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RFI mitigation workshop

RFI2010 - (other rfi conferences)
29-31 March 2010
Groningen, the Netherlands
published December 28, 2010

The increased sensitivity of passive instrumentation in radio astronomy and remote sensing and the intensifying active use of the spectrum have led to an increasing level of radio frequency interference (RFI) of the active services on the passive use of the spectrum. Advances in technology and computing have opened up new possibilities for mitigating the effects of certain classes of interference in the observing data. Interference in allocated bands always leads to data loss for the passive users of the spectrum even if interference mitigation is applied. However, interference mitigation in non-allocated spectral bands may facilitate the partial use of this spectrum for passive (non-interfering) observations. There is no generic method to mitigate all types of interference, so a multi-layered system approach may be advisable to reduce detrimental effects for a congested interference environment. Specific mitigation methods implemented at different points in the data acquisition chain will thus result in a cumulative mitigation effect on the data. This third RFI Mitigation Workshop considered RFI mitigation in radio astronomy in all its facets with the aim of facilitating the implementation of instrumental and data processing techniques. This workshop aimed to take a forward look at applications for the next generation of radio instruments, such as the SKA and its pathfinders and LOFAR, as well as considering their application to existing instruments. This workshop has been organized by ASTRON and NAIC, with support from the Engineering Forum of FP7 RadioNet, the SKA Project Development Office, and in collaboration with CRAF and IUCAF.

Spectrum Management and Radio Quiet Zones
Spectrum measurement and Site Characterization
RFI Mitigation and its challenges
Detection of RFI
Fitering and Pre-Correlation Techniques
Post-Correlation Techniques
RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomy (invited)
PoS(RFI2010)001 pdf W. Baan
Spectrum Management and Radio Quiet Zones
Passive spectrum use and upcoming changes in the spectrum environment (invited)
PoS(RFI2010)002 pdf C. van Diepenbeek
Spectrum Management for Science in the 21st Century
PoS(RFI2010)010 pdf M. Davis
Spectrum measurement and Site Characterization
External sources of RFI at the GMRT: methods for control and coexistence with commercial users
PoS(RFI2010)003 pdf P. Raybole
The RFI Environment at Hat Creek Radio Observatory
PoS(RFI2010)004 pdf P. Williams
Radio Astronomy in Turkey: Site selection studies for radio quiet zones
PoS(RFI2010)005 pdf I. Kucuk
Assessment of RFI measurements for LOFAR
PoS(RFI2010)006 pdf M. Bentum, A.J. Boonstra and R. Millenaar
RFI in Metsähovi Radio Observatory - measurements and effects
PoS(RFI2010)027 pdf P. Kirves
RFI measurements at the WSRT
PoS(RFI2010)028 pdf H. van der Marel
The RFI monitoring systems for the Medicina and the Sardinia Radio Telescopes
PoS(RFI2010)029 pdf P. Bolli
VHF-band RFI in Geographically Remote Areas
PoS(RFI2010)030 pdf J. Bowman and A.E.E. Rogers
New hints to mitigators from the latest RFI experiences
PoS(RFI2010)017 pdf R. Ambrosini
RFI protection at the Shanghai Sheshan site
PoS(RFI2010)041 pdf Z.Q. Shen
RFI Mitigation and its challenges
Overview of RFI mitigation methods in existing and new systems (invited)
PoS(RFI2010)007 pdf M. Kesteven
The impact of cognitive radio on radio astronomy
PoS(RFI2010)009 pdf M. Bentum, A.J. Boonstra and W. Baan
Detection of RFI
Statistics of the Spectral Kurtosis Estimator
PoS(RFI2010)019 pdf G. Nita and D. Gary
Hardware Implementation of an SK Spectrometer
PoS(RFI2010)020 pdf D. Gary, Z. Li and G. Nita
RFI mitigation at Nancay Observatory: Impulsive Signal Processing
PoS(RFI2010)021 pdf D. Ait-Allal, R. Weber and C. Dumez-Viou
Techniques for excision RFI on RATAN-600 radio telescope in dm ranges
PoS(RFI2010)022 pdf D.V. Kratov, A. Berlin, N.A. Nizhelskij, P.G. Tsybulev, M. Mingaliev and R. Udovitskiy
The Murchison Widefield Array
PoS(RFI2010)016 pdf D. Mitchell, L.J. Greenhill, M. Clark, F. Briggs, J. Bowman, R. Cappallo, D.L. Kaplan, J. Kasper, J. Kocz, C. Lonsdale, J. Stevens, S. Tingay and A. Whitney
"Oktave" - Superwide-Band Technologies for the RATAN-600 Continuum Radiometers
PoS(RFI2010)018 pdf M. Mingaliev, A. Berlin, N.A. Nizhelskij, P.G. Tsybulev, D.V. Kratov and R. Udovitskiy
Fitering and Pre-Correlation Techniques
Field Trials of a RFI adaptive filter for Pulsar Observations
PoS(RFI2010)023 pdf M. Kesteven
A turn-key Concept for active cancellation of Global Position System L3 Signal
PoS(RFI2010)025 pdf L. Nigra, M. Lewis, C. Edgar, P. Perillat, L. Quintero, S. Stanimirovic and J.S. Gallagher
Space-Time Digital Filtering of Radio Astronomical Signals using 3-D Cone Filters
PoS(RFI2010)026 pdf N.W. Liyanage, L.T. Bruton, P. Agathoklis and C. Edussooriya
The RFI Mitigations System at WSRT
PoS(RFI2010)024 pdf W. Baan
Spatial filtering using a multi-beam receiver
PoS(RFI2010)032 pdf J. Kocz, F. Briggs and J. Reynolds
Cyclostationarity for phased array
PoS(RFI2010)033 pdf R. Weber, R. Feliachi and A.J. Boonstra
Post-Correlation Techniques
Software correlators as testbeds for RFI algorithms
PoS(RFI2010)035 pdf attachments A. Deller
Post-correlation RFI detection
PoS(RFI2010)036 pdf A. Offringa, G.A.G. de Bruyn, S. Zaroubi and M. Biehl
RFI mitigation in AIPS, The new task UVRFI
PoS(RFI2010)037 pdf L. Kogan
RFI Mitigation for the Parkes Galactic All-Sky Survey (GASS)
PoS(RFI2010)038 pdf P. Kalberla
RFI mitigation for the Effelsberg Bonn HI Survey (EBHIS)
PoS(RFI2010)042 pdf L. Flöer, B. Winkel and J. Kerp