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International Symposium on Grids & Clouds 2019

ISGC2019 - (other isgc conferences)
31st March - 5th April 2019
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Main Theme: Efficient and safe processing of FAIR Open Data
To achieve the full potential of Open Data and Open Science, scientists should be able to focus on their area of interest and be shielded from the internal complexity of e-infrastructures and the needs to manually deal with the different data formats, input and output constraints of used tools, the authentication and access control and any other technical or technological obstacles that are still part of the current data processing and analysis environments. This is emphasized by the FAIR concept -- data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. New approaches are emerging, hiding the complexity of the underlying computing and data fabrics, exposing just integrated views through scientific portals and gateways, notebooks and other virtual computing environments that promise to enhance the efficiency of work with advanced and complex contemporary e-infrastructures. On the other hand, possible privacy issues related to the Data collected and new, easy-to-deploy analysis methods like those applying deep neural networks, remind us of the need for proper security tools and environments and create new challenges for dealing with private and sensitive data and derived information. 
The goal of ISGC 2019 is to create a face-to-face venue where individual communities and national representatives can present and share their contributions to the global puzzle and contribute thus to the solution of global challenges. We cordially invite and welcome your participation!

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