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4th School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics

CRA School
August 25 - September 04 2010
UFABC - Santo André - São Paulo - Brazil
published May 09, 2011
The "4th School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics" is the 4th edition of an event which aims to promote physics of Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics in the Latin American community. This School aims to provide an overview of theoretical and experimental physics of Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics. It is open to advanced graduate students or post-graduate researchers interested in learning the essentials of these fields. The list of seminars includes topics such as experimental techniques, composition and spectrum of primary cosmic rays, high energy interactions, Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), neutrino astrophysics, cosmic ray detectors, simulations, solar modulation, and the current state development and the results of several observatories, such as the Pierre Auger, HiRes, Telescope Array, Kascade, HESS, Veritas, Magic, IceCube, JEM-EUSO, Owl, Fermi-LAT, among others.
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Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(CRA School)026 pdf V. de Souza
Detectors for CR Physics
PoS(CRA School)027 pdf C. Morello
Introduction to HE Astrophysics
PoS(CRA School)029 pdf G. Lugones
Solar Neutrino Detection
PoS(CRA School)030 pdf L. Miramonti
CR Physics in Brazil
PoS(CRA School)032 pdf C. Dobrigkeit
Public Lecture
PoS(CRA School)033 pdf O. Saavedra
CR Damages in Planetary Enviroments
PoS(CRA School)035 pdf A. Zanini and O. Borla
GRBs Observations with LAGO
PoS(CRA School)036 pdf X. Bertou
CRs Observation at TUPI
PoS(CRA School)038 pdf attachments C. Navia
CR Physics in Argentina
PoS(CRA School)039 pdf C. Bonifazi
HE Interactions
PoS(CRA School)044 pdf E.H. Shibuya
The HECRs: Experiments and Recent Results
PoS(CRA School)045 pdf A. Castellina and W. Chamani
Neutrino Physics & Astrophysics
PoS(CRA School)047 pdf P. Galeotti, I. Garcia and C. Contreras
Solar and atmospheric influences in the cosmic ray intensity
PoS(CRA School)002 pdf R.R. Mendonça, J.P. Raulin, F.C.P. Bertoni, E. Echer, V.S. Makhmutov and G. Fernández
Cosmic ray modulation associated to small and moderate geomagnetic storms during minimum solar activity
PoS(CRA School)004 pdf C.R. Braga
Massive particle production from accelerated sources in high magnetic fields
PoS(CRA School)005 pdf D. Fregolente and A. Saa
Water Cherenkov Detector installation by the Vertical Muon Equivalent technique
PoS(CRA School)009 pdf I. Garcia
Atmospheric Radiation Monitor
PoS(CRA School)017 pdf V.P. Luzio
Study of Number of photons at axis Shower with different dE/dx and Fluorescence Yield
PoS(CRA School)018 pdf C.J. Todero Peixoto
Radial Oscillations of Color Superconducting Quark Stars
PoS(CRA School)019 pdf C.O. Vazques Flores
Modelling Newtonian and Relativistic Neutron Stars
PoS(CRA School)020 pdf F.M. Araujo
Study of the propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays in extragalactic magnetic fields
PoS(CRA School)021 pdf E.F. Lima
The Fluorescence Radiation Yield Induced in Atmosphere by Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
PoS(CRA School)024 pdf M.S.A.B. Leão
Atmospheric Eletric Field on Cosmic Rays Rate
PoS(CRA School)053 pdf R. Winkelmann
Studying local anisotropy properties of the most energetic cosmic rays by Monte Carlo clustering analysis
PoS(CRA School)054 pdf H.R.M. Falcon
Air Shower Simulations for INCA II experiment, by using CORSIKA
PoS(CRA School)059 pdf W. Chamani