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PoS for Authors

PoS opens access to your contribution

PoS - Proceedings of Science is a web-based fully automatic service and the entire editorial procedure is run by means of a software system. A chairman - appointed by the Conference Organising Committee - is in charge of the electronic publication of the proceedings, which (s)he runs from personal web pages. The PoS Editorial Office <> promptly provides any technical assistance that may be required.

Contributions must be submitted from your Author pages as a pdf file in the PoS style. The style files for both LaTeX and for MS Word are available on your Author pages, while detailed instructions will be sent to all authors with the invitation to submit their contribution. After being uploaded by the author, contributions are reviewed by the chairman. After acceptance contributions are published and available for free to all readers on the PoS web site.

To submit their contributions, authors are requested to follow the instructions below. Please take note of the deadline for your specific conference.

Submission of contribution

Contributions can be submitted only by web upload from your author pages in the pdf format alone.

To submit a contribution you should connect to your author pages and click on the "workarea" link.

When the conference web interface is set up Authors are assigned a personal userID and password for uploading their contribution on the PoS web page, and a contribution code (for example PoS(MOC2000)001 is the first contribution of the conference "Mock conference" whose conference ID has been chosen by the chairman to be "MOC2000"). Please use this code in any correspondence with the PoS Editorial Office and the chairman in charge of the electronic publication of the PoS Conference Proceedings. This ID code will be used by anyone wishing to cite your contribution.

Should you have any doubts please contact the PoS editorial office at

File preparation

The file to be submitted is to be prepared as follows:

  • Download and unpack the .zip archive from your Author pages ("workarea" → "template files and instructions"). You will find the LaTeX class PoS.cls with the PoS logo, a skeleton file for word processing contributions and a pdf file with detailed instructions.
  • No language editing is provided by the PoS Editorial Office, so please note that only papers written in standard (comprehensible) English will be accepted for publication.

LaTeX users

  • Write your manuscript using the PoS class and the skeleton contained in the invitation-to-submit e-mail.
  • Please do not change the content of the fields \author{...}, \title{...}, \FullConference{...}, ....
  • If some of the metadata on the first page you fill in are incorrect or differ from the PoS style you will be asked to resubmit your contribution since the pdf file cannot be modified by the Editorial Office.
  • Create a pdf file with your favourite system. You will find some suggestions in the file PoSauthmanual.pdf.
  • Do not compress (zip) the file.

Word processing users

  • Write your manuscript using the PoStemplate.odt skeleton file (the free software can be downloaded from the internet, for instance OpenOffice).
  • Please fill in with the utmost care the fields author, title and abstract.
  • Do not change the name for the conference.
  • If some of the metadata on the first page you fill in are incorrect or differ from the PoS style you will be asked to resubmit your contribution since the pdf file cannot be modified by the Editorial Office.
  • Export the document as pdf.
  • Do not compress (zip) the file.

File upload

The submission procedure is divided in two steps. The first consists in uploading the file. The second in closing the submission.
Explanation. When the file has been uploaded but the submission has not been closed yet, the chairman is informed that you have started to upload your contribution but cannot access your files. This is to enable you to view your main file and attachments (if any), and replace them if necessary.
When you close the submission the chairman will be able to access your file(s) and review them. From then on the file(s) can only be replaced with the chairman's consent ("Request an update").

To submit your contribution go to the upload page on your Author pages ("login" → "workarea"), fill in the form and click on the "Submit" button.

After submission

After closing a submission, authors can check their files on their pages.

If you have submitted a revision and keep seeing the previous .pdf displayed on the webpage, please clear your browser's cache memory: your browser may display the previous file instead of the new one until it is cleared. If the problem persist please contact the PoS Editorial Office at

At this stage authors should wait for notification on the chairman's decision ("Accept", "Request revision", etc.). The only actions that can be taken are: "Request an update" and "Request withdrawal".

The closure of the submission sets the automatic editorial procedure in motion. The paper is made available to the conference chairman and authors will be automatically notified on any progress their contribution makes in the editorial procedure.

After acceptance

Contributions can only be published after the conference chairman has accepted them. They are then published in the PoS Conference Proceedings website ( and are accessible to all interested readers.


All contributions are published in PoS under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Every author submitting his/her contribution to PoS retains the copyright, and upon submission (s)he applies this license to his/her work. See also the detailed description.

To this purpose, authors will find on the first page of the PoS templates the following sentence:

Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

See, for example, the author manual.


PoS bears no responsibility for uncommon formats, viruses and other problems that may arise.

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