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COSMICWISPers2024 10-14 June 2024 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The European COST Action CA21106 "Cosmic WISPers in the Dark Universe: Theory, astrophysics and experiments" is an initiative funded by the COST Association, whose goal is to study axions and other very weakly interacting slim  particles (WISPs) emerging in several extensions of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Searches for WISPs are strongly motivated by our attempts to understand the nature of the dark matter and puzzling astrophysical and particle physics observations.

The COST Action CA21106 2nd Training School will be held in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The goal is to start training a generation of young scientists in the interdisciplinary expertise on WISPs, ranging from theoretical and experimental  approaches to multi-messenger astroparticle physics and cosmology. For this purpose, the Training School will offer lectures from experts on different aspects of WISPs physics. The School is aimed at PhD students, as well as early-career postdocs.

COSMICWISPers 5-14 September, 2023 Bari and Lecce, Italy

COSMIC WISPers is a  COST Action CA21106 (https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA21106/) focusses on very weakly interacting slim (m

The first General Meeting of the COSMIC WISPers Action [https://agenda.infn.it/event/34125/] took place in Bari (Italy) from 5th to 8th  September 2023. The objective of the meeting was to review the status of the activities performed by the different Working Groups and to discuss the further directions of investigations. There were plenary sessions and 4 parallel sessions corresponding to the different Working Groups:
   • WG1: Theory and Model Building 
   • WG2: Dark Matter and Cosmology 
   • WG3: Astrophysics 
   • WG4: Direct Searches

After the General Meeting, the COST Action CA21106 1st Training School was held in Lecce (Italy) (https://agenda.infn.it/event/34190/) from 11st to 14th September 2023. The goal was to start training a generation of young scientists in the interdisciplinary expertise on WISPs, ranging from theoretical and experimental  approaches to multi-messenger astroparticle physics and cosmology.
There were four lectures on different topics corresponding to the Working Groups 1—4 and several students talks.

Editorial Board

Pierluca Carenza (pierluca.carenza@fysik.su.se)
Stockholm University, Sweden

Valentina Danieli (vdanieli@sissa.it)
SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies,  Trieste, Italy

Raffaele Di Vora (divora@pd.infn.it)
INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Italy

Alessandro Mirizzi (alessandro.mirizzi@ba.infn.it)
Bari University & INFN Bari, Italy

Daniele Montanino (daniele.montanino@le.infn.it)
Lecce University and INFN Lecce, Italy

Mario Reig (mario.reiglopez@physics.ox.ac.uk)
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Alessio Rettaroli (alessio.rettaroli@lnf.infn.it)
INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati,  Italy

Ville Vaskonen (ville.vaskonen@pd.infn.it)
Padova University and INFN Padova, Italy