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Lighting the Blue Touchpaper for UK e-Science - Closing Conference of ESLEA Project

March 26-28, 2007
published July 02, 2007

ESLEA, an EPSRC-funded project, aims to demonstrate the potential benefits of circuit-switched optical networks (lightpaths) to the UK e-Science community. This is being achieved by running a number of “proof of benefit” pilot applications over UKLight, the UK’s first national optical research network. UKLight provides a new way for researchers to obtain dedicated "lightpaths" between remote sites and to deploy and test novel networking methods and technologies. It facilitates collaboration on global projects by providing a point of access to the fast growing international optical R&D infrastructure.

A diverse range of data-intensive fields of academic endeavour are participating in the ESLEA project; all these groups require the integration of high-bandwidth switched lightpath circuits into their experimental and analysis infrastructure for international transport of high-volume applications data. In addition, network protocol research and development of circuit reservation mechanisms has been carried out to help the pilot applications to exploit the UKLight infrastructure effectively. Further information about ESLEA can be viewed at www.eslea.uklight.ac.uk.

ESLEA activities are now coming to an end and work will finish from February to July 2007, depending upon the terms of funding of each pilot application. The first quarter of 2007 is considered the optimum time to hold a closing conference for the project. The objectives of the conference are to:

  1. Provide a forum for the dissemination of research findings and learning experiences from the ESLEA project.
  2. Enable colleagues from the UK and international e-Science communities to present, discuss and learn about the latest developments in networking technology.
  3. Raise awareness about the deployment of the UKLight infrastructure and its relationship to SuperJANET 5.
  4. Identify potential uses of UKLight by existing or future research projects

The deliverables of the conference will be electronic and printed conference proceedings.

Editorial Board
Peter Clarke, Clive Davenhall, Colin Greenwood (chairman), Matthew Strong

conference main image
Session 1: Protocols
Session 2: Protocols and Performance Testing
Session 3: RealityGrid
Session 4: Resource Scheduling and Hosting
Session 5: HEP
Session 6: e-VLBI
Session 7: Arts & Humanities
Session 8: Closing Session
Session 1: Protocols
Network developments and network monitoring in Internet2
PoS(ESLEA)001 pdf E. Boyd and S. Evett
TCPDelay: Constant bit-rate data transfer over TCP
PoS(ESLEA)002 pdf S. Kershaw and R. Hughes-Jones
Implementing DCCP: Differences from TCP and UDP
PoS(ESLEA)003 pdf A. Bittau and M. Handley
Testing of DCCP at the application level
PoS(ESLEA)005 pdf R. Hughes-Jones and S. Kershaw
Session 2: Protocols and Performance Testing
Utilising UDT to push the bandwidth envelope
PoS(ESLEA)006 pdf B. Garrett and B. Davies
Trans-Atlantic UDP and TCP network tests
PoS(ESLEA)007 pdf A. Rushton, P. Burgess, R. Hughes-Jones, S. Kershaw, R.E. Spencer and M. Strong
Performance testing of SRM and FTS between lightpath connected storage elements
PoS(ESLEA)008 pdf B. Davies and R.W. Jones
Working with 10 Gigabit Ethernet
PoS(ESLEA)009 pdf R. Hughes-Jones and S. Kershaw
Session 3: RealityGrid
Application based network performance testing
PoS(ESLEA)011 pdf R. Pinning
Large-scale lattice-Boltzmann simulations over lambda networks
PoS(ESLEA)012 pdf R. Saksena, P.V. Coveney, R. Pinning and S. Booth
Use of UKLight as a fast network for data transport from Grid infrastructures
PoS(ESLEA)013 pdf M.A. Thyveetil, S. Manos, J. Suter and P.V. Coveney
Using lambda networks to enhance performance of interactive large simulations
PoS(ESLEA)014 pdf M. Harvey, S. Jha, M.A. Thyveetil and P.V. Coveney
Session 4: Resource Scheduling and Hosting
The ESLEA Circuit Reservation Software
PoS(ESLEA)015 pdf C. Davenhall, P. Clarke, L. Liang and N. Pezzi
Co-allocation of compute and network resources using HARC
PoS(ESLEA)016 pdf J. MacLaren
The Application Hosting Environment: lightweight middleware for Grid based computational science
PoS(ESLEA)017 pdf P.V. Coveney, R.S. Saksena and S. Zasada
Session 5: HEP
Building a distributed software environment for CDF within the ESLEA framework
PoS(ESLEA)020 pdf V. Bartsch, M. Lancaster and N. Pezzi
IS Security in a world of lightpaths
PoS(ESLEA)022 pdf R. Tasker
Session 6: e-VLBI
The contribution of ESLEA to the development of e-VLBI
PoS(ESLEA)023 pdf R.E. Spencer, P. Burgess, S. Casey, R. Hughes-Jones, S. Kershaw, A. Rushton, M. Strong, A. Szomoru and C. Greenwood
Investigating the e-VLBI Mark 5 end systems in order to optimise data transfer rates as part of the ESLEA project
PoS(ESLEA)024 pdf M. Strong, R. Hughes-Jones, R.E. Spencer, S. Casey, S. Kershaw, P. Burgess and A. Szomoru
Investigating the effects of missing data upon VLBI correlation using the VLBI_UDP application
PoS(ESLEA)025 pdf S. Casey, R.E. Spencer, M. Strong, R. Hughes-Jones, P. Burgess, A. Szomoru and C. Greenwood
Session 7: Arts & Humanities
Recent developments in Lambda networking
PoS(ESLEA)027 pdf C. de Laat and P. Grosso
Music and audio - oh how they can stress your network
PoS(ESLEA)028 pdf R. Fletcher
Who "owns" the network: a case study of new media artists' use of high-bandwidth networks
PoS(ESLEA)030 pdf F. Lesage
Always the bridesmaid and never the bride! Arts, Archaeology and the e-Science agenda
PoS(ESLEA)031 pdf V. Gaffney and R.P. Fletcher
Session 8: Closing Session
Exploitation of switched lightpaths for e-Health: constraints and challenges
PoS(ESLEA)032 pdf L. Momtahan and A. Simpson
Monitoring the UKLight network
PoS(ESLEA)037 pdf B. Garrett
PoS(ESLEA)038 pdf S. Casey, R. Hughes-Jones, R.E. Spencer and M. Strong