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PoS for chairpersons

Chairpersons are responsible for running and publishing the conference proceedings they are in charge of. They indicate authors, establish deadlines and the length of the contributions, and take the final decisions on whether contributions are publishable. Peer reviewing of the proceedings and lecture notes, is entirely to be carried out by the conference editors under their scientific responsibility. Chairpersons run the entire editorial procedure from their personal web page. Access to this page requires a username and the password provided by the PoS editorial office.

Editors and reviewers must remain unbiased during the review process. A conflict of interest is anything that interferes with, or could reasonably be perceived as interfering with an objective peer review. Circumstances that may preclude editors or reviewers to remain unbiased include (but are not limited to) personal competing interests of any kind with any of the authors, being currently employed at the same institution as any of the authors, or having been close collaborators of any of the authors in the last three years. If at any point of the review process, editors or reviewers feel they cannot provide a fair and unbiased review, they should notify the editorial office immediately and seek advice.

The chairperson web page

If you are an accredited chairperson, you can access your chairperson web page via the "login for chairperson" on the PoS website, logging in with your personal username and password. The chairperson web page includes all the functions required for running the publication of conference proceedings, and is kept dynamically updated with new relevant events (i.e. new submissions from authors). Concurrently, e-mail notifications are sent to the chairperson as well.

Your conferences

This section displays the list of all the conferences run by you. To connect to a particular conference, please click on the corresponding shortname.

Conference page

This section contains all the data concerning a particular conference along with the list of contributions and the information on their status in the editorial procedure. On this page you can do the following:

  • modify/add/remove contributions
  • modify/add/remove sessions
  • add/remove authors
  • send communications/reminders to authors
  • download contributions in pdf format (plus any multimedia attachments)
  • make your decision on whether the contributions are to be published/rejected or if they are to be revised before publication.

Please note that chairpersons cannot take any action in the PoS user database, so you will need to ask the editorial office <pos-eo@pos.sissa.it> in order to:

  • change an author's e-mail address/affiliation
  • register a new author to the PoS database

Different colours are used to emphasise the status of the contributions and your actions. Special colour coding is available on the left hand side of the page to aid colour blind users.

Following your actions the software will update the corresponding pages and send the necessary notifications.


Standard editable messages are available to send reminders, ask for revisions, etc.; you are free to change them as you wish and use/edit them in your correspondence.

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