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Information Science and Cloud Computing

ISCC 2017 - (other iscc conferences)
16-17 December, 2017
Guangzhou, China
published March 08, 2018

This conference proceedInformation Science and Cloud Computinging is a collection of the papers accepted by ISCC 2017 - the 5th International Conference on Information Science and Cloud Computing held on 16-17 December 2017 in Guangzhou, China.

This proceeding contains the four parts. Part I is Machine learning (15 papers) which mainly includes graphical models, algorithm improvement, and its related application. Part II is Information science (15 papers), which including the information analysis, risk assessment, and recommender system, etc.. Part III is System detection (14 papers), mainly related to fault diagnosis, network security monitoring, cloud computing and countermeasure power analysis. Part IV is Communication analysis (15 papers), which is primarily about the digital spread spectrum signal, communication data, and power analysis.

Each part is critical as an excellent reference by industry practitioners, university faculty, and undergraduate as well as graduate students who need to build a knowledge base of the most current advances and state-of-practice in the topics covered by this conference proceeding. This will enable them to produce, maintain, and manage systems with high levels of trustworthiness and complexity.

Thanks to the authors for their hard works and dedications as well as the reviewers for ensuring the selection of only the highest quality papers. Their efforts made this proceeding possible.

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Session I machine learning
Session II: Information Science
Sesssion III: System detection
Session IV: Communication Analysis
Session I machine learning
Entity Relation Extraction Method Based on Improved K-means Clustering
PoS(ISCC 2017)001 pdf B. Yu, K. Pan, C. Zhang, Y. Xie and J. Sun
Scheduling and Routing in Multi-Channel Allocation Based on the Greedy Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Network
PoS(ISCC 2017)002 pdf W. Zhang, J. He, G. Gao, L. Ren and X. Shen
Research on Intrusion Detection Based on Improved AntMiner Algorithm
PoS(ISCC 2017)003 pdf Y. Shen, K. Zheng and C. Wu
Price Association Analysis of Agricultural Products based on Apriori Algorithm
PoS(ISCC 2017)004 pdf L. Qiao, C. Peng, X. Guo and Y. Wang
Double Time Slot RFID Anti-collision Algorithm Based on Gray Code
PoS(ISCC 2017)005 pdf H. Deng, L. Li and H. Wang
A Novel Hyper Chaos-based Image Encryption Algorithm Using Dynamic DNA Coding and SHA-256
PoS(ISCC 2017)006 pdf S. Zhu, W. Wang and C. Ban
Chinese-English Cross-Language Text Clustering Algorithm Based on Latent Semantic Analysis
PoS(ISCC 2017)007 pdf H. Lan and J. Huang
A New Algorithm based on Bagging and NFS
PoS(ISCC 2017)008 pdf J. Lei and J. He
Research on Similarity Detection of Massive Text Based on Semantic Fingerprint
PoS(ISCC 2017)009 pdf X. Jin, S. Zhang, J. Liu and H. Guan
A New Image Encryption Algorithm by the Combining of Chaotic Maps
PoS(ISCC 2017)010 pdf C. Zhu and S. Li
Social Network Recommendation Algorithm Based on ICIP
PoS(ISCC 2017)011 pdf L. Bi, X. Di, W. Ren and Y. Zhang
The Application Research of Cellular Genetic Algorithm in Vehicle Routing Problem
PoS(ISCC 2017)012 pdf Y. Jin, J. Fan, J. Yang, J. Li and D. Fan
An Algorithm for Densest Subgraphs of Vertex-weighted Graphs
PoS(ISCC 2017)013 pdf Z. Liu, W. Chen, F. Li, K. Qi and J. Wang
Attention-based BiLSTM Neural Networks for Sentiment Classification of Short Texts
PoS(ISCC 2017)014 pdf X. Yao
Research on Multimodal Emotion Recognition Platform Construction
PoS(ISCC 2017)015 pdf W. Liu, H. Jiang and Y. Lu
Session II: Information Science
Design of Tourism Information System with B/S and C/S Architecture Based on Android and Web Platform
PoS(ISCC 2017)016 pdf X. Dou, Y. Yang, W. Zhou, Z. Zhao, X. Chen and G. You
A Constraint-based Tourist Attraction Recommender System
PoS(ISCC 2017)017 pdf Y. Shi and Z. Jia
Antecedents of Project Success in Donation-based Crowdfunding-based on Tencent LeJuan Platform in China
PoS(ISCC 2017)018 pdf Y. Qian and J. Lin
Collaborative Filtering Recommendation System Based on User Potential Associated Information
PoS(ISCC 2017)019 pdf H. Shen and K. Sun
Credit Risk Assessment of Receivable Accounts in Industry Chain based on SVM
PoS(ISCC 2017)020 pdf H. Sun
Training on Statistical Feature Models of Action Units for 3D Facial Expression Recognition
PoS(ISCC 2017)021 pdf Z. Dong, X. Jia, W. Gao and K. Wang
Cognition-based Fusion Method for Infrared and Visible image
PoS(ISCC 2017)022 pdf J. Ma and D. Zhang
The Detection of Web Abnormal Scan Behaviors Based on Cluster Analysis
PoS(ISCC 2017)023 pdf D. Bai, M. Feng, L. Chen and X. Guo
Analysis the Influence of Official Information on Network Public Opinion based on Visualization Method
PoS(ISCC 2017)024 pdf C. Dong and G. Sun
Study on the Organization and Storage of Remote Sensing Data Oriented to Visualization Management
PoS(ISCC 2017)025 pdf H. Yu, S. Li and T. Zhang
Low-Quality and Multi-Target Detection in RSIs
PoS(ISCC 2017)026 pdf G. Liu, S. Li and Y. Shao
Explore the Application of S-HAL in the Identification of the Sentiment Polarity of Chinese Words
PoS(ISCC 2017)027 pdf T. Xu
From Bipartite Network to Function: Online-Nearline-Offline Hybrid Music Recommendation
PoS(ISCC 2017)028 pdf P. Zhang, J. Yan, Y. Wang, T. Lin, Y. Leng and J. Chen
Feature Split-based Information Extraction in the Field of Medicine
PoS(ISCC 2017)029 pdf J. Wan, H. Yan and X. Zhang
Design and Implementation of Human Space-based Automated Test Cases based on Script
PoS(ISCC 2017)030 pdf F. Yang
A Study of Recommended Model of Aeronautic Products based on Collaborative Algorithm
PoS(ISCC 2017)031 pdf W. Qiu, C. Lu and X. Cheng
Sesssion III: System detection
A Study on Security Risk in Cloud Computing
PoS(ISCC 2017)032 pdf L. Chen and X. Chen
Research on Security Threat Monitoring and Testing Framework in Software - Defined Network Based on Depth Learning
PoS(ISCC 2017)033 pdf S. Yang, L. Wang, D. Zhao, X. Han and S. Zhang
Research based on Big Data and Cloud Computing
PoS(ISCC 2017)034 pdf X. Chen and L. Chen
Visual Localization for Copter based on 3D Model of Environment with CNN Segmentation
PoS(ISCC 2017)035 pdf A. Buyval, R. Mustafin, M. Gavrilenkov, A. Gabdullin and I. Shimchik
Rigid-Flexible Coupling Dynamics Simulation Analysis of Wheel/Rail Interaction in High-speed Turnout Zone
PoS(ISCC 2017)036 pdf M. Yu, W. Wang, J. Liu and J. Qu
Concept Discovery of Specific Field Based on Conditional Random Field and Information Entropy
PoS(ISCC 2017)037 pdf J. Wan, L. Xing, S. Zhang and W. Liang
Fault Diagnosis of Power Quality and Disturbance Classification Based on KPCA - FDA Method
PoS(ISCC 2017)038 pdf L. Xie and J. Wei
FPGA Optimal Implementation of PRINCE against Power Analysis Attacks
PoS(ISCC 2017)039 pdf Y. Zou and L. Li
A Transient Finite Element Model to Simulate the Physical Mechanisms of High-speed Wheel/rail Rolling Contact on a Rail Welding Joint
PoS(ISCC 2017)040 pdf M. Yu, W. Wang and J. Liu
An Intelligent Writing Assistant Module for Narrative Clinical Records Based on Named Entity Recognition and Similarity Computation
PoS(ISCC 2017)041 pdf T. Zhou and J. Li
Security Analysis of GRID Protocol for MANET based on BAN Logic
PoS(ISCC 2017)042 pdf S. Han and W. Jiao
Research on Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Design and Manufacturing Industry
PoS(ISCC 2017)043 pdf Y. Zhang, P. Yang, L. Liu and A. Chen
Application of Data and Information Visualization in Electronic Commerce
PoS(ISCC 2017)044 pdf H. Huang, J. Zhao and Z. Xu
TOGAF for Agile SOA Modelling
PoS(ISCC 2017)045 pdf F. Ni and R. Li
Session IV: Communication Analysis
Security Path Checking of A Circuit with Behavior Description
PoS(ISCC 2017)046 pdf C. Ma, A. He, T. Jia, L. Li and Z. Feng
Fast Acquisition for DS/FH Spread Spectrum Signals by Using Folded Sampling Digital Receiver
PoS(ISCC 2017)047 pdf X. Wen, B. Yang and G. Zou
Routing Analysis of Protocol AODV in Wireless Mesh Network
PoS(ISCC 2017)048 pdf W. Zhang, J. He, G. Gao, L. Ren and X. Shen
Construction of a High Efficient Distinguisher in Differential Power Analysis Attacks
PoS(ISCC 2017)049 pdf Y. Guo, Y. Ou and L. Li
Research on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization based on Membrane System in Cloud Resource Scheduling
PoS(ISCC 2017)050 pdf J. Chen, W. Gong, T. Liang, J. Xu and S. Wei
The Management System of Beef Cattle Breeding based on the Data Record of Whole Industry Chain
PoS(ISCC 2017)051 pdf R. Yao, Y. Song and R. Zhang
A Data Tamper Protection Method Based on Block Chain
PoS(ISCC 2017)052 pdf F. Zhou, Z. Yu, Y. Xie, T.e. Chen and Y. Liao
Research on Hybrid Architecture System of Embedded and Cloud Computing Storage
PoS(ISCC 2017)053 pdf H. He, C. Chen and Y. Qiao
An Energy-Efficient VM Consolidation Algorithm for Cloud Data Centers
PoS(ISCC 2017)054 pdf X. Wu
Efficient and Flexible VLSI Architecture for Soft-Output Massive MIMO Detector
PoS(ISCC 2017)055 pdf Q. Wei, L. Liu, G. Peng, S. Yin and S. Wei
Assembly Data Mining Platform Based on Python
PoS(ISCC 2017)056 pdf K. Zhang, G. Li and M. Zhang
A Novel Signed Truncated Booth Multiplier Based on Probability
PoS(ISCC 2017)057 pdf Y. Tan, L. Liu, G. Peng, S. Yin and S. Wei
Application of CAUX in Remote Evaluation of Websites
PoS(ISCC 2017)058 pdf Z. Wang and Z. Liu
CAUX Tool for Supporting Diary Studies
PoS(ISCC 2017)059 pdf X. Wang and Z. Liu
A Review of EEG Signal Classifier Based on Deep Learning
PoS(ISCC 2017)060 pdf Y. Lu, H. Jiang and W. Liu