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Big Bang, Big Data, Big Computers

September 19-21, 2012
Laboratoire Astroparticule et Cosmologie, 10 rue A. Domon et L. Duquet, 75205 Paris 13, France
published December 24, 2013
Conference website: http://www.apc.univ-paris7.fr/APC/Conferences/Workshop_Big3/Home.html Observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation have transformed modern cosmology propelling it into high-precision, data-driven science it is today. CMB data analysis has been a cornerstone of this transformation and it continues in this role preparing currently to meet its possibly ultimate challenge as posed by ever-growing in size and complexity forthcoming data sets required by new science goals posed for the field. These include providing key pieces of information about the very early Universe: Gaussianity of the initial conditions, the presence of the primordial gravity waves, as well as constraints on the large-scale structure formation and possibly properties of dark energy. The sophistication of the involved data models is matched by precision levels, which have to be attained to deliver robust detections and result in firm conclusions. The overall challenge is indeed breathtaking and, without a doubt, the success will be only possible if the data analysis effort becomes truly interdisciplinary and capitalizes on the latest advances in statistics, applied mathematics, and computer science - all of which constitute veritable foundations of the contemporary data analysis work.
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statistical methods
PoS(Big3)001 file missing D. Hand
future of the supercomputing
PoS(Big3)002 file missing H.D. Simon
Cosmic Microwave Background
PoS(Big3)003 file missing G. Smoot
From mean Euler characteristics to the Gaussian kinematic formula
PoS(Big3)004 file missing R. Adler
Shrinking the quadratic estimator
PoS(Big3)005 file missing E. Anderes
Compressed sensing in astrophysics and beyond
PoS(Big3)006 file missing J. Bobin
High level programming languages and hybrid programming in the context of high performance scientific applications
PoS(Big3)007 file missing G. Bosilca
Secondary CMB anisotropies and their simulations
PoS(Big3)008 file missing C. Carbone
Component separation techniques for CMB maps
PoS(Big3)009 file missing J.F. Cardoso
CMB power spectrum estimation techniques
PoS(Big3)010 file missing J. Dunkley
sampling algorithms, Markov and non-Markov chains
PoS(Big3)011 file missing G. Fort
Making maps for CMB experiments
PoS(Big3)012 pdf R. Keskitalo, E. Keihanen, H. Kurki-Suonio, T. Poutanen, A.S. Suur-Uski, J. Borrill and T.S. Kisner
needlets/wavelets nonGaussianity estimators
PoS(Big3)013 file missing D. Marinucci
Hunting for relics from the early universe in the CMB
PoS(Big3)014 file missing H. Peiris
Discrete Aspects of High-Performance Iterative Linear Solvers
PoS(Big3)015 file missing S. Toledo
non-Gaussianity tests
PoS(Big3)016 pdf B. Wandelt and F. Elsner
on recent developments in numerical linear algebra
PoS(Big3)037 file missing L. Grigori
Sparse component separation for accurate CMB map estimation
PoS(Big3)017 file missing S. Basak
CMB lensing reconstruction in the presence of diffuse polarized foregrounds
PoS(Big3)018 pdf Y. Fantaye, C. Baccigalupi, S. Leach and A. Yadav
A robust constraint on cosmic textures from the cosmic microwave background
PoS(Big3)019 file missing S. Feeney
Deriving bounds for trispectrum estimators for Planck
PoS(Big3)020 file missing D. Galliano
Power spectrum estimation on the sphere using wavelets
PoS(Big3)021 pdf F. Guilloux
Nets and nests: accelerated Bayesian inference in astrophysics
PoS(Big3)022 file missing M. Hobson
Restoration of a whole-sky CMB map
PoS(Big3)023 pdf J. Kim, P. Naselsky and N. Mandolesi
Searching for the Unexpected
PoS(Big3)024 file missing L. Knox
Simple foreground cleaning algorithm for detecting primordial B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background
PoS(Big3)025 file missing E. Komatsu
Spherical wavelet-Bayesian cosmic string tension estimation
PoS(Big3)026 file missing J. McEwen
Methodology and lessons from the QUIET Maximum Likelihood map-maker
PoS(Big3)027 file missing S. Næss
True CMB Power Spectrum Estimation
PoS(Big3)028 file missing P. Pavkari
Removal of two large scale Cosmic Microwave Background anomalies after subtraction of the Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect
PoS(Big3)029 file missing A. Rassat
Reconstruction of high-resolution SZ maps from heterogeneous datasets using needlets
PoS(Big3)030 pdf M. Remazeilles
Primordial non-Gaussianity and diffuse Galactic emissions
PoS(Big3)031 pdf A. Renzi
Detection of Point Sources Using Internal Templates and Needlets
PoS(Big3)032 file missing S. Scodeller
Avoiding Communication in Generalized Least Square Problems
PoS(Big3)033 file missing M. Sharify
Accelerating convolutions on the sphere with hybid GPU/CPU kernel splitting
PoS(Big3)034 pdf P. Sutter, B.D. Wandelt and F. Elsner
Component Separation for Full-Sky Cosmic Microwave Background Recovery using Sparsity
PoS(Big3)035 file missing F. Sureau
Accelerating maximum likelihood Cosmic Microwave Background map-making
PoS(Big3)036 file missing M. Szydlarski