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An INTEGRAL view of the high-energy sky (the first 10 years) - 9th INTEGRAL Workshop and celebration of the 10th anniversary of the launch

INTEGRAL 2012 - (other integral conferences)
15-19 October 2012
Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris, France
published July 18, 2013
The 9th INTEGRAL workshop "An INTEGRAL view of the high-energy sky (the first 10 years)" took place from 15 to 19 October 2012 in Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Bibliothèque François Mitterrand). The workshop was sponsored by ESA, CNES and other French and European Institutions.

During this week, and in particular on 17 October 2012, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the launch of the INTEGRAL mission.

The main goal of this workshop was to present and to discuss (via invited and contributed talks and posters) latest results obtained in the field of high-energy astrophysics using the International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory INTEGRAL, as well as results from observations from other ground- and space-based high-energy observatories and from associated multi-wavelength campaigns.

Contributions to the workshop covered the following scientific topics: - X-ray binaries (IGR sources, black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs) - Isolated neutron stars (gamma-ray pulsars, magnetars) - Nucleo-synthesis (SNe, Novae, SNRs, ISM) and gamma-ray lines (511 keV) - Galactic diffuse continuum emission (including Galactic Ridge) - Massive black holes in AGNs, elliptical galaxies, nucleus of the Galaxy - Sky surveys, source populations and unidentified gamma-ray sources - Cosmic background radiation - Gamma-ray bursts - Coordinated observations with other ground- and space-based observatories - Science data processing and analysis (posters only) - Future instruments and missions (posters only)

conference main image
Integral mission, contest and conference highlights
Isolated Neutron Stars, Pulsar Wind Nebulae and polarization studies
X-ray Binaries I: Neutron Star High Mass X-ray Binaries
X-ray Binaries II: Low Mass XRB, Black Hole XRB and Microquasars
Active Galactic Nuclei, Ultra Luminous X-ray sources and Cosmic X-ray Background
Surveys, population studies and follow-up of IGR sources
Nucleosynthesis and X/gamma-ray diffuse emission
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Acceleration, Solar Flares and gamma-ray binaires
Future missions, instrumentation and data analysis
Integral mission, contest and conference highlights
INTEGRAL – status of the mission after 10 years
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)001 pdf C. Winkler
Current and Future Gamma Ray Astronomy related to INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)002 pdf N. Gehrels
Highlights of the workshop
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)003 file missing W. Hermsen
Isolated Neutron Stars, Pulsar Wind Nebulae and polarization studies
Observations of the Crab Nebula with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)004 pdf M. Weisskopf
INTEGRAL observations of gamma-ray polarized sources: from the Crab pulsar to Cygnus X-1
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)005 pdf P. Laurent, D. Gotz, C. Gouiffes, V. Grinberg, P. Moran, J. Rodriguez and J. Wilms
Linking the soft gamma-ray pulsar population with the Fermi LAT pulsar population: completing the high-energy picture
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)006 file missing L. Kuiper
Flares and outbursts from magnetars observed by INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)007 file missing S. Mereghetti
INTEGRAL/IBIS and optical observations of the Crab nebula/pulsar polarisation
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)008 pdf P. Moran
X-ray Binaries I: Neutron Star High Mass X-ray Binaries
INTEGRAL's contributions to the understandidng of the evolution of X-ray Binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)009 pdf E. van den Heuvel
Hercules X-1: variations of the cyclotron line energy with flux, with phase and with time
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)010 pdf R. Staubert
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: a review
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)011 pdf L. Sidoli
The paradigm of atypical HMXRBs: 4U 2206+54
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)012 pdf P. Blay
An INTEGRAL view of High Mass X-ray Binaries : their nature, formation and evolution
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)013 pdf S. Chaty
Investigating the nature of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients using INTEGRAL and XMM Newton
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)014 file missing S. Drave
Probing the configuration of the emitting structure in accreting pulsars using luminosity-related spectral changes
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)015 file missing D. Klochkov
The Be X-ray Binary Outburst Zoo
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)016 pdf P. Kretschmar, E. Nespoli, P. Reig and F. Anders
GRO J1008 57: a laboratory for accretion physics
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)017 pdf M. Kühnel, S. Mueller, F. Fuerst, F. Schwarm, I. Kreykenbohm, J. Wilms, K. Pottschmidt, S. Suchy, R.E. Rothschild, I. Caballero, P. Kretschmar, G. Schoenherr, D. Klochkov and R. Staubert
Population of high mass binaries in the Milky Way. INTEGRAL legacy Survey
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)018 file missing A. Lutovinov
The structure of hot-star winds revealed through XMM-Newton observations of Vela X-1
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)019 file missing S. Martinez
Boon and bane of studying the multiple cyclotron source 4U 0115+63
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)020 pdf
S. Mueller, C. Ferrigno, M. Kühnel, G. Schoenherr, P.A. Becker, M.T. Wolff, D. Hertel, F. Schwarm, V. Grinberg, M. Obst, I. Caballero, K. Pottschmidt, F. Fuerst, I. Kreykenbohm, R.E. Rothschild, P. Hemphill, S. Martinez, J.M. Torrejon, D. Klochkov, R. Staubert and J. Wilms
Spectral states in Be/X-ray pulsars
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)021 pdf E. Nespoli and P. Reig
Quasi-spherical accretion in low-luminosity X-ray pulsars: Theory vs observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)022 pdf K. Postnov, N.I. Shakura, A.Y. Kochetkova and L. Hjalmarsdotter
DASCH 100-yr light curves of high mass X-ray binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)023 pdf M. Servillat, S. Tang, J.E. Grindlay and E. Los
Constraining neutron star masses form hydrodynamic simulations of obscured HMXB
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)024 file missing R. Walter
An INTEGRAL spectral and timing history of 1A 1118-615
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)025 pdf P. Blay
X Per pulse period evolution
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)026 pdf P. Blay and V. Reglero
GX 304 1 and NuSTAR's plans on transient X-ray binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)027 file missing F. Fuerst
Spectral Analysis of New X-ray Outbursts from the SFXT AX J1845.0-0433
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)028 pdf M. Goossens, A. Bazzano, T. Bird, S. Drave, A. Hill, V. Sguera and L. Sidoli
Suzaku observations of the multiple cyclotron source 4U 0115+63
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)029 file missing D. Hertel, S. Mueller, M. Kühnel, K. Pottschmidt, I. Kreykenbohm, F. Fuerst, C. Ferrigno, D.M. Marcu, P. Kretschmar, R.E. Rothschild, D. Klochkov, R. Staubert, M.T. Wolff, A. Santangelo, J. Wilms and Y. Takayuki
A0535+26 during the 2010 outburst observed with INTEGRAL and RXTE
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)030 pdf D. Mueller, D. Klochkov, I. Caballero, R. Staubert and A. Santangelo
On the physical meaning of the 2.1 keV absorption feature in 4U 1538 52
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)031 pdf J.J.R. Rodes, J.M. Torrejon, S. Martinez and J. Bernabeu
Comprehensive study on RXTE & INTEGRAL observation fof the X-ray Pulsar 4U 1907+09
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)032 pdf S. Sahiner, S.C. Inam, A. Baykal and Ü. Kiziloğlu
INTEGRAL study of the candidate SFXT IGR J18462-0223
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)033 file missing V. Sguera
The Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient with the shortest orbital period: Suzaku observes one orbit in IGR J16479-4514
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)034 pdf L. Sidoli, P. Esposito, V. Sguera, A. Bodaghee, J. Tomsick, K. Pottschmidt, J. Rodriguez, P. Romano and J. Wilms
X-ray Binaries II: Low Mass XRB, Black Hole XRB and Microquasars
Accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars: 10 years of INTEGRAL observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)035 pdf M. Falanga
Fundamental Physics with X-Ray Binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)036 file missing L. Stella
Black hole X-ray Binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)037 file missing J. Wilms
XMM-Newton and Swift observations of XTE J1743-363
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)038 file missing E. Bozzo
IGR J17091-3624: a GRS 1915-105 like source as seen by INTEGRAL and Swift
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)039 pdf F. Capitanio, M. Delsanto, E. Bozzo, G. De Cesare, C. Ferrigno and A. Paizis
Peculiarities in the orbital and precessional variability of SS433 from INTEGRAL observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)040 pdf A. Cherepashchuk, R. Sunyaev, S. Molkov, E. Antokhina, K. Postnov and A. Bogomazov
Constraining the magnetic field in the X-ray corona of Cyg X-1 with INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)041 pdf M. Delsanto
4 years of Fermi-LAT observations of gamma-ray binaries: from microquasars to gamma-ray novae
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)042 file missing A. Hill
The multiwavelength spectral and timing properties of a major radio flare episode in Cygnus X-3
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)043 pdf K. Koljonen, M. McCollough, D. Hannikainen and R. Droulans
Gamma-ray monitoring of Galactic Microquasar
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)044 file missing S. Sabatini
High energy characteristics of Neutron star low mass X-ray binaries as seen by INTEGRAL: the 4U 1722-30 case
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)045 pdf A. Tarana
XMM and INTEGRAL Simultaneous Observations of 1E 1740.7-2942
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)046 pdf M.A. Castro, T. Maiolino, F. D'Amico, J. Wilms, K. Pottschmidt and J. Braga
Search and analysis of type I X-ray bursts based on the IBIS/ISGRI and JEM-X data: status
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)047 file missing I. Chelovekov
What can NuSTAR do for thermonuclear X-ray bursts?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)048 pdf J. Chenevez, J. Tomsick, D. Chakrabarty, F. Paerels and F.E. Christensen
Testing reflection features in 4U 1705-44 with XMM-Newton, BeppoSAX and RXTE in the hard and soft state
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)049 pdf E. Egron
Cygnus X-1: shedding light on the spectral variability of a black hole
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)050 pdf V. Grinberg
Hard X-ray properties of cataclysmic variables
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)051 pdf R. Landi
Spectra and fast multi-wavelength variability of compact jets powered by internal shocks
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)052 pdf J. Malzac
Outburst and Bursts of IGR J17473-2721
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)053 file missing C. Yu-Peng
Determination of the masses of the components of the HDE 226868/Cyg X-1 binary system
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)054 pdf J. Ziolkowski
Active Galactic Nuclei, Ultra Luminous X-ray sources and Cosmic X-ray Background
Supermassive black holes and their effects on their galactic hosts
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)055 file missing A. King
Active Galactic Nuclei: present observations and prospects
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)056 pdf T.J.L. Courvoisier
Review on Active-Galactic Nuclei at hard X-ray energies
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)057 pdf L. Bassani, M. Molina, A. Malizia, F. Panessa, R. Landi, A. Bazzano, P. Ubertini, T. Bird and J.B. Stephen
Gamma-ray emitting radio galaxies at hard X-rays: Seyfert core or jet emission?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)058 pdf V. Beckmann, S. De Jong, F. Mattana, D. Saez and S. Soldi
MeV blazars: results and perspectives
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)059 file missing I. Donnarumma
Towards a unified AGN structure of accretion powered sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)060 pdf D. Kazanas
The INTEGRAL view of the Extragalactic Sky
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)061 file missing A. Malizia
The X-ray versus Radio correlation in a sample of INTEGRAL AGN
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)062 pdf F. Panessa, L. Bassani, A. Bazzano, G. Bicknell, P. Castangia, E. Maiorano, A. Malizia, P. Parma, A. Tarchi and P. Ubertini
Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509: testing realistic comptonization models
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)063 pdf P.O. Petrucci, S. Paltani, J. Malzac, J. Kaastra, M. Cappi, G. Ponti, B. de Marco, G. Kriss, K. Steenbrugge, S. Bianchi, G. Branduardi-Raymont, M. Mehdipour, E. Costantini, M. Dadina and P. Lubinski
Hard X-ray properties of ultraluminous X-ray sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)064 file missing S. Sazonov
AGN variability at hard X-rays
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)065 pdf S. Soldi, W. Baumgartner, V. Beckmann, H.A. Krimm, P. Lubinski, F. Mattana, G. Ponti, C. Shrader and J. Tueller
A panchromatic view of blazars: constraining acceleration and emission processes in relativistic jets.
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)066 file missing A. Tramacere
Spectrum of the cosmic X-ray background from new INTEGRAL Earth observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)067 pdf M. Turler, N. Produit, L. Pavan, C. Ferrigno and P. Bordas
Chasing extreme blazars with INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)068 pdf L. Bassani, M. Molina, R. Landi, A. Malizia, T. Bird, A. Bazzano and P. Ubertini
The AGN phenomenon: open issues
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)069 pdf V. Beckmann and C. Shrader
M87 in hard X-rays
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)070 pdf S. De Jong, V. Beckmann, S. Soldi, J.A. Zurita Heras and F. Mattana
The high-energy spectrum of 3C 273
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)071 pdf V. Esposito, R. Walter, P. Jean and A. Tramacere
A Search for heavily obscured AGN in the 2nd Palermo BAT Survey
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)072 pdf V. La Parola
The INTEGRAL/IBIS Complete Sample of Type 1 AGN
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)073 pdf M. Molina, L. Bassani, A. Malizia, A. Bazzano, P. Ubertini and T. Bird
A Tidal Disruption Event detected by INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)074 file missing R. Walter
Surveys, population studies and follow-up of IGR sources
The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR): Science Mission and Performance
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)075 file missing F. Fuerst
Global view of the Galaxy with INTEGRAL: populations of binaries and extended emission
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)076 file missing M. Revnivtsev
The Timing Characteristics of the INTEGRAL populations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)077 file missing T. Bird
Clustering between HMXBs and OB associations in the MilkyWay
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)078 pdf attachments A. Bodaghee, J. Tomsick, J. Rodriguez and B.J. James
The combined Survey of INTEGRAL/IBIS and Swift/BAT
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)079 file missing E. Bottacini
Distribution of High Mass X-ray Binaries in the Milky Way
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)080 pdf A. Coleiro
Discovery and follow-up of new INTEGRAL transients.
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)081 file missing C. Ferrigno
The INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Scanning
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)082 pdf M.T. Fiocchi
The Galactic bulge as a Christmas tree: results from almost 10 years of INTEGRAL monitoring
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)083 file missing E. Kuulkers
Recent news from H.E.S.S. galactic plane
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)084 file missing V. Marandon
Follow-up observations of INTEGRAL sources: an X-ray focus on IGR sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)085 file missing J. Rodriguez
High energy emission of variable objects in the OMC-VAR Catalogue
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)087 pdf J. Alfonso-Garzon
On the Temporal Characteristics of Persistent Integral Sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)088 file missing G. Belanger
Results from the first year of the INTEGRAL Spiral Arms Monitoring Program
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)089 pdf A. Bodaghee
XMM-Newton observations of five INTEGRAL sources located towards the Scutum Arm
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)090 pdf A. Bodaghee, J. Tomsick and J. Rodriguez
Chandra provides new X-ray positions for IGR J16393−4643 and IGR J17091−3624
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)091 pdf A. Bodaghee, F. Rahoui, J. Tomsick and J. Rodriguez
Herschel observations of INTEGRAL supergiant High Mass X-ray Binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)092 pdf S. Chaty, A. Coleiro, M. Servillat, J.A. Zurita Heras and F. Rahoui
Variability of the GeV sky
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)093 pdf M. Chernyakova, A. Neronov, D. Malyshev and A. Lutovinov
Identification of new X-ray binaries detected by INTEGRAL through near infrared photometry and spectroscopy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)094 pdf A. Coleiro, S. Chaty, J.A. Zurita Heras, F. Rahoui and J. Tomsick
The 4th Palermo Swift-BAT catalogue: 7 years of Survey of the hard X-ray sky
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)095 pdf G. Cusumano
First results of X-shooter observations of IGR sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)096 pdf P. Goldoni
INTEGRAL/IBIS nine-year Galactic hard X-ray survey
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)097 file missing R. Krivonos
Swift/XRT observations of newly discovered INTEGRAL sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)098 pdf R. Landi
Identification of newly-discovered sources belonging to the 4th IBIS catalog and to the 54 months Palermo Swift/BAT catalog
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)099 pdf P. Parisi
Soft X-ray follow-up of five hard X-ray emitters
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)100 pdf L. Pavan, E. Bozzo, C. Ferrigno, M. Falanga, S. Campana, S. Paltani, L. Stella and R. Walter
Herschel views on ultra-luminous X-ray sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)101 pdf M. Servillat, A. Coleiro and S. Chaty
Nucleosynthesis and X/gamma-ray diffuse emission
Gamma-Ray Line Astronomy with INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)102 file missing D.H. Hartmann
Observations of SN2011fe with INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)103 pdf J. Isern
The Galactic Centre after Integral observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)104 file missing R. Terrier
Measures of the components of the Galactic diffuse emission with INTEGRAL/SPI
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)105 pdf L. Bouchet
Chandra observations of the X-ray emission from Molecular Clouds at the Galactic Center related to Sgr A* past activity
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)106 pdf M. Clavel, R. Terrier, A. Goldwurm, M. Morris, G. Ponti, S. Soldi and G. Trap
Nucleosynthesis line studies with SPI
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)107 pdf R. Diehl, F. Alexander, M. Krause, D. Lubos, K. Kretschmer, P. Martin and W. Wang
Study of the Large Magellanic Cloud and Supernova 1987A
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)108 file missing S. Grebenev
Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic X-rays
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)109 file missing K. Koyama
Velocities of 26Al in the inner Galaxy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)110 file missing K. Kretschmer
INTEGRAL/IBIS-ISGRI observations of young supernova remnants : Survey in hard X-rays and 44Ti gamma-ray lines
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)111 file missing M. Renaud
The 511 keV sky as seen by INTEGRAL/SPI, CGRO-OSSE and GRS/SMM combined
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)112 pdf G. Skinner, P. Jean, J. Knödlseder, P. von Ballmoos, M. Leising, P. Milne and G. Weidenspointner
Non-thermal emission from cosmic rays in the interstellar medium from MHz to TeV
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)113 file missing A. Strong
Diffuse gamma-ray emission from the Milky Way: 10 years of INTEGRAL observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)114 file missing R. Krivonos
INTEGRAL/SPI view of the diffuse gamma-ray emission from the Milky Way
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)115 file missing S. Tsygankov
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gamma-Ray Bursts, witnessing the birth of stellar mass black holes
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)116 pdf J.L. Atteia
INTEGRAL Results on Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)117 pdf D. Gotz
Separating the wheat from the chaff: a proper classification of the non-Collapsars GRBs.
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)118 file missing O. Bromberg
GRB120711A : an exceptional Integral GRB
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)119 pdf L. Hanlon
A Decade of Bursts with the SPI-ACS
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)120 pdf K. Hurley, A. Rau, A. von Kienlin and X.L. Zhang
X-ray behaviour of GRBs detected by INTEGRAL/JEM-X
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)121 pdf A. Martin-Carrillo and L. Hanlon
Model of the extended emission of short gamma-ray bursts
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)122 file missing A. Pozanenko
Timing properties of gamma-ray bursts detected by SPI-ACS detector onboard of INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)123 pdf V. Savchenko, A. Neronov and T.J.L. Courvoisier
The spectral catalog of GRBs observed with INTEGRAL: IBIS/SPI joint spectral analysis
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)124 pdf Z. Bosnjak
Is the Prompt GRB Liso-Lag Correlation the Same as the Afterglow LX-Tbrk One ?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)125 file missing D. Kazanas
Ten years of IBAS
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)126 pdf S. Mereghetti
Investigation of the spectral lag - energy relation of GRBs registered by INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)127 pdf P. Minaev, A. Pozanenko, S. Grebenev and S. Molkov
The Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog: Year Three & Four
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)129 file missing A. von Kienlin
Acceleration, Solar Flares and gamma-ray binaires
Energetic particle acceleration by collisionless shocks
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)130 file missing A. Bykov
Gamma-ray observations of binary systems with H.E.S.S.
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)131 pdf P. Bordas
Superorbital modulation of X-ray emission from gamma-ray binary LSI +61 303
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)132 pdf M. Chernyakova, A. Neronov, S. Molkov, D. Malyshev, A. Lutovinov and G.G. Pooley
Solar energetic particles – combining direct measurements with remote sensing observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)133 file missing K.L. Klein
Stochastic acceleration in accreting black holes
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)134 pdf A. Marcowith
Here comes the Sun - Reliable forecasting of the effects of solar flares on INTEGRAL?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)135 file missing J.M. Hübner
INTEGRAL view of gamma-ray binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)136 pdf J. Li, D.F. Torres, S. Zhang and J. Wang
Chandra spectro-imaging analysis of the young composite SNR associated with IGR J14003-6326
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)137 file missing V. Marandon
Using SPI/INTEGRAL to study the Sun
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)138 pdf R. Rodríguez-Gasén, J. Kiener, V. Tatischeff, C. Hamadache, K.L. Klein and N. Vilmer
INTEGRAL/SPI and Fermi/GBM Observation of the 2012 March 7th Solar Flares
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)139 pdf X.L. Zhang, D. Gruber, J. Kiener and A. von Kienlin
Future missions, instrumentation and data analysis
INTEGRAL/SPI data segmentation to retrieve sources intensity variations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)140 pdf L. Bouchet
LOFT (the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing)
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)141 pdf E. Bozzo
INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI energy calibration in OSA 10
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)142 pdf I. Caballero, J.A. Zurita Heras, F. Mattana, S. Soldi, P. Laurent, F. Lebrun, L. Natalucci, M.T. Fiocchi, C. Ferrigno and R. Rohlfs
The MIRAX mission: Payload description and background simulation plan
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)143 pdf M.A. Castro, J. Braga, F. D'Amico, J.E. Grindlay and R.E. Rothschild
JEM-X Improvement in OSA10
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)144 file missing J. Chenevez
Monte Carlo simulations of X-ray absorption in the interstellar medium
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)145 pdf W. Eikmann, J. Wilms and J. Lee
The Wide Field Monitor onboard the Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT)
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)146 pdf Y. Evangelista
The IBIS/ISGRI Source Location Accuracy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)147 pdf A. Gros
Study of Silicon Photomultipliers for the Readout of Scintillator Crystals in the GRIPS Mission
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)148 pdf L. Hanlon
The eROSITA Near Realtime Analysis
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)149 file missing I. Kreykenbohm
The X-ray Imaging Polarimetry Explorer mission
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)150 pdf F. Muleri
Giant On-Line INTEGRAL Archive (GOLIA) @INAF-IASF Milano
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)151 pdf A. Paizis, S. Mereghetti, D. Gotz, M. Fiorini, M. Gaber, R. Regni Ponzeveroni, L. Sidoli and S. Vercellone
LOFT Simulation Toolkit
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)152 pdf C. Schmid, T. Brand, M. Kühnel, M. Wille, J. Wilms, R. Campana, I. Donnarumma and Y. Evangelista
Monte-Carlo Modeling of Cyclotron Resonant Scattering Features
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)153 pdf F. Schwarm, G. Schoenherr, J. Wilms and P. Kretschmar
In-flight calibration of the INTEGRAL/IBIS mask
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)154 pdf S. Soldi, F. Lebrun, A. Gros, G. Belanger, V. Beckmann, I. Caballero, A. Goldwurm, D. Gotz, F. Mattana, J.A. Zurita Heras, A. Bazzano and P. Ubertini
Gamma-ray DBScan: a DBScan-based clustering algorithm applied to the detection of gamma-ray sources: application to the Fermi-LAT data
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)155 file missing A. Tramacere
Objectives for Medium Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)156 file missing C. Sauter
eROSITA on-board Spectrum-RG
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)157 file missing A. von Kienlin
INTEGRAL and others Angels in the HEAVENS
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)158 file missing R. Walter
Validating the Bayesian event reconstruction and selection approach with measurements of the Crab pulsar and nebula with NCT and COMPTEL+F38
PoS(INTEGRAL 2012)159 file missing A. Zoglauer