PoS - Proceedings of Science

8th International Conference on Nuclear Physics at Storage Rings

October 9-14, 2011
Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell’INFN, Frascati (Rome) Italy
published March 29, 2012
The Conference is the 8th of a series of events on Nuclear Physics at Storage Rings. The aim of the conference is to create a forum for the presentation and discussion of all aspects of nuclear physics at storage rings with possible extention to adjacent fields.
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Nuclear Physics II
Nuclear Physics I
Nuclear Physics III
Future facilities and Detectors I
Future facilities and Detectors II
Hadron Physics I
Hadron Physics II
Hadron Physics III
Accelerator Physics and Detectors I
Accelerator Physics and Detectors II
Nuclear Physics II
Polarimeter and Spin Coherence Time Developments at COSY for a Storage Ring EDM search
PoS(STORI11)009 pdf E. Stephenson, C.J.G. Onderwater and P. Lenisa
Spin Filtering Experiment at COSY - First results
PoS(STORI11)008 pdf D. Oellers
Hard x-ray polarimetry applied to stored high-Z ions
PoS(STORI11)010 file missing G. Weber
A new data analysis technique for isochronous mass measurement at CSRe
PoS(STORI11)011 file missing X. Tu
Polarized ion beams in atomic physics research
PoS(STORI11)012 pdf A. Seryakov
Test of Time-Reversal Invariance at COSY
PoS(STORI11)013 pdf Y. Valdau
Feasibility Studies for the EXL Project at FAIR*
PoS(STORI11)014 pdf K. Yue
Nuclear Physics I
Nuclear physics program at the ESR storage ring
PoS(STORI11)075 file missing F. Bosch
Nuclear Physics at the Lanzhou storage ring
PoS(STORI11)002 pdf M. Wang
Progress on direct mass measurements with the FRS-ESR facility at GSI
PoS(STORI11)003 pdf B. Sun
Isomers in the Experimental Storage Ring at GSI
PoS(STORI11)004 file missing M. Reed
Measurements of proton – induced reactions on ruthenium-96 in the ESR at GSI
PoS(STORI11)005 pdf G. Rastrepina
The Nuclear Physics Program at the NESR Storage Ring at FAIR
PoS(STORI11)007 pdf attachments N. Kalantar
"Experiments with heavy, highly charged ions - Status of the HITRAP project
PoS(STORI11)006 pdf F. Herfurth
Nuclear Physics III
Hypernuclear Physics at Storage Rings
PoS(STORI11)015 pdf A. Feliciello
PoS(STORI11)016 pdf D.L. Sirghi
Results on the two nucleon–induced Non Mesonic Weak Decay of Lambda hypernuclei
PoS(STORI11)017 pdf S. Bufalino
First observation of the heavy hyper-hydrogen isotope 6LH
PoS(STORI11)018 pdf E. Botta
Production of Heavy Baryons at the SuperB
PoS(STORI11)019 pdf V. Lucherini
Production of Xi hyperons in the storage ring HESR in PANDA
PoS(STORI11)020 pdf F. Iazzi, R. Introzzzi, A. Lavagno and H. Younis
Kaon-nuclei interaction studies at low energies (The AMADEUS project)
PoS(STORI11)021 pdf K. Piscicchia
Future facilities and Detectors I
Numerical investigations of the WASA pellet target operation
PoS(STORI11)022 file missing V. Varentsov
The ELISe electron rare isotope scattering experiment - status and perspectives
PoS(STORI11)023 pdf H. Simon
Isomeric beams, LIfetimes and MAsses: The ILIMA project at FAIR
PoS(STORI11)024 file missing Y. Litvinov
Gaseous Time of Flight detectors
PoS(STORI11)025 file missing P. Fonte
Status of the Storage Ring Design at FAIR
PoS(STORI11)026 pdf attachments S. Litvinov
The SuperB project
PoS(STORI11)027 pdf F. Wilson
”Optical” spin rotation phenomenon and spin-filtering of antiproton beams in a nuclear pseudomagnetic field
PoS(STORI11)028 pdf A. Rouba
Future facilities and Detectors II
Precursor experiments to search for permanent electric dipole moments of protons and deuterons at COSY
PoS(STORI11)029 pdf F. Rathmann and N. Nikolaev
PAX - The Road towards Polarized Antiprotons
PoS(STORI11)030 pdf H. Stroeher
Experiments with stored highly-charged ions at ISOLDE: TSR@HIE-ISOLDE proposal
PoS(STORI11)031 file missing Y. Litvinov
Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System
PoS(STORI11)032 pdf V. Manzari
Development and characterization of microscopic liquid droplet internal target beams
PoS(STORI11)033 file missing R. Grisenti
Status of the PANDA experiment at FAIR
PoS(STORI11)034 pdf A. Vasiliev
FLAIR, a next-generation facility for low-energy antiprotons
PoS(STORI11)035 pdf E. Widmann
Internal targets for the PANDA Experiment
PoS(STORI11)036 pdf A. Khoukaz
Hadron Physics I
Internal Experiments at COSY-Juelich
PoS(STORI11)037 pdf A. Kacharava
Hadron Physics at KLOE and KLOE-2
PoS(STORI11)038 pdf S. Giovannella
Absolute measurement of the differential cross section for pp elastic scattering at ANKE-COSY
PoS(STORI11)039 pdf D. Chiladze
Excitation of the Delta(1232) isobar in deuteron charge exchange on hydrogen at 1.6, 1.8 and 2.3 GeV
PoS(STORI11)040 pdf D. Mchedlishvili
Pion production in diproton reactions with polarized beams at ANKE-COSY
PoS(STORI11)041 file missing S. Dymov
Results from the kaonic hydrogen X-ray measurement at DAFNE and outlook to future experiments
PoS(STORI11)042 pdf M. Cargnelli
Measurement of p 0 decays with the WASA detector at COSY
PoS(STORI11)043 pdf C.O. Gullstroem
Hadron Physics II
Phi-meson production on nuclei and in-medium phi-meson width
PoS(STORI11)044 pdf A. Polyanskiy
Exploiting di-muon production at PANDA
PoS(STORI11)045 pdf M. De Stefanis
Recent GRAAL Results on Nucleon Spectroscopy at 750-1500 MeV
PoS(STORI11)046 file missing V.G. Nedorezov
Search for the 4He-eta bound state with WASA-at-COSY
PoS(STORI11)047 pdf W. Krzemień
Extensive high precision studies of proton deuteron breakup reactions at COSY
PoS(STORI11)048 pdf P. Thorngren, S. Bertelli, P. Lenisa, D. Chiladze, A. Kacharava, B. Lorentz, A. Nass, D. Oellers, F. Rathmann, R. Schleichert, H. Stroeher, C. Weidemann, N. Lomidze, M. Tabidze, S. Barsov, S. Mikirtychiants, G. Macharashvili, S. Merzlyakov and M. Contalbrigo
Study of pionless two-nucleon $K^-$ absorption at rest by FINUDA
PoS(STORI11)049 pdf A. Filippi
The eta\rightarrow pi+ pi- pi0 decay with WASA-at-COSY
PoS(STORI11)050 pdf P. Adlarson
Results on the $K^-_{stop} A$ $\rightarrow$ $\Sigma^\pm\pi^\mp A'$ reaction on light nuclei
PoS(STORI11)051 pdf P. Camerini
Hadron Physics III
Recent BESIII results
PoS(STORI11)052 pdf S. Spataro
Strangeness production on the neutron
PoS(STORI11)074 pdf C. Wilkin
Neutral kaon interferometry at KLOE and KLOE-2
PoS(STORI11)054 pdf I. Balwierz
What can be learned from light meson decays
PoS(STORI11)055 pdf C.F. Redmer
KLOE measurement of the $\sigma(e^+e^-\to\pi^+\pi^-(\gamma))$ with Initial State Radiation and its contribution to the muon (g-2)
PoS(STORI11)056 pdf G. Mandaglio
Investigations of the charge symmetry conserving reaction dd\rightarrow 3Henpi^0 with WASA at COSY
PoS(STORI11)057 pdf A. Magiera, V. Hejny, P. Podkopal and A. Wronska
Precision measurement of the eta-mass at ANKE-COSY
PoS(STORI11)058 pdf P. Goslawski
Accelerator Physics and Detectors I
Atomic Physics Research with Highly Charged Ions and Exotic Nuclei at the future FAIR facilities
PoS(STORI11)059 file missing T. Stoehlker
TSR@ISOLDE - The First Storage Ring Facility at an ISOL Facility
PoS(STORI11)060 pdf F. Wenander
Spin control by RF fields
PoS(STORI11)061 pdf Y.M. Shatunov
Synchrotron Oscillations Effects on Observations of an RF-solenoid Spin resonance for a polarized deuteron beam at COSY
PoS(STORI11)062 pdf G. Guidoboni, E. Stephenson and P. Lenisa
Design and Performance of the Future Cluster-Jet Target for PANDA at FAIR
PoS(STORI11)063 pdf E. Köhler, D. Bonaventura, A.K. Hergemöller, A. Khoukaz, H.W. Ortjohann and A. Täschner
Towards the Diagnostic of Spin-Polarized Particle Beams: Application of Compton Polarimeters
PoS(STORI11)064 file missing R. Maertin
Velocity determination of hydrogen clusters at a cluster-jet target
PoS(STORI11)065 pdf A. Täschner, A. Khoukaz, E. Köhler and H.W. Ortjohann
Accelerator Physics and Detectors II
Performance and Perspectives of Hadron Storage Rings
PoS(STORI11)066 pdf A. Lehrach
Comparison of detector systems for general purpose experiments at the LHC and the Tevatron
PoS(STORI11)067 file missing P. De Barbaro
The Evolution of Lepton Collider Detectors
PoS(STORI11)068 pdf J. Hauptman
Present status of storage rings at HIRFL
PoS(STORI11)069 pdf Y.J. Yuan, J.W. Xia, J.C. Yang, H.W. Zhao, X.D. Yang, M.T. Song and H.S. Xu
Present status of Rare-RI Ring project in RIKEN RI Beam Factory
PoS(STORI11)070 pdf Y. Yamaguchi, M. Wakasugi, H. Suzuki, T. Fujinawa, T. Uesaka, Y. Yano, A. Ozawa, D. Nagae, T. Yamaguchi, T. Suzuki, T. Kikuchi, W. Jiang, T. Sasaki and A. Tokuchi
Design and Construction of a Cylindrical GEM Detector as Inner Tracker Device at KLOE2
PoS(STORI11)071 pdf G. Morello
Implementation of Silicon Detector Arrays in the UHV environment of Storage Rings
PoS(STORI11)072 pdf B. Streicher