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The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe: Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments

18-22 November, 2013
Taipei, Taiwan
published June 20, 2014
This meeting addresses the life cycle of dust in the Universe, which covers the formation, evolution and destruction of dust in a range of environments, ranging from the smallest to the largest scales. Bringing together observational and theoretical astrophysicists as well as meteoriticists and experimentalists allows for a cross-disciplinary dialogue. The meeting follows a successful tradition of astrophysical dust meetings, starting in Albany in 1972, with the latest edition "Cosmic Dust: Near and Far" organized by Th. Henning taking place in Heidelberg in 2008. Since that meeting, the field of dust astrophysics has made major leaps forward with the host of data arriving from such missions as the infrared space telescopes Spitzer and Herschel, and the sample return mission, Stardust, which took dust samples from comet Wild-2. The largest telescope on Earth, ALMA, has also recently come online, allowing for investigations into the origin of dust in the Universe, making this is excellent time to review the status of the field of dust astrophysics. The meeting aims to create an environment in which all aspects of the life cycle of dust are discussed, from an astrophysical, chemical and mineralogical perspective, and its effect on a range of environments. Observational insights, theoretical models and experimental approaches all contribute to our view of the life cycle of dust, and the meeting addresses new developments and future projects in all these areas.


Anja Andersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Maarten Baes, Universiteit Gent, Belgium
Haley Gomez, Cardiff University, UK
Ciska Kemper (Chairman), Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Darach Watson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Session 1. Observational constraints on dust properties
Session 2. High-z dust
Session 3. Dust in galaxies
Session 4. Dust production by massive stars
Session 5. Dust production by AGB stars
Session 6. The Interstellar Dust Reservoir
Session 7. Carbon-based dust
Session 8. Protoplanetary disks and the Solar system
Session 9. Dust astrophysics in the laboratory
Session 10. Herschel results
P9 Dust astrophysics in the laboratory (9)
Session 1. Observational constraints on dust properties
The physical and compositional properties of dust: what do we really know?
PoS(LCDU2013)001 pdf A. Jones
Modeling Cosmic Dust: How to Use Optical "Constants"
PoS(LCDU2013)002 pdf A. Speck
Dust Grain Alignment in the Interstellar Medium
PoS(LCDU2013)003 pdf J. Vaillancourt, B.G. Andersson and A. Lazarian
Depletions of Elements from the Gas Phase: A Guide on Dust Compositions
PoS(LCDU2013)005 pdf E. Jenkins
The X-ray side of the absorption by interstellar dust in the Milky Way
PoS(LCDU2013)006 pdf E. Costantini, C. de Vries, S.T. Zeegers, F. de Groot, H. Mutschke, C. Pinto and L. Waters
Constraints on dust composition in the Magellanic Clouds from gas-phase zinc, silicon, chromium, and iron abundances
PoS(LCDU2013)007 pdf K. Tchernyshyov, M. Meixner, J. Seale, A. Fox, S. Friedman, K.R. Sembach, E. Dwek and F. Galliano
Searching for the Culprit of Anomalous Microwave Emission: An AKARI PAHrange Analysis of Probable Electric Dipole Emitting Regions
PoS(LCDU2013)057 pdf A.C. Bell, T. Onaka, I. Sakon, D. Ishihara, H. Kaneda, H.G. Lee, M. Itoh, R. Ohsawa and M. Hammonds
Photoprocessing-driven dust evolution in the diffuse ISM
PoS(LCDU2013)058 pdf L. Fanciullo, V. Guillet, A. Jones, F. Boulanger, M.A. Miville-Deschenes and L. Verstraete
SOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
PoS(LCDU2013)059 pdf A.L. Helton
Transport of the charged dust grains to the galactic halo
PoS(LCDU2013)060 pdf S. Khoperskov and Y. Shchekinov
Using Spinning Dust Emission To Constrain The Evolution Of Dust Grains In Cold Clumps
PoS(LCDU2013)064 pdf C. Tibbs, R. Paladini, K. Cleary, K. Grainge, S. Muchovej, T. Pearson, Y. Perrott, C. Rumsey, A. Scaife, M. Stevenson and J. Villadsen
Investigating dense interstellar dust environments in the X-rays
PoS(LCDU2013)065 pdf S.T. Zeegers, E. Costantini, C. de Vries and A. Tielens
Session 2. High-z dust
The extinction law at high redshift
PoS(LCDU2013)010 pdf S. Gallerani
The dust budget crisis in high-redshift submillimetre galaxies
PoS(LCDU2013)011 pdf K. Rowlands, H. Gomez, L. Dunne, A. Aragon-Salamanca, S. Dye, S. Maddox, E. da Cunha and P. van der Werf
Dust in the first quasars as a powerful probe of galaxy/BH co-evolution
PoS(LCDU2013)012 pdf R. Valiante and R. Schneider
Probing Interstellar Silicate Dust Grain Properties in Quasar Absorption Systems at Redshifts z<1.4
PoS(LCDU2013)013 pdf M. Aller, V.P. Kulkarni, D.G. York, D.E. Welty, G. Vladilo and D. Som
The Infrared Excess-UV spectral Slope Relation of Galaxies and its Evolution at 0 < z < 3
PoS(LCDU2013)068 pdf T. Takeuchi, K. Malek, A. Kawakita, T.L. Suzuki, A.K. Inoue, V. Buat, D. Burgarella and S. Noll
Session 3. Dust in galaxies
Properties of dust and PAHs in various environments of nearby galaxies
PoS(LCDU2013)014 pdf H. Kaneda
Life Cycle of Dust in the Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way
PoS(LCDU2013)016 pdf S. Zhukovska and T. Henning
EvolutioN of Grains in the MAgellanic clouds (ENiGMA)
PoS(LCDU2013)017 pdf M. Meixner, E. Dwek, T. Temim, K. Tschernyshyov, M. Boyer, C. Gall and R. Eufrasio
Dust radiative transfer: modeling the complex interplay between dust and starlight in galaxies
PoS(LCDU2013)070 pdf M. Baes, G. De Geyter, P. Camps, W. Saftly, I. De Looze, J. Fritz, D. Gadotti and M. Stalevski
Dust collisional heating and small grain destruction in NGC 4438
PoS(LCDU2013)071 pdf M. Bocchio, A. Jones and A. Abergel
A Blind Survey of the Local Dusty Universe with Herschel-ATLAS
PoS(LCDU2013)073 pdf C. Clark, H. Gomez and L. Dunne
Constructing the Spectral Energy Distribution Model of Galaxies Considering Dust Extinction and Re-emision
PoS(LCDU2013)075 pdf A. Kawakita and T. Takeuchi
Baryonic Tully-Fisher relation and star formation rate
PoS(LCDU2013)076 pdf M. Kobayashi and T. Takeuchi
AKARI/IRC Imaging Observations of the Merger Remnant NGC 2782
PoS(LCDU2013)080 pdf T. Nakamura, T. Onaka, H. Kaneda, I. Sakon, R. Ohsawa and T. Mori
Dust and Gas in diffuse interstellar medium of the Large Magellanic Cloud
PoS(LCDU2013)081 pdf N. Neelamkodan, C. Kemper, Y.L. Yang, S. Hony, J.P. Bernard, K. Gordon, W.T. Reach, C. Bot, O. Morata, H. Hirashita, J.Y. Seok, S.C. Madden and A. Hughes
Dust Science with SPICA/MCS
PoS(LCDU2013)082 pdf I. Sakon, T. Onaka, H. Kataza, T. Wada, Y. Sarugaku, H. Matsuhara, T. Nakagawa, N. Kobayashi, C. Kemper, Y. Ohyama, T. Matsumoto and J.Y. Seok
Session 4. Dust production by massive stars
Dust production in Supernovae
PoS(LCDU2013)018 pdf I. Cherchneff
Dust in supernova remnants
PoS(LCDU2013)146 pdf H. Gomez
In my Beginning is my End: Dust Destruction in the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant
PoS(LCDU2013)019 pdf E. Micelotta and E. Dwek
Dust Formation in Stellar Winds of Very Massive Population III Stars
PoS(LCDU2013)023 pdf T. Nozawa
Molecule and dust reprocessing by the reverse shock in the supernova remnant Cas A
PoS(LCDU2013)084 pdf C. Biscaro and I. Cherchneff
Iron and dust in the supernova remnant IC443
PoS(LCDU2013)086 pdf T. Kokusho, T. Nagayama, H. Kaneda, D. Ishihara, H.G. Lee and T. Onaka
Population III Supernovae and the elemental composition of carbon-normal and carbon-enhanced
PoS(LCDU2013)089 pdf S. Marassi, M. Limongi, A. Chieffi and R. Schneider
Herschel and ALMA measurements of Dust and Molecules in Supernova 1987A
PoS(LCDU2013)090 pdf M. Meixner, R. Indebetouw, M. Matsuura, J. Kamenetzky, R. McCray and E. Dwek
Condensation of dust in supernova ejecta
PoS(LCDU2013)091 pdf A. Sarangi and I. Cherchneff
Session 5. Dust production by AGB stars
Dust production by metal-poor stars
PoS(LCDU2013)026 pdf I. McDonald
Dust from AGBs: from carbon to silicates, the role of the Hot Bottom Burning
PoS(LCDU2013)092 pdf F. Dell'Agli
Forming silicate and alumina dust in the wind of the O-rich AGB IK Tau
PoS(LCDU2013)093 pdf D. Gobrecht and I. Cherchneff
Luminosities and mass-loss rates of Local Group AGB stars and Red Supergiants
PoS(LCDU2013)094 pdf M. Groenewegen
Evolution and Development of the Slow, Dusty Nova, V1280 Scorpii (Nova Sco 2007a)
PoS(LCDU2013)095 pdf A.L. Helton, W. Vacca, A. Evans, C.E. Woodward, R.D. Gehrz, F. Walter and D. Shenoy
Observing dust-forming refractory oxides AlO, TiO, and TiO2 in circumstellar gas around evolved stars
PoS(LCDU2013)096 pdf T. Kaminski
Probing the dust formation zone in IRC+10216 with the SMA
PoS(LCDU2013)098 pdf N. Patel
Investigating Proto-Planetary Nebulae through Angular Differential Imaging
PoS(LCDU2013)101 pdf T. Ueta
Probing Ancient Mass Loss with AKARI's Extended Thermal Dust Emission Objects
PoS(LCDU2013)102 pdf T. Ueta
Differential Proper-Motion Measurements of the Cygnus Egg Nebula; The Presence of Equatorial Outflows
PoS(LCDU2013)147 pdf T. Ueta
Session 6. The Interstellar Dust Reservoir
Dust Processing in the Interstellar Medium
PoS(LCDU2013)027 pdf H. Hirashita
Dust Lifetime Re-evaluation in the Light of a New Dust Model
PoS(LCDU2013)028 pdf M. Bocchio and A. Jones
CORESHINE : a tracer of grain growth in dark clouds
PoS(LCDU2013)029 pdf L. Pagani, C. Lefevre, R. Paladini, J. Steinacker, A. Bacmann and T. Henning
Numerical simulations of the life cycle of dust in forming and evolving disk galaxies
PoS(LCDU2013)030 pdf K. Bekki
How do the extinction curves in galaxies evolve?
PoS(LCDU2013)105 pdf R. Asano, T. Takeuchi, H. Hirashita and T. Nozawa
AKARI mid-infrared all-sky survey: development of the new inter-planetary dust (IPD) map and the world-first all-sky PAH map
PoS(LCDU2013)108 pdf D. Ishihara, H. Kaneda, T. Kondo, T. Amatsutsu, K. Nakamichi, M. Yamagishi, S. Oyabu, T. Ootsubo and T. Onaka
Evolution of dust properties inside molecular clouds from coreshine modelling
PoS(LCDU2013)148 pdf C. Lefevre, L. Pagani, M. Juvela and R. Paladini
AKARI Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Galactic HII regions
PoS(LCDU2013)111 pdf T. Mori
Dust Evolution in Intermediate Velocity Clouds
PoS(LCDU2013)113 pdf D. Pinheiro Gonçalves, P.G. Martin, K. Blagrave and M.A. Miville-Deschenes
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Diffuse Galactic Radiation with AKARI/IRC
PoS(LCDU2013)112 pdf T. Onaka, T. Mori, I. Sakon, R. Ohsawa, T. Nakamura, H.G. Lee, I.M. Koch, T. Shimonishi, H. Kaneda, Y. Okada and M. Tanaka
Tracing grain growth from molecular clouds to disk envelopes with coreshine
PoS(LCDU2013)115 pdf J. Steinacker
AKARI Contribution to the Dust Studies
PoS(LCDU2013)117 pdf I. Yamamura
Session 7. Carbon-based dust
Organic dust in the interstellar medium
PoS(LCDU2013)031 pdf S. Kwok
Interstellar and Circumstellar Fullerenes
PoS(LCDU2013)032 pdf J. Bernard-Salas, J. Cami, A. Jones, E. Peeters, E. Micelotta, M. Otsuka, G.C. Sloan, C. Kemper and M. Groenewegen
Large-scale extraplanar PAH emission in the Galactic center region found by AKARI mid-infrared all-sky survey
PoS(LCDU2013)033 pdf T. Kondo, H. Kaneda, D. Ishihara, S. Oyabu, M. Yamagishi and T. Onaka
Formation History of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Galaxies
PoS(LCDU2013)034 pdf J.Y. Seok, H. Hirashita and R. Asano
On the nature of the 30 micron feature in carbon-rich planetary nebula
PoS(LCDU2013)122 pdf C. Kemper, M. Otsuka, J. Cami, E. Peeters and J. Bernard-Salas
Observable signatures of lifecycle of PAHs in HII complexes
PoS(LCDU2013)123 pdf M. Khramtsova and D. Wiebe
The Circle of Dust: From Nanoparticles to Macromolecules and Beyond
PoS(LCDU2013)125 pdf E. Micelotta, A. Jones, M. Bocchio, J. Cami, E. Peeters and J. Bernard-Salas
Evolution of Planetary Nebulae and PAH features
PoS(LCDU2013)126 pdf R. Ohsawa, T. Onaka, I. Sakon, T. Mori, I. Yamamura, M. Matsuura, H. Kaneda, J. Bernard-Salas, O. Berné and C. Joblin
Physical Properties of Fullerene-containing Galactic Planetary Nebulae
PoS(LCDU2013)127 pdf M. Otsuka, C. Kemper, J. Cami, E. Peeters and J. Bernard-Salas
The nature of circumstellar hydrocarbons
PoS(LCDU2013)128 pdf G.C. Sloan
Extinction and PAH intensity variations across the HII region IRAS 12063-6259
PoS(LCDU2013)129 pdf D. Stock
The PAH emission properties of an ensemble of UCHII regions in W49A.
PoS(LCDU2013)130 pdf D. Stock
Session 8. Protoplanetary disks and the Solar system
Dust in Protoplanetary Disks: A Clue as to the Critical Mass of Planetary Cores
PoS(LCDU2013)036 pdf Y. Hasegawa
Dust in Warm Debris Disks
PoS(LCDU2013)039 pdf H. Fujiwara
Dust in the Solar System: Properties and Origins
PoS(LCDU2013)040 pdf S. Messenger, L.P. Keller and A.N. Nguyen
Dust mineralogy in the circumstellar envelope of SVS13
PoS(LCDU2013)131 pdf T. Fujiyoshi, C. Wright and T. Moore
Dust observations with the new ALMA Band 1 receiver
PoS(LCDU2013)134 pdf O. Morata
Session 9. Dust astrophysics in the laboratory
Optical Properties of Interstellar Dust from Cosmic Dust Analogs Studied in the Lab
PoS(LCDU2013)042 pdf H. Mutschke
FIR and Submm Optical Properties of Astrophysically Relevant Minerals
PoS(LCDU2013)044 pdf K. Demyk, C. Meny, H. Leroux, C. Depecker, C. Nayral, F. Delpech, W.S. Ojo, J.B. Brubach and P. Roy
Experimental Studies on Dust Formation in Space
PoS(LCDU2013)046 pdf S. Tachibana and A. Takigawa
Cosmic dust formation at cryogenic temperatures
PoS(LCDU2013)047 pdf G. Rouillé, S. Krasnokutski, M. Krebsz, C. Jaeger, F. Huisken and T. Henning
Infrared spectra of silica polymorphs
PoS(LCDU2013)138 pdf C. Koike
Laboratory measurements of the far-infrared to millimeter dust opacity of amorphous Mg/Fe silicates
PoS(LCDU2013)140 pdf P. Mohr
Radiation Damage Effect on Photodesorption Rates from Astronomical Ices
PoS(LCDU2013)145 pdf C. Yuan and J.T. Yates
Session 10. Herschel results
Digging up the Dirt on Galaxies with Herschel
PoS(LCDU2013)049 pdf L. Dunne
Planetary Nebula Dust Haloes Revealed by Herschel
PoS(LCDU2013)050 pdf T. Ueta
A View on Dust Evolution with Metallicity and ISM physical conditions, from Herschel Observations of the Nearby Universe
PoS(LCDU2013)051 pdf F. Galliano, A. Rémy-Ruyer and S.C. Madden