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Identification of dark matter 2008

idm2008 - (other idm conferences)
August 18-22, 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
published August 24, 2009

The main topics of the conference are

The conference included both invited and contributed talks as well as a few more specialized sessions and a poster session.

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Direct detection - experiments
Direct detection - phenomenology
Indirect searches - charged cosmic rays
Indirect searches - gammas
Indirect searches - neutrinos
Indirect detection - phenomenology
Multi-messenger searches
Dark energy / Cosmology
Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
Connections with accelerators
Dark matter phenomenology / theory
Axions - theory and experiment
Neutrino properties
Dark Stars
Background studies for direct detection
Theoretical models and related topics
Poster session
Direct detection - experiments
XMASS experiment
PoS(idm2008)001 pdf Y. Suzuki
The DMTPC detector
PoS(idm2008)002 pdf G. Sciolla
First results from DAMA/LIBRA
PoS(idm2008)003 pdf attachments P. Belli, R. Bernabei, F. Montecchia, F. Nozzoli, F. Cappella, A. D’Angelo, A. Incicchitti, D. Prosperi, R. Cerulli, C.J. Dai, H. He, H.H. Kuang, J.M. Ma, X.D. Sheng and Z.P. Ye
Directional Dark Matter Search with Nuclear Emulsion
PoS(idm2008)004 pdf T. Naka
Sapphire, BGO and LiF scintillating bolometers developed for dark matter experiments
PoS(idm2008)007 pdf N. Coron, J. Gironnet, J. Leblanc, P. de Marcillac, T. Redon, E. García, M. Martínez, R.Y. Ortigoza Paredes, A. Ortiz de Solórzano, C. Pobes, J. Puimedón, M.L. Sarsa, L. Torres and J.Á. Villar
Status of the EDELWEISS II experiment
PoS(idm2008)008 pdf X. Defay
A Direction-Sensitive Dark Matter Search Experiment (NEWAGE)
PoS(idm2008)009 pdf H. Nishimura
The PICASSO Dark Matter Search Project
PoS(idm2008)010 pdf A. Davour
Techniques for Head-Tail directional recoil measurements in the DRIFT-II dark matter detector
PoS(idm2008)012 pdf N. Spooner
EURECA – The Future of Cryogenic Dark Matter Detection in Europe
PoS(idm2008)013 pdf H. Kraus
The CRESST Dark Matter Search
PoS(idm2008)014 pdf F. Petricca
The WArP Dark Matter Search
PoS(idm2008)016 pdf G. Fiorillo
Status and Sensitivity Projections for the XENON100 Dark Matter Experiment
PoS(idm2008)018 pdf E. Aprile
Direct detection - phenomenology
Determining the WIMP mass from a single direct detection experiment
PoS(idm2008)108 pdf A. Green
Constraining the Spin-Independent WIMP-Nucleon Coupling from Direct Dark Matter Detection Data
PoS(idm2008)110 pdf C.L. Shan and M. Drees
Indirect searches - charged cosmic rays
Indirect dark matter search with the balloon-borne PEBS detector (15'+5')
PoS(idm2008)023 pdf H. Gast, R. Greim, T. Kirn, G. Roper Yearwood and S. Schael
Status of indirect searches in the PAMELA and Fermi era
PoS(idm2008)025 pdf A. Morselli
Indirect searches - gammas
Dark matter annihilation signals -- the importance of radiative corrections (15'+5')
PoS(idm2008)026 pdf T. Bringmann
Search for dark matter annihilation signals from dwarf spheroidal galaxies with H.E.S.S. (15'+5')
PoS(idm2008)027 pdf C. Farnier
Indirect Dark Matter Search with the MAGIC Telescope (20'+5')
PoS(idm2008)028 pdf A. Biland, M. Rissi, L.S. Stark, M. Doro, S. Lombardi, F. Prada, M. Sanchez-Conde, F. Zandanel and D. Nieto
Indirect Dark Matter searches with Fermi
PoS(idm2008)029 pdf J. Cohen-Tanugi
Dark Matter Annihilation in the light of EGRET, HEAT, WMAP, INTEGRAL and ROSAT (15'+5')
PoS(idm2008)030 pdf I. Gebauer
Indirect searches - neutrinos
Search for Dark Matter with the AMANDA and IceCube neutrino detectors
PoS(idm2008)034 pdf C. De Clercq
The KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope and Prospects for Dark Matter Detection
PoS(idm2008)035 pdf P. Coyle
Indirect Dark Matter search with the ANTARES neutrino Telescope
PoS(idm2008)036 pdf attachments J.P. Ernenwein
Indirect detection - phenomenology
Detecting Dark Matter annihilation lines with Fermi
PoS(idm2008)111 pdf T. Ylinen, Y. Edmonds, E.D. Bloom and J. Conrad
Accurate calculations of the WIMP halo around the Sun and prospects for gamma ray detection
PoS(idm2008)112 pdf S. Sivertsson and J. Edsjo
Constraining Dark Matter hypothesis through observations of Dwarf Spheroidal galaxies with the Fermi-LAT detector
PoS(idm2008)113 pdf E. Nuss
Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Anisotropies and Dark Matter Annihilation
PoS(idm2008)114 pdf A. Cuoco
Indirect Search for Dark Matter from the Galactic Center with the Fermi Gamma Ray Satellite
PoS(idm2008)115 pdf V. Vitale
WIMP neutrinos from the Sun and the Earth
PoS(idm2008)116 pdf M. Blennow, J. Edsjo and T. Ohlsson
Multi-messenger searches
Coordinated multi-wavelength observations of the Dark Mass at the Center of the Milky Way
PoS(idm2008)038 pdf A. Eckart
Dark energy / Cosmology
A Cosmic Vision Beyond Einstein
PoS(idm2008)042 pdf E. Linder
Seeing Dark Energy
PoS(idm2008)043 pdf A. Riess
Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
Remnants of small-scale dark matter clumps
PoS(idm2008)045 pdf V. Dokuchaev
Lensing Constraints on Dark Matter Substructure in Galaxies
PoS(idm2008)046 pdf C. Keeton
Red halos and dark baryons
PoS(idm2008)047 pdf E. Zackrisson, C. Flynn, N. Bergvall, G. Micheva, G. Östlin and B. Caldwell
A dark matter disc in the Milky Way
PoS(idm2008)048 pdf J. Read
Signatures of the Milky Way's dark disk in current and future experiments
PoS(idm2008)049 pdf T. Bruch, J. Read, L. Baudis and G. Lake
The search for dark matter via strong lens inversions of galaxy clusters using genetic algorithms
PoS(idm2008)051 pdf J. Liesenborgs
Measurement of the dark matter velocity anisotropy profile in galaxy clusters
PoS(idm2008)052 pdf O. Host
Final results from EROS Microlensing search for Massive Compact Halo Objects
PoS(idm2008)053 pdf M. Moniez
Detecting CDM substructure via gravitational millilensing
PoS(idm2008)054 pdf T. Riehm, E. Zackrisson, E. Mortsell and K. Wiik
Dark Matter Distributions of the Milky Way Satellites and Implications for Indirect Detection
PoS(idm2008)055 pdf L. Strigari
Understanding Small-Scale Structure Formation: Are We There Yet?
PoS(idm2008)056 pdf J. Taylor
Connections with accelerators
Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter: Direct Detection vis-a-vis LHC
PoS(idm2008)059 pdf S. Arrenberg, L. Baudis, K. Kong, K.T. Matchev and J. Yoo
R-parity conserving SUSY searches in ATLAS
PoS(idm2008)060 pdf B.K. Gjelsten
Dark matter phenomenology / theory
Dynamics of WIMPs in the Solar System and Implications for Direct and Indirect Detection
PoS(idm2008)061 pdf A. Peter and S. Tremaine
Axions - theory and experiment
Constraints on chameleons and axions-like particles from the GammeV experiment
PoS(idm2008)064 pdf J.H. Steffen
Search for solar axions with the CAST experiment
PoS(idm2008)065 pdf B. Lakic
Dark matter related to axion and axino
PoS(idm2008)066 pdf J.E. Kim
Tokyo axion helioscope experiment
PoS(idm2008)067 pdf Y. Inoue
First Results from the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) Upgrade
PoS(idm2008)068 pdf K. Van Bibber and G. Carosi
Neutrino properties
The GERDA Neutrinoless-Double-Beta decay experiment
PoS(idm2008)069 pdf B. Majorovits
Three-flavour neutrino oscillation update and comments on possible hints for a non-zero $\theta_{13}$
PoS(idm2008)072 pdf T. Schwetz-Mangold
Dark Stars
Impacts of WIMP dark matter upon stellar evolution: main-sequence stars
PoS(idm2008)073 pdf P. Scott, M. Fairbairn and J. Edsjo
Dark Stars: Begynnelsen
PoS(idm2008)074 pdf P. Gondolo
WIMP annihilation effects on primordial star formation
PoS(idm2008)075 pdf E. Ripamonti, F. Iocco, A. Bressan, R. Schneider, A. Ferrara and P. Marigo
WIMPs annihilations in Pop III stars
PoS(idm2008)076 pdf M. Taoso
Dark Stars: Död och Återuppståndelse
PoS(idm2008)077 pdf D. Spolyar
Background studies for direct detection
ILIAS and the World’s Underground Laboratories
PoS(idm2008)078 pdf N. Spooner
Limits on Low-Mass WIMP Dark Matter with an Ultra-Low-Energy Germanium Detector at 220 eV Threshold
PoS(idm2008)079 pdf H.T. Wong
The LVD core facility: a study of LVD as muon veto and active shielding for dark matter experiments
PoS(idm2008)081 pdf M. Selvi
Background level estimations using Pulse Shape Analysis in Ge experiments
PoS(idm2008)082 pdf H. Gomez Maluenda
Background from radioactivity in dark matter detectors
PoS(idm2008)083 pdf V. Tomasello
Measurements and simulations of muon-induced neutrons
PoS(idm2008)085 pdf V. Kudryavtsev
Studies of the muon-induced neutron background in LSM: detector concept and status of the installation
PoS(idm2008)086 pdf V. Kozlov
Calculations of background for dark matter searches
PoS(idm2008)087 pdf V. Kudryavtsev
Theoretical models and related topics
Minimal Dark Matter
PoS(idm2008)089 pdf M. Cirelli and A. Strumia
Dark Matter and Lepton Flavour Violation in Yukawa Unification with Massive Neutrinos
PoS(idm2008)090 pdf M.E. Gomez
Gravitino Dark Matter with Sneutrino NLSP in NUHM
PoS(idm2008)091 pdf Y. Santoso
Superheavy neutralinos as dark matter particles
PoS(idm2008)092 pdf M. Solberg
Sneutrino as Dark Matter candidate in an inverse see-saw scenario
PoS(idm2008)093 pdf F. Bazzocchi
Artifact Dark Matter from Unified Brane Gravity
PoS(idm2008)094 pdf I. Gurwich and A. Davidson
General Relativistic Rotation Curves in a Post-Newtonian Light
PoS(idm2008)096 pdf A. Rakic and D.J. Schwarz
Poster session
Searching for Galactic Hidden Gas through interstellar scintillation: The OSER project
PoS(idm2008)097 pdf M. Moniez
Charge identification in PAMELA: preliminary results on light nuclei.
PoS(idm2008)098 pdf R. Carbone
MICROMEGAS for Rare Event Searches
PoS(idm2008)106 pdf T. Dafni
7Li solar axions: preliminary results and feasibility studies
PoS(idm2008)105 pdf attachments R. Cerulli
Search for solar axions with the CDMS-II experiment
PoS(idm2008)104 pdf T. Bruch
Search for axions from a nuclear power reactor with a high-purity germanium detector
PoS(idm2008)103 pdf H.T. Wong and H.M. Chang
Searches for Hyperbolic Extra Dimensions at the LHC
PoS(idm2008)101 pdf H. Melbeus
Development of wavelength shifters for the ArDM Argon Dark Matter detector
PoS(idm2008)099 pdf K. Mavrokoridis
Summary of conference (40'+5')
PoS(idm2008)107 pdf P. Gondolo