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2nd MCCT-SKADS Training School. Radio Astronomy: fundamentals and the new instruments

2nd MCCT-SKADS - (other mcctskads conferences)
26th August - 4th September 2008
Sigüenza (Spain)
published December 03, 2009
This school on Radioastronomy is the second one of a series of three in the framework of the training activities of the Square Kilometer Array Design Studies (SKADS) initiative. The first edition of the series was held in Bologna in 2007. The main goal is to attract and train potential users of the new generation of radio interferometers, with special focus on the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). This school is not only aimed to radio-astronomers but also to young astronomers/engineers regardless their speciality. A requirement is to have finished the graduate studies. Nationals from EU member and associated countries are fully supported by the MCCT/FP6 programme. The school covers the following areas: 1. fundamentals of radio astronomy and radio interferometry 2. science highlights particularly relevant to the new generation of radio interferometers and in particular to the SKA
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Scales and orders of magnitude in Astronomy
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)001 pdf J. Alcolea
Electro-magnetic wave fundamentals and the equation of radiative transfer
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)020 pdf J. Alcolea
Continuum emission from HII regions and dusty molecular clouds
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)004 pdf R. Cesaroni
Inversion mechanism and maser emission in the interstellar medium
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)018 pdf R. Cesaroni
Determination of the physical parameters of molecular clouds
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)019 pdf R. Cesaroni
Radiation Processes in the Universe: Synchrotron Radiation and Propagation Effects
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)009 pdf D. Gabuzda
The Earth's ionosphere: structure and composition. Dispersive effects, absorption and emission in EM wave propagation
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)003 pdf F. Colomer
The Earth’s troposphere: absorption and refraction effects on the propagetion of radio waves
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)021 pdf J. Alcolea
Radio telescopes
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)016 pdf F. Tercero
Amplifiers for Radio Astronomy Receivers
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)006 pdf J.D. Gallego
Cryogenic systems in Radio Astronomy
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)012 pdf J.M. Serna
Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)013 pdf R. Porcas
Noise, sensitivity, dynamic range and image fidelity
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)014 pdf R. Soria-Ruiz
Present radiotelescopes: single-dish, interferometer and telescope networks
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)010 pdf J.A. López Fernández
The Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared – An Instrument for the Herschel Space Observatory
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)008 pdf T. Finn
The ALMA radio telescope
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)002 pdf A. Baudry
Keeping our windows on the radio Universe clean
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)017 pdf W. Van Driel
Technologies for the Realization of the Square Kilometre Array
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)005 pdf J.G. Bij de Vaate
The formation and evolution of galaxies: what we may learn with the SKA
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)007 pdf S. Garcia Burillo
Cradle of Life
PoS(2nd MCCT-SKADS)015 pdf M. Tafalla