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Third International Satellite Conference on Mathematical Methods in Physics

ICMP 2013 - (other icmp conferences)
21 - 26 October, 2013
Londrina - PR (Brazil)
published April 14, 2014
The aim of the Conference is to present the latest advances in Mathematical Methods to researchers, post-docs and graduated students acting in the areas of Physics of Particles and Fields, Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Topics: Methods of Spectral and Group Theory, Differential and Algebraic Geometry and Topology in Field Theory, Quantum Gravity, String Theory and Cosmology.


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Plenary talks
Invited contributions
Plenary talks
A review on open SFT
PoS(ICMP 2013)001 pdf L. Bonora
Aspects of Nonlocal Models of Modified Einsteinian Gravity
PoS(ICMP 2013)002 pdf E. Elizalde
Physical Examples of integral quantizations with Weyl-Heisenberg and affine groups
PoS(ICMP 2013)003 pdf J.P. Gazeau
Combining Loop and Fock Quantizations for Cosmological Universes with Perturbations
PoS(ICMP 2013)004 pdf G. Mena Marugán
Rotational Submanifolds in Pseudo-Euclidean Spaces
PoS(ICMP 2013)005 pdf B. Santos
Some recent advances in gauged linear sigma models
PoS(ICMP 2013)006 pdf E. Sharpe
Nonassociative geometry and twist deformations in non-geometric string theory
PoS(ICMP 2013)007 pdf D. Mylonas, P. Schupp and R. Szabo
Invited contributions
Two and three coupled spins in magnetic field
PoS(ICMP 2013)009 pdf D. Gitman, M.C. Baldiotti and M.M. Santos
Vortex Formation in a U(1)xU(1)^-N=2-D=3 Supersymmetric Gauge Model
PoS(ICMP 2013)011 pdf J.A. Helayel-Neto
Zakharov-Shabat Systems and Conformal Immersions Induced by Dirac Spinors
PoS(ICMP 2013)015 pdf F. Williams
String Generating Functions and Spectral Functions of Hyperbolic Geometry
PoS(ICMP 2013)016 pdf R. Luna