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VERTEX 2009 (18th workshop)

VERTEX 2009 - (other vertex conferences)
September 13 -18 2009
VELUWE, the Netherlands
published August 10, 2010
Yearly workshop on vertex detectors and related techniques. All presentations are plenary and will cover running LHC experiments, Performance and Alignment, Radiation Hardness, Pixel Detectors, Electronics, sLHC Developments, Space and Medical applications and Enabling Technologies.
session: Running LHC experiments
session: Radiation damage
session: Future pixels
session: Alignment
session: Other applications
session: Electronics & enabling technology
session: Future radhard detectors
session: Summary talk
session: Running LHC experiments
ATLAS pixels: Running Experience
PoS(VERTEX 2009)001 pdf M. Keil
CMS pixels: Running Experience
PoS(VERTEX 2009)002 file missing K. Ecklund
The ATLAS silicon strip detector running experience
PoS(VERTEX 2009)003 pdf M. Kayl
Commissioning, operation and performance of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker detector
PoS(VERTEX 2009)004 pdf S. Mersi
ALICE Silicon Detectors: Running Experience
PoS(VERTEX 2009)005 pdf V. Manzari
Data Readiness of the LHCb Vertex Locator (VELO)
PoS(VERTEX 2009)006 pdf K. Hennessy
session: Radiation damage
Radiation Damage in Silicon Trackers at the Tevatron Experiments
PoS(VERTEX 2009)007 pdf O. Gonzalez Lopez
New Operation Scenarios for Severely Irradiated Silicon Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2009)008 pdf G. Casse, A.A. Affolder, P.P. Allport, H. Brown and C. Wiglesworth
Beam incidents - High particle rate tests of an LHCb/Velo silicon strip module
PoS(VERTEX 2009)009 pdf attachments L. Eklund, K. Akiba, O. Behrendt, M. van Beuzekom, J. Buytaert, P. Collins, M. Ferro-Luzzi, K. Hennessy and J. Imong
RD50 Recent Results - Development of radiation hard sensors for SLHC
PoS(VERTEX 2009)010 pdf A. Macchiolo
3D Pixels + New Technologies
PoS(VERTEX 2009)011 file missing C.D. Via
session: Future pixels
MAPS with pixel level sparsified readout: from standard CMOS to vertical integration
PoS(VERTEX 2009)012 pdf L. Gaioni, A. Manazza, M. Manghisoni, L. Ratti, V. Re and G. Traversi
PoS(VERTEX 2009)013 file missing C. Hu-Guo
CCDs in High Energy Physics
PoS(VERTEX 2009)014 pdf J. Goldstein
DEPFET vertex detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2009)015 pdf M. Vos
3D Pixels - Recent Results
PoS(VERTEX 2009)016 pdf O. Rohne
In-situ Storage Image Sensor for a Vertex Detector at the ILC
PoS(VERTEX 2009)017 pdf attachments G. Zhang
session: Alignment
Alignment results of LHC tracking detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2009)018 pdf E. Migliore
Software based alignment
PoS(VERTEX 2009)019 file missing W. Hulsbergen
Laser alignment systems
PoS(VERTEX 2009)020 file missing B. Wittmer
Alignment of the ALICE Tracking Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2009)021 pdf A. Dainese
session: Other applications
Gridpix - Chip Post-processing
PoS(VERTEX 2009)022 pdf J. Schmitz
CdTe Imager
PoS(VERTEX 2009)023 file missing G. Sato
Preliminary Results using Timepix as a Particle Tracking Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2009)024 pdf
R. Plackett, K. Akiba, M. Artuso, F. Bayer, J. Buytaert, M. Campbell, P. Collins, M. Crossley, R. Dumps, L. Eklund, D. Esperante, L. Ferre Llin, A. Gallas Torreira, M. Gandelman, M. Gersabeck, V. Gligorov, T. Huse, M. John, X. Llopart, D. Maneuski, T. Michel, M. Nicol, C. Parkes, T. Poikela, E. Rodrigues and L. Tlustos
Measuring Polarization using a Si/CdTe camera
PoS(VERTEX 2009)025 file missing S. Watanabe
Dark Matter search with Ge detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2009)026 pdf P. Brink
session: Electronics & enabling technology
FE-I4 chip design
PoS(VERTEX 2009)027 pdf M. Barbero
Pixel Front-end development for CMS
PoS(VERTEX 2009)028 pdf B. Meier
PANDA pixel chip
PoS(VERTEX 2009)029 file missing R. Wheadon
The SPi chip as an integrated power management device for serial powering of future HEP experiments
PoS(VERTEX 2009)030 pdf M. Trimpl
CO2 Cooling Developments for HEP Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2009)031 pdf B. Verlaat and A.P. Colijn
Cooling: Experience from ATLAS & CMS
PoS(VERTEX 2009)032 pdf K. Nagai
session: Future radhard detectors
ATLAS Pixel Upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2009)033 pdf T. Flick
CMS tracker upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2009)034 pdf D. Abbaneo
Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2009)035 pdf S. Koenig
Atlas Strips Upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2009)036 pdf M. Minano
LHCb VELO Upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2009)037 pdf J. Wang
Usage of vertex detectors in the ATLAS trigger software
PoS(VERTEX 2009)038 pdf A. Coccaro
ATLAS L1 track trigger
PoS(VERTEX 2009)039 pdf N. Konstantinidis
CMS L1 track trigger
PoS(VERTEX 2009)040 pdf A. Ryd
session: Summary talk
Summary talk
PoS(VERTEX 2009)041 file missing M. Demarteau