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Flavor Physics and CP Violation 2009

FPCP2009 - (other fpcp conferences)
May 27-June 1 2009
Lake Placid, NY, USA
published February 01, 2010
To integrate past results with recent developments in flavor physics and CP violation, both in theory and experiment. Among the topics included will be: Bottom, Charm and Kaon mixing and decays, determination of the CKM matrix elements, neutrino masses and mixings, new spectroscopy, and future facilities.
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Table of contents
Table of contents
Measurement of $\beta /\phi_{1}$
PoS(FPCP2009)001 file missing Y. Yusa
Measurement of the CKM angle $\alpha$ (or $\phi_{2}$)
PoS(FPCP2009)002 pdf W. Gary
Measurement of the CKM angle $\gamma / \phi_{3}$
PoS(FPCP2009)003 pdf M. Rama
Measurement of $\phi s$ and $\Delta \Gamma s$ at the Tevatron
PoS(FPCP2009)004 pdf G. Giurgiu
The Golden Modes: $Bd \rightarrow J/\psi k_s$ and $B_s \rightarrow J/\psi \phi$
PoS(FPCP2009)005 pdf T. Mannel
Measurements of |Vcb|
PoS(FPCP2009)006 pdf C. Schwanda
|Vub| experimental measurement and theoretical interpretation
PoS(FPCP2009)007 file missing E. Barberio
Bs mixing & interpretation
PoS(FPCP2009)008 file missing A. Soni
$V_{us}$ and $V_{ud}$ from $K$ and $\pi$ decays
PoS(FPCP2009)009 pdf M. Antonelli
|Vub| and |Vcb| from Inclusive B Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)010 file missing F. Tackmann
$b \rightarrow s/d \ell^+ \ell^-$ and $b \rightarrow s/d \gamma$
PoS(FPCP2009)011 file missing E. Salvati
Radiative and Semileptonic rare B decays
PoS(FPCP2009)012 file missing E. Lunghi
$B \rightarrow \tau \nu$ and $B \rightarrow \mu \mu$ Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)013 pdf F. Scuri
Charm Semileptonic Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)014 pdf B. Xin
Leptonic D Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)015 file missing R. Briere
BESIII: Status and Prospects
PoS(FPCP2009)016 file missing R. Briere
Leptonic and semileptonic D decays from Lattice QCD
PoS(FPCP2009)017 file missing C. Davies
Lepton Asymmetry in Bs and Bd Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)018 file missing S. Beale
Flavour Physics Technique at CDF and D0
PoS(FPCP2009)019 pdf S. Donati
Flavor Physics Techniques and Sensitivities at ATLAS and CMS
PoS(FPCP2009)020 pdf D. Lopes-Pegna
Flavor Physics Techniques and Sensitivities at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2009)021 pdf O. Deschamps
Super B Factories
PoS(FPCP2009)022 pdf Y. Sakai
Kaon Physics: What the Future Holds in Probing the Standard Model and Beyond
PoS(FPCP2009)023 pdf R. Tschirhart
The LHCb Upgrade: Physics prospects and experimental challenges
PoS(FPCP2009)024 pdf P. Campana
Experimental results for charmless hadronic B decays
PoS(FPCP2009)025 pdf J. Smith
General Theoretical Introduction
PoS(FPCP2009)026 pdf H.n. Li
Factorization for Nonleptonic Decays: pQCD, QCDF, SCET
PoS(FPCP2009)027 file missing I.W. Stewart
Charmless B Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)028 pdf E. Kou
Status of CKM matrix elements from B-physics on the lattice
PoS(FPCP2009)029 file missing R. Van de Water
Recent results from Neutrino experiments
PoS(FPCP2009)030 file missing S. Kopp
$K+ \rightarrow \pi + \nu \nu$ & Other Semileptonic Kaon Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)031 pdf Z. Wang
Neutrino Physics
PoS(FPCP2009)032 file missing A. de Gouvea
Future Neutrino Experiments
PoS(FPCP2009)033 pdf P. Dornan
Bottomonium: Recent Results from BaBar, Belle & CLEO
PoS(FPCP2009)034 file missing G. Bonneaud
Exotic states with ccbar
PoS(FPCP2009)035 pdf R. Faccini
Quarkonium and the New States
PoS(FPCP2009)036 file missing E. Eichten
B spectroscopy at the Tevatron
PoS(FPCP2009)037 pdf E. De La Cruz Burelo
Bs decay and Charmed Hadronic Bdecay
PoS(FPCP2009)038 pdf J. Li
Hadronic Charm Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)039 file missing J. Rademacker
Observation of the $\Omega b -$ at CDF
PoS(FPCP2009)040 file missing G. Punzi
D0 Mixing and CP Violation
PoS(FPCP2009)041 file missing B. Golob
Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in Muon and Tau Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)042 file missing E. Dukes
D Dbar mixing and indirect CPV
PoS(FPCP2009)043 file missing Y. Grossman
Effects of warped extra dimensions on B decays
PoS(FPCP2009)044 file missing M. Neubert
Effects of SUSY, Little Higgs, etc. on B decay
PoS(FPCP2009)045 pdf B. Grinstein
Rare Leptonic Decays
PoS(FPCP2009)046 pdf C. Simonetto
Lecture about the Recent Nobel Prize: From B Factory to the Large Hadron Collider
PoS(FPCP2009)047 pdf G.W.S. Hou
DAQ Systems and Technologies for Flavor Physics
PoS(FPCP2009)048 file missing B. Jost
CKM Fits
PoS(FPCP2009)049 pdf V. Niess
Neutrinos vs Quarks MNS vs CKM
PoS(FPCP2009)050 pdf M.C. Chen and K.T. Mahanthappa
Flavor Questions for the LHC
PoS(FPCP2009)051 pdf J. Rosner
Godot and the New Physics
PoS(FPCP2009)052 pdf G. Wilkinson
beta_s measurement at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2009)054 pdf G. Conti
$B\rightarrow K \eta\prime$ decays & NLO contibutions in the pQCD approach
PoS(FPCP2009)055 pdf Z. Xiao, Z. Zhang, X. Liu and L. Guo
The LHCb analysis for $B^0_s \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-$
PoS(FPCP2009)056 pdf M.O. Bettler
Leptonic pion decays
PoS(FPCP2009)057 pdf C. Malbrunot
A critical look at hadronic b to s penguin modes
PoS(FPCP2009)058 pdf R. Dutta
B-Physics results with first ATLAS data
PoS(FPCP2009)059 file missing K. Grybel