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The 15th International Conference on B-Physics at Frontier Machines at the University of Edinburgh

Beauty2014 - (other beauty conferences)
14 -18 July, 2014
University of Edinburgh, UK
published May 13, 2015
The purpose of the conference is to review results in the field of B-physics and CP-violation, as well as to explore the physics potential of existing and upcoming B-physics experiments at frontier machines. The conference has an exciting mixture of presentations from theory/phenomenology and experimental results on many interesting topics, including CP violation, rare decays, spectroscopy and production of heavy flavoured B and charmed hadrons.
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Mixing, Lifetimes, CP Violation
Semileptonic decays at B factories
Heavy flavour production
CP Violation
Spectroscopy, onia and exotics
Charm physics
Other flavour physics
Rare decays
Future programme
PoS(Beauty2014)001 pdf F. Muheim
Mixing, Lifetimes, CP Violation
Bs-antiBs mixing and lifetimes
PoS(Beauty2014)002 pdf A. Lenz
Mixing and CP violation in the decay $B_s\rightarrow J/\psi \phi$ in Atlas
PoS(Beauty2014)006 pdf W.J. Dearnaley
Semileptonic decays at B factories
Recent results on semileptonic B meson decays from Belle and Babar
PoS(Beauty2014)008 pdf B. Gary
|Vub| and |Vcb| determination via hadronic form factors
PoS(Beauty2014)010 pdf A. Bharucha
Heavy flavour production
Quarkonium production and polarization in pp collisions with CMS
PoS(Beauty2014)012 pdf V. Knuenz
Measurement of associated production of vector bosons with b-jets, with a charm quark, and with a J/psi meson in ATLAS
PoS(Beauty2014)013 pdf M. Watson
Heavy flavour production in ATLAS: Onia and open flavour hadrons
PoS(Beauty2014)015 pdf I. Nomidis
Beauty physics with heavy ions and prospects
PoS(Beauty2014)016 pdf A. De Falco
Heavy flavour production at CMS in heavy ion collisions
PoS(Beauty2014)017 pdf M. Nguyen
Beauty contribution to the proton structure function and charm results
PoS(Beauty2014)018 pdf A. Longhin
CP Violation
title Studies of Ds** spectroscopy with Dalitz plot analysis of $B_s\rightarrow \bar{D}^0 K^-\pi^+$ decays
PoS(Beauty2014)019 pdf D.C. Craik
Charmless B decays: Dalitz
PoS(Beauty2014)020 pdf M. Fontana
Charmless B decays: 2 body and $B\rightarrow VV$
PoS(Beauty2014)021 pdf C. Santamarina Rios
Spectroscopy, onia and exotics
Spectroscopy of onia and hadrons with open beauty in ATLAS
PoS(Beauty2014)027 pdf R. Henderson
Recent results in exotic charmonium spectroscopy
PoS(Beauty2014)029 pdf W. Yan
Charm physics
Searches for CP and T violation in multibody D decays
PoS(Beauty2014)033 pdf J. Fu
Leptonic and semileptonic D meson decays
PoS(Beauty2014)034 pdf H. Ma
Particle identification for Belle II
PoS(Beauty2014)038 pdf T. Hayakawa
Other flavour physics
Exotic searches in LHCb
PoS(Beauty2014)039 pdf V. Heijne
Kaon physics
PoS(Beauty2014)040 pdf M. Sozzi
Tau results from B factories
PoS(Beauty2014)041 pdf G. Vasseur
CDF B and charm results
PoS(Beauty2014)044 pdf J. Rosner
Studies of Lambda_b in ATLAS: decays to charmonium states and parity violating asymmetry
PoS(Beauty2014)046 pdf D. Zhang
Rare decays
Rare and suppressed decays of B0(s) mesons with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Beauty2014)047 pdf W. Walkowiak
Search for $B_s,B^0\rightarrow \mu\mu$ decays at CMS
PoS(Beauty2014)048 pdf A. Heister
Rare leptonic B meson decays
PoS(Beauty2014)050 pdf M. Misiak
Electroweak penguin decays with di-leptons
PoS(Beauty2014)051 pdf C. Langenbruch
Radiative electroweak penguin decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2014)053 pdf A. Puig Navarro
Study of FCNC in top quark production and decay with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Beauty2014)054 pdf J.P. Araque
Rare semileptonic B decays
PoS(Beauty2014)055 pdf C. Bobeth
Future programme
New Physics at LHC run II: perspectives, visions
PoS(Beauty2014)056 pdf J. Ellis
Effective lifetimes of $B\rightarrow hh$ decays
PoS(Beauty2014)062 pdf P. Sail
Measurement of CP violation in $B_s\rightarrow J/\psi KK$ decays
PoS(Beauty2014)063 pdf D. Ferguson
Measurement of CP violation in $B_s\rightarrow \phi\phi$ decays
PoS(Beauty2014)064 pdf A.B. Morris
Characteristics and magnetic field properties of the Hamamatsu R11265 Multi-Anode Photomultiplier Tubes
PoS(Beauty2014)066 pdf H. Luo
Measurement of indirect CP asymmetries in $D^0\rightarrow K^-K^+$ and $D^0\rightarrow \pi^-\pi^+$ decays
PoS(Beauty2014)068 pdf M.T. Alexander