PoS - Proceedings of Science
HEPROVIII 23-26 October 2023 Paris, France

The High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO) conferences are a cycle of biennial events devoted to the discussion of the most recent developments, either theoretical, phenomenological, or observational, on the major themes of high-energy and multi-messenger astrophysics associated with relativistic winds and jets, on all scales.

The HEPRO VIII edition has been held in Paris (France), on the campus of Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris and Observatoire de Paris, from October 23 to October 26, 2023. Some specific themes that were addressed at HEPRO VIII included the physics, dynamics and multi-wavelength signatures of jets, the production of cosmic-rays, gamma-rays and neutrinos in relativistic outflows, the environments of compact objects, the physics of relativistic sources, including pulsar wind nebulae, binary systems, gamma-ray bursts and blazars, and particle acceleration.