, T. Shimokawabe, Y. Yatsu, T. Ishimura and K. Fujisawa
Flaring Activity of Sgr A*: Expanding Hot Blobs
PoS(MQW6)051 pdf F. Yusef-Zadeh, M. Wardle, D.A. Roberts, C.O. Heinke, C.D. Dowell, W. Cotton, G.C. Bower and F.K. Baganoff
LS I +61 303 is a Be-Pulsar binary, not a Microquasar
PoS(MQW6)052 pdf attachments V. Dhawan, A.J. Mioduszewski and M. Rupen
The History of the Equatorial Emission in SS433
PoS(MQW6)053 pdf R.E. Spencer
Similarities between AGN and Microquasars
Jet-dominated advective systems of all mass scales
PoS(MQW6)056 pdf E. Körding and R. Fender
Jet environments
Looking for lobes in all the right places: Signatures of the interaction of microquasars with the ISM
PoS(MQW6)057 pdf S. Heinz, M.A. Aloy, R. Fender and D.M. Russell
Jet-Powered Optical Nebulae From X-ray Binaries
PoS(MQW6)059 pdf D.M. Russell, R. Fender, E. Gallo, J.C.A. Miller-Jones and C.R. Kaiser
Deceleration in the radio jets of GRS 1915+105
PoS(MQW6)060 pdf J.C.A. Miller-Jones, M. Rupen, R. Fender, A. Rushton, G.G. Pooley and R.E. Spencer
Other systems
Observing ULXs with VLBI: the quest for intermediate-mass black holes
PoS(MQW6)061 pdf Z. Paragi, M.A. Garrett and A.D. Biggs
Are the distances of galactic microquasars reliable?
PoS(MQW6)062 pdf C. Foellmi
Photometric Search for Black Holes in Dormant X-Ray Transients
PoS(MQW6)064 pdf A. Sadowski, J. Ziolkowski and K. Belczynski
Future prospects
GLAST Status and Application to Microquasars
PoS(MQW6)068 pdf R. Dubois
Microquasars: Progress made and open questions
PoS(MQW6)069 pdf I.F. Mirabel
4U1630-47 during 2002-2006 outburst activity - A Timing Analysis
PoS(MQW6)070 pdf attachments N. Bhatt and S. Bhattacharyya
Contribution of hadronic $\gamma$-rays in the high energy spectra of black hole binaries
PoS(MQW6)071 pdf S. Bhattacharyya, N. Bhatt and R. Misra
Investigating the high-energy emission from Centaurus A and XTE J1550-564
PoS(MQW6)072 pdf V. Bianchin, L. Foschini, R. Sambruna, G. DiCocco, G. Malaguti, F. Gianotti and F. Schiavone
Synchrotron emission from secondary leptons in microquasar jets
PoS(MQW6)073 pdf P. Bordas, J.M. Paredes, V. Bosh-Ramon and M. Orellana
Spectral and QPO Properties of GRO J1655-40 in the 2005 Outburst
PoS(MQW6)103 pdf S.K. Chakrabarti, A. Nandi, D. Debnath, R. Sarkar and B.G. Dutta
New outbursts of the black hole candidate H1743-322/IGR17464-3213 observed by INTEGRAL
PoS(MQW6)074 pdf F. Capitanio, A. Bazzano, P. Ubertini and T. Bird
Spiral Shock Oscillations and the QPOs at 2:3 ratio
PoS(MQW6)105 pdf S.K. Chakrabarti
Magnetohydrodynamic accretion flows around compact objects
PoS(MQW6)075 pdf S. Das and S.K. Chakrabarti
Spectral variability modes of GX 339-4 in a hard-to-soft state transition
PoS(MQW6)076 pdf M. Delsanto, J. Malzac, P. Ubertini and T. Belloni
Spectroscopic Observations of the Mass Donor Star in SS 433
PoS(MQW6)077 pdf T. Hillwig and D. Gies
The LOFAR Transients Key Project
PoS(MQW6)104 pdf
R. Fender, R.A.M.J. Wijers, B. Stappers, R. Braun, M.W. Wise, T. Coenen, H. Falcke, J.M. Griessmeier, M. Van Haarlem, P.G. Jonker, C. Law, S. Markoff, J. Masters, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, R. Osten, B. Scheers, H. Spreeuw, J.D. Swinbank, C. Vogt, R. Wijnands and P. Zarka
Simultaneous Multiwavelength Observations of the Jets in SS 433
PoS(MQW6)078 pdf T. Hillwig, H. Marshall, D. Gies, A.J. Mioduszewski and M. Rupen
Modelling Electron/Positron distributions in the HEART code
PoS(MQW6)079 pdf O. Jamil, K. Rogers, C.R. Kaiser and R. Collins
The effect of dust scattering on the timing properties of black holes
PoS(MQW6)080 pdf E. Kalemci, J. Tomsick, R.E. Rothschild and D. Smith
Monitoring LMXBs with the Faulkes Telescope
PoS(MQW6)082 pdf F. Lewis, D.M. Russell, R. Fender and P. Roche
The Radio and X-Ray Association in Massive Jet Ejection Events of GRS 1915+105
PoS(MQW6)083 pdf attachments M. Namiki, S.A. Trushkin, T. Kotani, N. Kawai, N.N. Bursov and S.N. Fabrika
Clear correlation between luminosity and high energy cutoff in the low/hard state of the black hole candidate GX339-4
PoS(MQW6)085 pdf T.G. Miyakawa, K. Yamaoka, A. Yoshida, K. Saito, T. Dotani and H. Inoue
3D Relativistic MHD Simulations of Magnetized Spine-Sheath Relativistic Jets
PoS(MQW6)086 pdf Y. Mizuno, P.E. Hardee and K.I. Nishikawa
Clues from microquasars to the origin of radio-loudness of quasars
PoS(MQW6)087 pdf C. Nipoti, K.M. Blundell and J. Binney
Unveiling the X-ray broad band continuum and iron line complex on Mkn 841
PoS(MQW6)089 pdf P.O. Petrucci, G. Ponti, G. Matt, A. Longinotti, M. Mouchet, C. Boisson, L. Maraschi, J. Malzac, K. Nandra and P. Ferrando
Results of the first year of extragalactic observations with MAGIC
PoS(MQW6)090 pdf J. Rico and R. Firpo
The HEART (High Energy Astrophysical Radiative Transfer) code: modelling X-ray binaries and AGN
PoS(MQW6)091 pdf K. Rogers, O. Jamil, C.R. Kaiser and R. Collins
First observations of GRS 1915+105 with e-VLBI
PoS(MQW6)092 pdf A. Rushton, R.E. Spencer, M. Strong, R.M. Campbell, S. Casey, R. Fender, M.A. Garrett, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, G.G. Pooley, C. Reynolds, A. Szomoru, V.M. Tudose and Z. Paragi
RXTE spectra of the Galactic microquasar GRO J1655-40 during the 2005 outburst
PoS(MQW6)093 pdf K. Saito, K. Yamaoka, M. Fukuyama, T.G. Miyakawa, A. Yoshida and J. Homan
The emission distribution in SS433
PoS(MQW6)094 pdf L. Schmidtobreick and K.M. Blundell
Humpy LNRF-velocity profiles in accretion discs orbiting rapidly rotating Kerr black holes: a possible relation to QPOs
PoS(MQW6)095 pdf Z. Stuchlik, P. Slany and G. Török
Non-linear resonance model for black hole and neutron star QPOs: observation and theory
PoS(MQW6)096 pdf G. Török, M.A. Abramowicz, W. Kluzniak, Z. Stuchlik and E. Šrámková
Simultaneous radio/X-ray observations of Cir X-1
PoS(MQW6)098 pdf V.M. Tudose, P. Soleri, R. Fender, P.G. Jonker, M. van der Klis, T. Tzioumis and R.E. Spencer
Color-color diagrams of Z and Atoll sources observed with INTEGRAL/JEM-X
PoS(MQW6)099 pdf E. Venier, E. Virgilli, R. Farinelli and F. Frontera
Relativistic superluminal radio jets in microquasars in our galaxy
PoS(MQW6)101 pdf J.S. Yadav
X-ray spectral properties of the blackhole candidates in the low/hard states
PoS(MQW6)102 pdf K. Yamaoka, T.G. Miyakawa, K. Saito, M. Uzawa, M. Arai, H. Sakamoto, T. Yamazaki and A. Yoshida