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Cosmic Rays and the InterStellar Medium

24-27 June 2014
Montpellier, France
published June 10, 2015
Cosmic rays are a major component of the interstellar medium. They share an equivalent energy density with the magnetic field and the interstellar gas. At low energies cosmic rays possibly take an active part in the dynamics of the structures of the interstellar medium. They contribute to its ionisation. They produce a force through their pressure gradient over the magnetised fluid. They generate plasma waves and magnetic turbulence. This turbulence has in turn an important role in the evolution of molecular gas and in the star formation cycle. At high energies cosmic rays are identified by their interaction with the molecular gas and produce neutral and charged pions and secondary particles (gamma rays, electron-positron and neutrinos). Cosmic rays are also responsible for the spallation nucleosynthesis of light and stable and radioactive elements. They are likely associated with the remnants of supernovae. A large fraction of these supernovae explode as a result of the collapse of the core of massive stars. Massive stars, their evolution and the way they shape their environment appear also to have a central role in the cosmic ray production. Cosmic rays turn out to be a key ingredient in the local and global dynamics of the interstellar medium. But this is only very recently since this component started to be integrated in the modeling of the interstellar medium evolution. The main objective of this international workshop is to contribute to a better account of the multiple effects of the energetic component of the interstellar medium.
Session The cosmic ray spectrum
Cosmic Ray sources:Theory
Session multi-wavelength
Plasma instabilities and cosmic rays
Low energy cosmic rays
The turbulent interstellar medium
The galactic center
Cosmic Ray propagation
Session The cosmic ray spectrum
Direct detection of cosmic rays: Recent observational progresses
PoS(CRISM2014)010 file missing L. Derome
A database of charged cosmic rays (CRDB) and constraints on the interstellar flux
PoS(CRISM2014)011 pdf D.A. Maurin, F. Melot and R. Taillet
The highest galactic cosmic ray energies
PoS(CRISM2014)012 pdf D. Allard
Proton analysis with AMS-02 and solar modulation level
PoS(CRISM2014)013 pdf A. Ghelfi
Cosmic Ray sources:Theory
Origin of Cosmic Rays
PoS(CRISM2014)014 pdf L.D. Mria
High energy emission from massive star clusters
PoS(CRISM2014)015 file missing A. Bykov
Hydrodynamics of Young Supernova Remnants and the Implications for their Gamma-ray emission
PoS(CRISM2014)016 pdf V. Dwarkadas
The impact of magnetic turbulence spectrum on particle acceleration in SNR IC443
PoS(CRISM2014)017 file missing I. Telezhinsky
Cosmic Rays in star forming galaxies
PoS(CRISM2014)018 pdf M. Pierrick
3D simulations of the emission from young supernova remnants including particle acceleration
PoS(CRISM2014)019 pdf G. Ferrand, S. Safi-Harb and A. Decourchelle
Session multi-wavelength
An observational view of particle acceleration in cosmic ray sources
PoS(CRISM2014)001 file missing J. Vink
Hadronic TeV emission of the supernova remnant W51C observed with the MAGIC Telescopes?
PoS(CRISM2014)002 file missing J. Krause
Particle acceleration in the stellar graveyard and the case of young SNRs
PoS(CRISM2014)003 file missing F. Acero
A Catalogue of High-Energy Observations of Galactic Supernova Remnants
PoS(CRISM2014)004 pdf G. Ferrand and S. Safi-Harb
SNR and molecular cloud associations as seen by H.E.S.S
PoS(CRISM2014)005 pdf C. Trichard
Gamma Rays from supernova remnants
PoS(CRISM2014)006 file missing D. Fernandez
TeV sources in the Cygnus region observed with VERITAS
PoS(CRISM2014)007 pdf M. Krause
The cosmic-ray, dust, and gas content of the local Chamaeleon clouds + reports on Voyager results
PoS(CRISM2014)008 file missing I. Grenier
Gas towards the gamma-ray sources HESS J1731-347 and HESS J1729-345
PoS(CRISM2014)009 pdf N. Maxted, G.P. Rowell, P. de Wilt, M. Burton, M. Renaud, Y. Fukui, J. Hawkes, R. Blackwell, F. Voisin, V. Lowe and F. Aharonian
Plasma instabilities and cosmic rays
Cosmic Ray driven instabilities
PoS(CRISM2014)020 file missing E. Zweibel
Propagation of cosmic rays into diffuse clouds
PoS(CRISM2014)021 pdf G. Morlino and S. Gabici
Cosmic ray driven winds
PoS(CRISM2014)022 pdf H. Voelk
Relativistic cosmic-ray back-reaction instabilities along the background magnetic field
PoS(CRISM2014)023 file missing A. Nekrasov
Magnetic field structure from cosmic ray driven dynamo in spiral galaxies
PoS(CRISM2014)024 file missing W. Dominik
Low energy cosmic rays
Cosmic-Ray Ionization of Molecular Clouds
PoS(CRISM2014)025 pdf N. Indriolo
Wind-driven Exclusion of Cosmic Rays in the Protoplanetary Disk Environment
PoS(CRISM2014)026 pdf I. Cleeves, E.A. Bergin and F.C. Adams
Cosmic-ray induced ionization of a molecular cloud shocked by the W28 supernova remnant
PoS(CRISM2014)027 file missing S. Vaupré
The role of cosmic rays on magnetic field diffusion and the formation of protostellar discs
PoS(CRISM2014)028 pdf M. Padovani, D. Galli, P. Hennebelle, B. Commerçon and M. Joos
Cosmic Ray Transport in the Astrospheres of Solar Twins
PoS(CRISM2014)029 file missing P. Rimmer
Cosmic-ray heating of molecular cloud cores
PoS(CRISM2014)030 pdf D. Galli and M. Padovani
Localized SiO emission triggered by the passage of the W51C supernova remnant shock
PoS(CRISM2014)031 pdf G. Dumas
The turbulent interstellar medium
PoS(CRISM2014)032 pdf P. André
Recent results from Herschel
PoS(CRISM2014)033 file missing T. Jaffe
Wide-Field Polarimetry: A Unique Probe of Interstellar Turbulence
PoS(CRISM2014)035 file missing E. Falgarone
Synchrotron emission from molecular clouds
PoS(CRISM2014)036 pdf A. Strong, C. Dickinson and E. Murphy
X-shape magnetic fields in galactic halos
PoS(CRISM2014)037 pdf K. Ferrière
APEX observations of non-stationary magneto-hydrodynamical shocks in W44
PoS(CRISM2014)038 pdf S. Anderl
Irradiated shocks in the W28 A2 star-forming region: sites of cosmic-ray acceleration ?
PoS(CRISM2014)039 pdf A. Gusdorf, A. Marcowith, M. Gerin and R. Güsten
The galactic center
Non-Thermal Radiation from the Inner Galaxy
PoS(CRISM2014)040 pdf R. Crocker
Low-Energy Cosmic Rays in the Galactic Center Region
PoS(CRISM2014)041 file missing V. Tatischeff
Can Cosmic Rays Interacting With Molecular Clouds Explain the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess?
PoS(CRISM2014)042 pdf C. Gordon and O. Macias
Cosmic Ray propagation
Cosmic Ray propagation close to their acceleration site
PoS(CRISM2014)044 file missing L. Nava
Propagation of high-energy cosmic-ray electrons in the interstellar medium
PoS(CRISM2014)045 pdf R. Attallah
Picard: A new Code for The Galactic Cosmic Ray Propagation Problem
PoS(CRISM2014)046 pdf R. Kissmann, O. Reimer, A. Strong and M. Werner
A solution to the cosmic ray anisotropy problem
PoS(CRISM2014)047 file missing P. Mertsch
Charged-particle heating in imbalanced MHD turbulence
PoS(CRISM2014)048 pdf M. Weidl
Cosmic-ray diffusion in magnetized turbulence
PoS(CRISM2014)050 pdf R. Tautz
Cosmic Ray propagation in local magnetic fields
PoS(CRISM2014)051 pdf R. Cohet and A. Marcowith