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1st General Meeting and 1st Training School of the COST Action COSMIC WSIPers

5-14 September, 2023
Bari and Lecce, Italy

Axions and other very weakly interacting slim (m

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Traning School Lectures
Traning School Talks
Out of the dark: WISPs in String Theory and the Early Universe
PoS(COSMICWISPers)001 pdf J. Conlon
Uncovering axion and BSM CP violations with EDMs
PoS(COSMICWISPers)002 pdf K. Choi
Prospects to scrutinise or smash SM*A*S*H
PoS(COSMICWISPers)003 pdf A. Ringwald
Flavour in ALP effective field theories
PoS(COSMICWISPers)004 file missing S. Renner
String theory realisations of early dark energy
PoS(COSMICWISPers)005 file missing R. Mahanta
Axions and Festina Lente
PoS(COSMICWISPers)006 pdf G. Venken
Testing BSM Physics with Gravitational Waves
PoS(COSMICWISPers)007 file missing G. Villa
Low-scale leptogenesis with Dirac phase CP-violation
PoS(COSMICWISPers)008 pdf A. Granelli, S. Pascoli and S. Petcov
Dark photon dark matter from inflation
PoS(COSMICWISPers)009 file missing L. Ubaldi
Inflationary Schwinger dark matter production
PoS(COSMICWISPers)010 file missing M. Bastero-Gil
Axion minivoids
PoS(COSMICWISPers)011 file missing C. O'Hare
Axion Star Explosions and the Reionization History of the Universe
PoS(COSMICWISPers)012 pdf M. Escudero
Dark Matter in the Milky Way: shortcoming & dynamical tests
PoS(COSMICWISPers)013 file missing M.C. Benito
Probing ultralight and degenerate dark matter with galactic dynamics
PoS(COSMICWISPers)014 pdf D. Blas
Light bosons, superradiance and associated observables
PoS(COSMICWISPers)015 file missing C. Unal
Birefringence in CMB anisotropies due to cosmological pseudoscalar fields
PoS(COSMICWISPers)016 pdf M. Galaverni
Photon to axion conversion during BBN
PoS(COSMICWISPers)017 pdf M. Masip
Cosmological defects
PoS(COSMICWISPers)018 pdf S. Blasi
Radiation from Axion Strings with Adaptive Mesh Refinement: Periodic and Burst Signals
PoS(COSMICWISPers)019 file missing A. Drew, T. Kinowski and P. Shellard
Lattice simulations and axion properties: news from TWEXT
PoS(COSMICWISPers)020 file missing M.P. Lombardo
Stellar Probes of Feebly Interacting Particles, Circa 2023
PoS(COSMICWISPers)021 file missing E. Vitagliano
The Growth and Evolution of Axion Clouds around Pulsars
PoS(COSMICWISPers)022 pdf S. Witte and D.N.A.P. Christoph Weniger
ALPs, high-energy gamma-rays and magnetic fields
PoS(COSMICWISPers)023 pdf M. Kachelriess and J. Tjemsland
Formation of ultralight dark matter solar halos
PoS(COSMICWISPers)024 pdf M. Gorghetto
QCD axion and density effects in stars
PoS(COSMICWISPers)025 file missing S. Stelzl
Glowing Axion Stars at Radio Frequencies
PoS(COSMICWISPers)026 pdf G. Sigl, D. Maseizik and H. Seong
Primordial Black Holes and micro-lensing
PoS(COSMICWISPers)027 file missing M. Hafizi
Large scale structure data and DM fifth force
PoS(COSMICWISPers)028 file missing S. Bottaro
Axion searches at DESY
PoS(COSMICWISPers)029 file missing T. Kozlowski
CAST and more than CAST; A Dark Sector Probe for 20+ Years
PoS(COSMICWISPers)030 file missing S.A. Cetin
Searching for new light particles with PADME and fixed target experiments
PoS(COSMICWISPers)031 file missing V. Kozhuharov
Status of the VMB@CERN experiment
PoS(COSMICWISPers)032 file missing S. Kunc
Observation of anomalies supporting the existence of the new particle X17
PoS(COSMICWISPers)033 file missing A. Krasznahorkay
Axion-like particle searches at the LHC
PoS(COSMICWISPers)034 file missing M. Gallinaro
Search for topological defect dark matter with a global network of optical magnetometers (GNOME)
PoS(COSMICWISPers)035 file missing D.G. Martìn
Probing the Dark Sector with NA64 and POKER at CERN SPS
PoS(COSMICWISPers)036 file missing L. Marsicano
Search for WISPs with gravitational-wave detectors
PoS(COSMICWISPers)037 file missing L. Pierini
High energy resolution x-ray detectors for IAXO: advantages in pre- and post-discovery phases
PoS(COSMICWISPers)038 file missing L. Gastaldo, D. Hengstler and D. Unger
Traning School Lectures
Axion theory and model building
PoS(COSMICWISPers)039 file missing K. Choi
Axion cosmology and cosmo bounds
PoS(COSMICWISPers)040 file missing C. O'Hare
Astrophysical Axion Bounds: The 2024 Edition
PoS(COSMICWISPers)041 file missing A. Caputo and G. Raffelt
Axion experiments
PoS(COSMICWISPers)042 file missing G. Ruoso
Traning School Talks
In search of new particles with PADME
PoS(COSMICWISPers)043 file missing R. Simeonov
Axion Dark Matter Simulations with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
PoS(COSMICWISPers)044 file missing M. Kaltschmidt
Impact of axion decay on the extragalactic background light
PoS(COSMICWISPers)045 file missing S. Porras Bedmar
Using gravitational waves to detect axion miniclusters
PoS(COSMICWISPers)046 file missing J. Urrutia
Axion field tomography: cosmic birefringence from the epochs of recombination and reionization
PoS(COSMICWISPers)047 file missing P. Diego-Palazuelos, R. de Belsunce, S. Gratton and B. Sherwin
Supernova bounds on nucleonphilic ALPs
PoS(COSMICWISPers)048 pdf A. Lella, P. Carenza, G. Co', M. Giannotti, G. Lucente, A. Mirizzi and T. Rauscher
Constraining Ultra-Light Scalar Dark Matter with Pulsars
PoS(COSMICWISPers)049 pdf P. Kus, D.L. Nacir and F. Urban
Massive Gravitons in Very Special Relativity: Theory and Observations
PoS(COSMICWISPers)050 file missing A. Santoni, J. Alfaro and A. Soto
Quadratic coupling of axions to photons
PoS(COSMICWISPers)051 file missing C. Beadle
First MADMAX Campaign: methods, and future plans
PoS(COSMICWISPers)052 file missing J.P. Arcila Maldonado
Analysis of a Transition Edge Sensor data for the ALPS II experiment
PoS(COSMICWISPers)053 file missing J.A. Rubiera Gimeno
WISPFI: WISP Searches on a Fiber Interferometer
PoS(COSMICWISPers)054 file missing M. Maroudas
Simulations for direct dark matter searches using ALPS II's TES detection system
PoS(COSMICWISPers)055 file missing C. Schwemmbauer, Y. Hochberg, K.S. Isleif, F. Januschek, B. Lehmann, A. Lindner, M. Meyer, G. Othman and J.A. Rubiera Gimeno
Detecting Dark Photons with Superconducting Radio-frequency Cavities
PoS(COSMICWISPers)056 file missing Y. Zeng
Plasmonic resonant detection of WIMP
PoS(COSMICWISPers)057 file missing C. Alfisi and H. Terças

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