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High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows VIII

HEPROVIII - (other hepro conferences)
23-26 October 2023
Paris, France

The High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO) conferences are a cycle of biennial events devoted to the discussion of the most recent developments, either theoretical, phenomenological, or observational, on the major themes of high-energy and multi-messenger astrophysics associated with relativistic winds and jets, on all scales.

The HEPRO VIII edition has been held in Paris (France), on the campus of Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris and Observatoire de Paris, from October 23 to October 26, 2023. Some specific themes that were addressed at HEPRO VIII included the physics, dynamics and multi-wavelength signatures of jets, the production of cosmic-rays, gamma-rays and neutrinos in relativistic outflows, the environments of compact objects, the physics of relativistic sources, including pulsar wind nebulae, binary systems, gamma-ray bursts and blazars, and particle acceleration.

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Invited contributions
Oral presentations
Invited contributions
Bursts and relativistic ejecta from magnetar quakes
PoS(HEPROVIII)001 file missing A. Beloborodov
On the physics of gamma-ray emitting binaries
PoS(HEPROVIII)002 file missing V. Bosch-Ramon
The prompt emission phase of gamma-ray bursts: recent results
PoS(HEPROVIII)003 file missing Z. Bosnjak
Theory of magnetized accretion-ejection structures
PoS(HEPROVIII)004 pdf J. Ferreira
Radiation from accreting supermassive binary black holes approaching merger
PoS(HEPROVIII)005 file missing E.M. Gutiérrez
Particle Acceleration in Accretion Flows and Related High-energy Signatures
PoS(HEPROVIII)006 file missing S.S. Kimura
Progenitors of gravitational wave sources and recent results in gravitational wave astronomy
PoS(HEPROVIII)007 file missing A. Lamberts
Emission Mechanisms, Power, and Impact: The enduring open questions of extragalactic jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)008 file missing E. Meyer
Reconnection and pair production discharges in magnetospheres of neutron stars and black holes
PoS(HEPROVIII)009 file missing A. Philippov
Blazar jets: new clues and old challenges
PoS(HEPROVIII)010 pdf F. Tavecchio
Electron-Ion Temperature Ratio in Transrelativistic Unmagnetized Shock Waves
PoS(HEPROVIII)011 pdf A. Vanthieghem, V. Tsiolis, F. Fiuza, K. Sekiguchi, A. Spitkovsky and Y. Todo
Probing the surroundings of a supermassive black hole with hotspots
PoS(HEPROVIII)012 file missing F. Vincent
Understanding the brightest GRB 221009A
PoS(HEPROVIII)013 file missing X.Y. Wang
Sources of high-energy neutrinos
PoS(HEPROVIII)014 pdf attachments W. Winter
(Invited talk on Physics and Dynamics of Relativistic Jets - title TBD)
PoS(HEPROVIII)015 file missing M.C. Begelman
Understanding the evolution of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
PoS(HEPROVIII)016 pdf B. Olmi
Oral presentations
Electron acceleration and advection model for the high energy emission from the large scale jet of AGNs
PoS(HEPROVIII)017 pdf A. Abdulrahman, S. Sahayanathan and P. Subha
Radiation-mediated shocks in GRB prompt emission
PoS(HEPROVIII)018 pdf F. Alamaa, F. Ryde and C. Lundman
Insights into the high-energy emission of archetypical TeV blazars from the first combined X-ray polarisation and VHE measurements
PoS(HEPROVIII)019 file missing A. Arbet-Engels
Multi-wavelength lightcurves of the shallow decay phase in GRB afterglows
PoS(HEPROVIII)020 file missing K. Asano
Afterglow linear polarization signatures from shallow GRB jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)021 pdf G. Birenbaum, R. Gill, O. Bromberg, P. Beniamini and J. Granot
Extreme particle acceleration at jet termination shocks
PoS(HEPROVIII)022 pdf B. Cerutti and G. Giacinti
Discovery of large-scale and energetic relativistic jets from a black hole candidate in a Galactic globular cluster.
PoS(HEPROVIII)023 file missing S. Corbel
Radiation Signatures from Ultra Fast Intergalactic Neutron Stars
PoS(HEPROVIII)024 file missing M.V. del Valle
Gamma-ray evidence for a jet-orbit misalignment in the X-ray binary Cyg X-3
PoS(HEPROVIII)025 file missing A. Dmytriiev
Effects of RMHD Jet Dynamics on Particle Acceleration
PoS(HEPROVIII)026 file missing R.P. Dubey
Extended emission in short gamma-ray bursts from fallback accretion
PoS(HEPROVIII)027 file missing R. Duque
Shock Breakout from Stellar Envelopes: The Relativistic Limit
PoS(HEPROVIII)028 file missing T. Faran
Hadronic processes at work in 5BZB J0630-2406
PoS(HEPROVIII)029 file missing G. Fichet de Clairfontaine
Inferring the underlying physics of GRBs through the first end-to-end GRMHD simulations
PoS(HEPROVIII)030 file missing O. Gottlieb
Hydrodynamical simulations on state transitions in spider systems
PoS(HEPROVIII)031 pdf C. Guerra, Z. Meliani and G. Voisin
Exploring the Origins of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays: Insights from Simulated Relativistic Jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)032 file missing H. Kang
Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in the Jets of High-Energy Peaked BL Lacertae Objects
PoS(HEPROVIII)033 file missing B. Kapanadze
High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Isolated Stellar-Mass Black Hole Magnetospheres
PoS(HEPROVIII)034 pdf K. Kin, S. Kisaka, K. Toma, S. S. Kimura and A. Levinson
Lepto-Hadronic Very-High-Energy GRB Afterglows
PoS(HEPROVIII)035 file missing M. Klinger
Magnetization of Relativistic Current-carrying Jets with Radial Velocity Shear
PoS(HEPROVIII)036 file missing D. Król
A multi-zone view of blazar's emission
PoS(HEPROVIII)037 file missing R.Y. Liu
Magnetar Eruptions and Electromagnetic Fireworks
PoS(HEPROVIII)038 pdf J. Mahlmann
Exploring the Impact of Variabilities in Relativistic Jets dynamics
PoS(HEPROVIII)039 pdf Z. Meliani, F. Tornatore, G. Fichet de Clairfontaine and A. Zech
Relativistic Jet Simulations and Modeling on Horizon Scale
PoS(HEPROVIII)040 file missing Y. Mizuno
Initiation of magnetic flux eruptions at accreting black holes
PoS(HEPROVIII)041 pdf K. Nalewajko, M. Kapusta and A. Janiuk
The VHE emission of structured GRB jets: the case of GW170817 and prospects for future detections
PoS(HEPROVIII)042 file missing C. Pellouin
Supercritical accretion disks with winds in General Relativity
PoS(HEPROVIII)043 file missing D. Perez, G.E. Romero and J. Horak
The Sharpened View and Enriched Phenomenology of AGN Jets from Event Horizon Telescope Observations
PoS(HEPROVIII)044 file missing D. Psaltis
Unbiased survey of high-frequency-peaked BL Lacs with VERITAS
PoS(HEPROVIII)045 pdf P.L. Rabinowitz and  on behalf of the VERITAS Collaboration
Energetic Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Shearing Flows
PoS(HEPROVIII)046 file missing F.M. Rieger
Neutrinos and photons as signatures of dissipation close to the photosphere in short gamma-ray burst jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)047 file missing A. Rudolph
Ultrafast variability in AGN jets: intermittency and lighthouse effect
PoS(HEPROVIII)048 file missing E. Sobacchi
Large-scale feedbacks in relativistic collisionless shocks: the role of nonlinearities
PoS(HEPROVIII)049 file missing A. Spitkovsky
Gamma-ray narrow-line Seyfert galaxies: first long-term optical, UV, and X-ray monitoring
PoS(HEPROVIII)050 pdf S. Vercellone, P. Romano and S. Baitieri
Photon energy gain in relativistic Plasma with velocity Shear: A new mechanism for producing power-law spectra at high energies
PoS(HEPROVIII)051 pdf M.K. Vyas and A. Pe'er
Expanding Fireball in Magnetar Bursts and Fast Radio Bursts
PoS(HEPROVIII)052 file missing T. Wada
Observation of microquasars high-energy emission with INTEGRAL
PoS(HEPROVIII)060 pdf T. Bouchet, J. Rodriguez, F. Cangemi and P. Laurent
Searching for new gamma-ray binaries through runaway stars
PoS(HEPROVIII)061 file missing M. Carretero-Castrillo
Accelerated cosmic rays' feedback on relativistic jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)062 pdf A. Carvalho, E. De Gouveia Dal Pino, T.E. Medina-Torrejon and G. Kowal
Simulations of unstable recollimation shocks
PoS(HEPROVIII)063 pdf A. Costa, G. Bodo, F. Tavecchio and P. Rossi
Radiatively driven evaporation from magnetar's surface
PoS(HEPROVIII)064 file missing I. Demidov
Fermi & eROSITA bubbles: Relics of twin jetted bursts from Sgr A*
PoS(HEPROVIII)065 file missing A. Ghosh
Prospects for ultra-high-energy particle acceleration at relativistic shocks
PoS(HEPROVIII)066 file missing Z.Q. Huang
MAGIC observation of BL Lacertae flaring period in 2020
PoS(HEPROVIII)067 file missing R. Imazawa
High energy neutrino emission from a radiatively inefficient accretion flow based on a GRMHD simulation
PoS(HEPROVIII)068 file missing T. Kawashima
The impact of the stellar wind on the non-thermal processes in gamma-ray binaries
PoS(HEPROVIII)069 pdf E. Kefala and V. Bosch-Ramon
Synchrotron Polarization of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Shocks with Hydrodynamic-scale Turbulent Magnetic Field
PoS(HEPROVIII)070 file missing A. Kuwata
Magnetically-dominated plasma turbulence in the rapid synchrotron-cooling regime
PoS(HEPROVIII)071 file missing V. Loktev
Modelling the variable emission states of gamma-ray emitting NLS1 galaxies
PoS(HEPROVIII)072 file missing A. Luashvili
Resistive relativistic MHD simulations of astrophysical jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)073 pdf G. Mattia
A large-energy relativistic jet model for GRB 080710 producing bright achromatic afterglow
PoS(HEPROVIII)074 file missing K. Obayashi
The high-energy gamma-ray spectra of TeV blazars
PoS(HEPROVIII)075 pdf D. Ribeiro
Enhanced particle acceleration in a pulsar wind interacting with a companion
PoS(HEPROVIII)076 file missing V. Richard Romei
Feasibility studies on the search of Lorentz invariance violation signatures from relativistic jets with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(HEPROVIII)077 file missing A. Rosales de Leon, J. Bolmont and H. Sol
Modelling and fitting of Extreme TeV Bl Lacs
PoS(HEPROVIII)078 pdf A. Sciaccaluga, F. Tavecchio and M. Landoni
Investigating the Low-State of NGC 1275 with VERITAS and Multi-wavelength Observations
PoS(HEPROVIII)079 pdf A.K. Talluri
Exploration of the physical origin of blazar flares with a time-dependent one-zone model
PoS(HEPROVIII)080 pdf P. Thevenet, A. Zech and C. Boisson
Particle-in-cell simulation of a relativistic shock propagating in an electron-proton-helium plasma
PoS(HEPROVIII)081 file missing S. Tomita
Data analysis of a sample of Fermi GRBs with a model of radiation-mediated shocks
PoS(HEPROVIII)082 file missing O. Wistemar
The phenomenology at high energies of fast moving pulsar wind nebulae
PoS(HEPROVIII)083 file missing X. Zhang
Spindown of Pulsars Interacting with Companion Winds: Implications for the Double Pulsar PSR J0737-3039
PoS(HEPROVIII)084 file missing Y. Zhong
A $4^{\rm th}$-order accurate finite volume method for ideal and resistive classical and special relativisitc MHD in the PLUTO code
PoS(HEPROVIII)059 pdf V. Berta, A. Mignone, M. Bugli and G. Mattia
Can the Thermal Evolution of the Expanding Fireball Explain the GRB 221206B?
PoS(HEPROVIII)053 pdf S. Gupta and S. Sahayanathan
Multi-pulse GRB prompt emission via a novel pulse-shape model
PoS(HEPROVIII)054 pdf G. A, A. Pe'er", F. Ryde" and H. Dereli-Bégué"
XMM-Newton observations of the extragalactic microquasar S26 and their implications for PeV cosmic rays
PoS(HEPROVIII)055 pdf L. Abaroa, G.E. Romero, G.C. Mancuso and F.N. Rizzo
GRB 221009A observations with LST-1 at VHE gamma rays
 The CTA-LST Project, K. Abe, S. Abe, A. Abhishek, F. Acero, A. Aguasca-Cabot, I. Agudo, N. Alvarez Crespo, L.A. Antonelli, C. Aramo, A. Arbet-Engels, C. Arcaro, K. Asano, P. Aubert, A. Baktash, A. Bamba, A. Baquero Larriva, U. Barres de Almeida, J.A. Barrio, L. Barrios Jiménez, I. Batković, J.R. Baxter, J. Becerra González, E. Bernardini, J. Bernete Medrano, A. Berti, P. Bhattacharjee, C. Bigongiari, E. Bissaldi, O. Blanch, G. Bonnoli, P. Bordas, G. Brunelli, A. Bulgarelli, I. Burelli, L. Burmistrov, M. Buscemi, M. Cardillo, S. Caroff, A. Carosi, M.S. Carrasco, F. Cassol, N. Castrejon, D. Cauz, D. Cerasole, G. Ceribella, Y. Chai, K. Cheng, A. Chiavassa, M. Chikawa, G. Chon, L. Chytka, G.M. Cicciari, A. Cifuentes, J.L. Contreras, J. Cortina, H. Costantini, P. Da Vela, M. Dalchenko, F. Dazzi, A. De Angelis, M. de Bony de Lavergne, B. De Lotto, R. de Menezes, L. Del Peral, C. Delgado, J. Delgado Mengual, D. Della Volpe, M. Dellaiera, A. Di Piano, F. Di Pierro, R. Di Tria, L. Di Venere, C. Díaz, R.M. Dominik, D. Dominis Prester, A. Donini, D. Dorner, M. Doro, L. Eisenberger, D. Elsässer, G. Emery, J. Escudero, V. Fallah Ramazani, F. Ferrarotto, A. Fiasson, L. Foffano, L. Freixas Coromina, S. Fröse, Y. Fukazawa, R. Garcia López, C. Gasbarra, D. Gasparrini, F. Geyer, J. Giesbrecht Paiva, N. Giglietto, F. Giordano, P. Gliwny, N. Godinović, R. Grau, D. Green, J.G. Green, S. Gunji, P. Günther, J. Hackfeld, D. Hadasch, A. Hahn, T. Hassan, K. Hayashi, L. Heckmann, M. Heller, J. Herrera Llorente, K. Hirotani, D. Hoffmann, D. Horns, J. Houles, M. Hrabovsky, D. Hrupec, D. Hui, M. Iarlori, R. Imazawa, T. Inada, Y. Inome, K. Ioka, M. Iori, A. Iuliano, I. Jiménez Martínez, J. Jiménez Quiles, J. Jurysek, M. Kagaya, O. Kalashev, V. Karas, H. Katagiri, J. Kataoka, D. Kerszberg, Y. Kobayashi, K. Kohri, A. Kong, H. Kubo, J. Kushida, M. Lainez, G. Lamanna, A. Lamastra, L. Lemoigne, M. Linhoff, F. Longo, R. López-Coto, A. López-Oramas, S. Loporchio, A. Lorini, J. Lozano Bahilo, P.L. Luque-Escamilla, P. Majumdar, M. Makariev, M. Mallamaci, D. Mandat, M. Manganaro, G. Manicò, K. Mannheim, S. Marchesi, M. Mariotti, P. Marquez, G. Marsella, J. Martí, O. Martinez, G. Martínez, M. Martínez, A. Mas-Aguilar, G. Maurin, D. Mazin, E. Mestre Guillen, S. Mićanović, D. Miceli, T. Miener, J.M. Miranda, R. Mirzoyan, T. Mizuno, M. Molero Gonzalez, E. Molina, T. Montaruli, A. Moralejo, D. Morcuende, A. Morselli, V. Moya, H. Muraishi, S. Nagataki, T. Nakamori, A. Neronov, L. Nickel, M. Nievas Rosillo, L. Nikolić, K. Nishijima, K. Noda, D. Nosek, V. Novotný, S. Nozaki, M. Ohishi, Y. Ohtani, T. Oka, A. Okumura, R. Orito, J. Otero-Santos, P. Ottanelli, E. Owen, M. Palatiello, D. Paneque, F.R. Pantaleo, R. Paoletti, J.M. Paredes, M. Pech, M. Pecimotika, M. Peresano, F. Pfeiffle, E. Pietropaolo, M. Pihet, G. Pirola, C. Plard, F. Podobnik, E. Pons, E. Prandini, C. Priyadarshi, M. Prouza, R. Rando, W. Rhode, M. Ribó, C. Righi, V. Rizi, G. Rodriguez Fernandez, M.D. Rodríguez Frías, T. Saito, S. Sakurai, D. Sanchez, H. Sano, T. Šarić, Y. Sato, F.G. Saturni, V. Savchenko, F. Schiavone, B. Schleicher, F. Schmuckermaier, J.L. Schubert, F. Schüssler, T. Schweizer, M. Seglar Arroyo, T. Siegert, R. Silvia, J. Sitarek, V. Sliusar, J. Strišković, M.C. Strzys, Y. Suda, H. Tajima, H. Takahashi, M. Takahashi, J. Takata, R. Takeishi, P.T. Tam, S. Tanaka, D. Tateishi, T. Tavernier, P. Temnikov, Y. Terada, K. Terauchi, T. Terzić, M. Teshima, M. Tluczykont, F. Tokanai, D.F. Torres, P. Travnicek, A. Tutone, M. Vacula, P. Vallania, J. van Scherpenberg, M. Vazquez Acosta, G. Verna, I. Viale, A. Vigliano, C.f. Vigorito, E. Visentin, V. Vitale, V. Voitsekhovskyi, G.G. Voutsinas, I. Vovk, T. Vuillaume, R. Walter, L. Wan, M. Will, T. Yamamoto, R. Yamazaki, P.K.H. Yeung, T. Yoshida, T. Yoshikoshi, W. Zhang and N. Żywucka
Impact of MHD instabilities on the non-thermal emission signatures of Blazar jets
PoS(HEPROVIII)056 file missing S. Acharya
Gamma-Ray Propagation Signatures in AGN Spectra with VERITAS
PoS(HEPROVIII)057 file missing C. Adams

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